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10 March 19th, 2013 Sneak Peek Pic: Corbin Bleu as One Life to Live’s Jeffrey King!


Yesterday, Llanview’s newest addition, Cordin Bleu (Jeffrey King) tweeted to his more than 980,000 followers, “If @onelifetolive gets 5,000 followers today, we’ll tweet out a picture of me on my first day on set!”

Soon afterward, the series reached its goal and as it  stands now, the official @onelifetolive Twitter page has 5,366 followers as we are posting this!

One Life to Live posted, “You guys rock! We hit 5,000 followers & as promised here is @corbinbleu on the #OLTL set today!

Bleu said about joining OLTL, “It’s incredible to be a part of such an iconic series and to be embraced by such a talented cast. I am truly excited to tackle another form of acting and to play such a compelling and diverse character (Jeffrey King). I’m having a blast so far, and I’m absolutely thrilled to work alongside legendary, Erika Slezak (Victoria Lord).”

Check out this image of Corbin as Jeffrey King! What do you think?  Do you like? Intrigued?  Let us know!

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  1. David says:

    Corbin’s great and I’m actually very excited that he’s going to be part of the reboot. Prospect Park is giving me more reasons to watch every day.


  2. keily says:

    He’s a handsome young man and I hope they pair him with Destiny, they’d make a cute couple.


  3. susan M. says:

    Don’t know…


  4. jim says:

    David Vickers once mentioned to Mathew he had a kid…could he be Jeffry King?


    jim replied

    Ok, no negative talk about the newbies, please! We all wanted these shows back so lets prove that and give these shows their much deserve chance, and save judgement until after we see it. Then we can stick with them if we want or not watch if we do not like what we see. Now as Corbin would sing are we ‘Were all in this together!’ ?


    Lew S replied

    Jim, I totally agree.

    Jan replied

    that is a hoot.


  5. tasneem says:

    Maybe we have a mini Todd Manning in the making since he’s gonna play a young Journo intraiining as a Journalism student that gives me the thrills


  6. todd says:

    I wonder if OLTL will continue it’s musical elements. The cast has always been multitalented….Broadway singers and dancers. Corbin will be a great addition!


  7. Dayna says:

    Very excited that Corbin Bleu was cast for this part. He will definitely be a great addition to the show. I agree also that it would be wonderful if the show continues with it’s musical elements. Corbin is extremely multitalented! I wish him the “Best of luck”!!! Excellent casting!


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