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0 January 7th, 2010 Soap Blog Coalition- reviews on Gotham and AMC’s 4oth!

Soap Blog CoalitionThis week’s Soap Blog  Coalition from our fellow online bloggers and top soap sites features some reviews! DC takes a look at Martha Bryne’s, Gotham.  Serial Drama looks at AMC’s 4oth Anniversay episode, and Wubs looks at GH’s Sunday Surgery, and our pal Mary at Soap Opera Examiner takes a look at the genre in the new decade.  Make sure to check them all out!

There’s an old theater adage that says drama should be life without the boring parts. For webisodic soap operas, that saying holds true more than ever before. Daytime Confidential’s Jamey reviews Gotham the Series.

It featured too much recent history and far too many mentions of Babe, but even so, the Serial Drama girls loved the AMC 40th Anniversary show. How could they not adore something that brought us Palmer, Brooke, Jackson and tons of footage of terrible 80s hairstyles?  

A new decade challenges the genre known as the soap opera. The heartbreaking routine of the demise of ratings and the cancellation of so many of our favorites during previous decades seems to be a soaps saga as repetitive as evil twin syndrome but it has become far too real for my taste. Soap Opera Examiner  

The Wub Tub: Sunday Surgery takes a look at Lulu on a bomb, Sam on a box and Carly stalked by a Fox. Alberta Wubs goes to the Rose Bowl! Catch spoilers for the beginning of 2010 and more.

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