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0 April 15th, 2010 Soap Blog Coalition: what’s hot on the web today on the soaps!

Eden Riegel’s comedy outing, who deserves a slap in Pine Valley, Rebecca Budig’s comments, and soapers confusion at filling out a US Census Bureau report are on the minds of the top bloggers and online soap sites today.  Check them all out below.

Former All My Children star and soon-to-be The Young and the Restless star Eden Riegel visits with Daytime Confidential about starting at Y&R, her upcoming ACME Comedy performance and renewed interest in a second season of Imaginary Bitches. (Daytime Confidential)

I’m doling out the slaps this week on All My Children! Who do you think deserves it most? (Pine Valley Bulletin)

Rebecca Budig’s special AMC commentary confirmed two things for the Serial Drama girls: 1.) she tops their “Soaps to have cocktails with” list and 2.) nobody, anywhere, ever is even marginally interested in Damon’s story. (Serial Drama)

Surely the only reason soap opera residents did not receive this critical government form is because the only items their letter carriers deliver are envelopes containing threats or DNA test results. Soapers would NEVER notice a letter from the US Census Bureau and face it, it would be way too complicated for these transient residents to fill out. (Soap Opera Examiner)


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