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15 January 5th, 2012 SOAP LIFE: A Documentary On Daytime Drama in preparation on the decline & future of Soaps!

Lest you think that the emotional toll the last few years have taken on soap fans, soap actors, producers, and anyone involved with the medium, is not going to be documented or has somehow gone unnoticed by an entity that wants to shed some light on the culture to the mainstream! Well, On-Air On-Soaps is here to tell you that a new documentary about the changes taking place in the world of daytime drama is prepping itself for distribution.

The title of the documentary project is: Soap LifeA Documentary on Daytime, and as we have all collectively watched, or have been a part of,  more classic soap operas have been cancelled.  So the company behind this documentary, NYPS.TV has interviewed many of your daytime favorites in front of the camera and fans around the country about the landscape of American television that is going through unprecedented changes. They’ve spoken with executives, and a number of current and former daytime stars to get their perspective on what it all means and what lies ahead.

Right now, they are trying to raise the last amount of funds needed to finish their documentary.  So they have posted their project on, with the hopes that within next few months,  the money they raise will help this film become a reality. The donor gifts include a pre-order of the DVD, a collectible poster, an invite to the film’s premier, a special thanks in the credits, and the chance to make an appearance in the documentary.

Some of the stars appearing in the film include: Lisa LoCicero, Rick Hearst,  Jill Larson, Bradford Anderson, Carolyn Hennesy, Ronnie Marmo, Cady McClain, Derk Cheetwood, Jordi Vilasuso, Crystal Hunt, Bobbie Eakes, Gary Tomlin, Sean Ringgold, Francesca James, Julia Barr, Eileen Fulton, and many more.  On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman also was interviewed for this look into the soaps.

Watch a trailer for the film below and then let us know, what you think of the concept? Don’t you think its time that people should know what viewers around the country, and the stars that have made the characters you love to love and love to hate, feel about the downturn in the soaps and losing these legacy shows that are like family members?

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  1. Heather says:

    I look forward in looking to this documentary.


    kim delmotte replied

    me to from canada


    lisa replied

    Me too from Canada !! :)

  2. Kat says:

    Why Gary Tomlin? All he knows how to do is ruin soaps.


  3. david says:

    Excellent concept. Video looks good. This should be of interest to everyone interested in daytime drama.


  4. RICKIE says:

    This is great! Maybe it can shed some light for me as well. Is this an era of higher and higher shareholder profits and shows with low production costs (i.e., talk, reality & variety shows) or are soaps really a dead genre? I dunno. Spanish-language soaps (telenovelas) and the UK soaps (“EastEnders,” “Coronation Street,” “Hollyoaks,” etc.) seem to still be doing well, although certainly not at their zenith. Perhaps it’s a corporate America greed thing.

    It still boggles my mind that we’re down to only four soaps! When I started sampling the daytime drama buffet in the 1970s, there were still 15 soaps on the air (“The Secret Storm” was the first of the longer-running TV serials to get cancelled in February 1974) and a flood of fan magazines … and this was during the lagging recession of the 1970s! I truly thought these chestnuts would be around when I was old and bed-ridden.

    Hopefully, this documentary will help me understand what the hell happened…


  5. Tom says:

    Sounds interesting although I would have liked a little more variety. Of the names I recognized only Eileen Fulton was from a non-ABC soap (although Bobbie Eakes and Crystal Hunt did have prominent roles on another network in addition to ABC).

    Hey Michael, when does the “RIP” go up next to All My Children?


    Heather replied

    He’s probably waiting for OLTL to end to do it in one shot.


    Heather replied

    I don’t think you actually watched the promo. Eileen Fulton does not appear in the promo. The actual promo (if you click on the video link) features Rick Hearst from B&B as well as Gary Tomlin from DAYS.


  6. Jan says:

    this i’d watch


  7. Brian Greene says:

    I’m Very Interested In Seeing This Documentary–Yes! :D


  8. Charlotte says:

    I would watch it too if it is in Canada too I miss my soap that they tolk away from us ATWT and my number one soap is AMC


  9. Kelly Dutton says:

    when the soap starts i tune out i see nothing but the storyline and what i can solve on what is going on in the show


  10. Shanice says:

    If it can show people how valuable these shows are, I can’t wait to see this documentary either! I’m all for it!


  11. Tina F. Gray says:

    It is August 31, 2012 and I CANNOT WAIT FOR TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2012!!!!!!! It’s the premiere of Soap Life – A Documentary. Sooooo excited and soooo proud to be a part of the daytime community!!!!


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