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1 March 11th, 2014 SOAP LIFE Documentary Now Available To The Public Via iTunes!

The documentary feature Soap Life which chronicles the rise and fall of the American soap opera, and attempts to find out why, despite millions of fans and viewers, these icons of American culture are disappearing from the television landscape is now available as of today for the first time to the public on iTunes! The informative documentary features interviews with fans, writers, directors, producers, journalists, and actors including  AMC and OLTL creator Agnes Nixon, GH’s Rick Hearst, former AMC favorite Bobbie Eakes, and many more.

As well as on iTunes today Soap Life is being released and made available on Amazon, Xbox, Google Play (aka YouTube Movies,) Playstation, Vudu, Blinkbox (UK only) and CinemaNow.  The film will be available in Canada, Australia and the UK on Google Play, Playstation and Xbox. The film will also be available in Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the UK through iTunes.

For some engaging, heartfelt, informational and true behind-the-scenes glimpse of what went down when some of the most famous network soap operas of all-time were cancelled year after year, this is a must-have for any soap fan!   Let us know if you will be getting your copy on iTunes!


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  1. su0000 says:

    Peoples life style have changed since the at home house wives..
    It is daytime tv that has killed the soaps more than other reasons..
    If, the soaps would have moved to an evening time slot they would have done well..
    Also; many as myself watch via the internet since we were able to and we were not counted until recently.
    There are not many at home moms to watch daytime tv..

    Seems to me the Senior’s and disabled would mainly be the at home daytime viewers.. Most all women work these days..
    Women are too busy to sit through an hour show during the day or 2 or 3 hours of soaps daytime..
    Daytime is no longer good for the soaps..


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