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2 May 26th, 2010 SOAPnet’s FIRST LOOK: Jessica Leccia as Inez On One Life to Live!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Everyone is excited from Otalia fans, to Natalia fans, to Ani fans to see the fantastic Jessica Leccia back on daytime.  As previoulsy announced, Leccia will play Nate’s (Lenny Platt)  mother, Inez.  According to, Jessica gets introduced in the middle of an intriguing storyline that lets us know a lot more about Nate.  Here is a first look image from ABC on Jessica in the role of Inez.

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  1. kevon bowman says:

    I think jessica leccia is what oltl needs, she is the
    Ultimate fantasy “cougar” in any man’s dream. I
    think that her character and Clinton should become an item.


  2. barbara says:

    keep the couple that plays starr and cole together if ya’ll split them up i will stop watching the show they are dynamite together.


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