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9 April 13th, 2010 Soapside: says Goodbye Kish & video of the last scenes!


It has been a heavy last 24 hours for soapers who followed, for over a year, the love story of Oliver and Kyle on One Life to Live, as it came to it’s abrupt ending on yesterday’s air show.   

For a review of the events, and commentary leading up to the end of Kish, check out Michael Fairman’s new Soapside: The Advocate’s Guide to Daytime. You can post a comment there on your thoughts on the LGBT news site, as well as here.

On-Air On-Soaps was completely moved by watching Kish get custody of Sierra Rose. Seeing the threesome together after so many trials and tribulations, and Gigi deciding she would not contest custody of the little one was a watershed five hankie moment!   Watch the video of the last scenes of Kish from the custody hearing after the jump.

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  1. bottomchef says:

    There ya go!

    Proof that ABC is not homophobic.

    They let kish have sex and raise a baby.

    Ugly Betty let Justin and the Zac Efron clone kiss repeatedly. They let Marck St. James kiss his bfs and even showed him in the sack shirtless w/ his clingy bf.]

    Modern Family has the excellent Eric Stonestreet portray flamboyant, scene stealing Cam, who is raising a baby w/ Mitchell.

    Bravo ABC!


    md1347 replied

    We don’t actually see them raise the baby. That’s why everyone is mad.

    Personally, I think it has to more to do with 3 gay male couples (OLTL’s Kish, Modern Family and Brothers and Sisters) on ABC potentially raising a baby. With the firing of Kish, only 2. OLTL Kish isn’t bring in the money like prime time shows do, so they are out. They do not want to become the gay men with babies network.


  2. Wes says:

    I stopped watch OLTL on Tuesday. The only storyline worth watching has ended. I wanted so much more of the story…


  3. Chris 2010 says:

    I do not know how to express my feelings… hurt? angry? sad???…
    I will not watch OLTL after Kyle’s last scene this Friday. I want to say thank you to Brett/Scott for all the wonderful times you gave me. I will miss you both!


  4. Jardo says:

    I am done with OLTL and the entire ABC network. They make me SICK after seeing how Brett and Scott were treated, as well as Scott Clifton. And it was all for the sake of Rigi! GMAFB! Farah Fath and JPV are the two WORST actors in daytime! They obviously have their noses up someone’s a**, because anyone with any common sense would realize how horrible they are and would have dumped them a long time ago! All the wonderful characters that are now GONE from the show were all used to “prop” FIFI-LA-PEW and DAFFY DUCK! No one will ever convince me that FF and JPL haven’t had a lot to do with what has happened at OLTL with all these firings because everyone that has been fired recently were all involved in storylines with RIGI. Now they are all GONE! Even the Kish baby storyline ended up being “all about Gigi” and Kish was only seen about 5 times in over two months time in what was supposed to be THEIR storyline.

    I even think the “snarl” on JPL’s face in Kish’s last scene (above) at the courthouse even speaks for itself. (And I actually used to like JPL until FF came into his life and totally ruined him). Supposedly, there was an actor that was very upset because Scott Evans was getting so much publicity when Kish became so popular on the show. He was being asked for interviews, magazine covers, etc. However, he was being asked to do those photoshoots and magazine covers because of his “activist” role as a gay actor, NOT because of his Kish storyline. He was even given a humanitarian award for his involvement in trying to help other gay individuals. If I had to, I bet I could “guess” which actor was jealous of Mr. Evans. What I don’t understand is, WHY? He is a quality person who helps others and contributes a lot of his personal time doing so.

    That being said, Kish also brought several awards to OLTL this past year, something obviously Mr. Valentini and Mr. Frons have totally forgotten about. It’s too bad both of them didn’t just “stay out of it” and let Ron Carlivati write for Kish the way he originally started out doing. Had this happened, Kish would be daytime’s new SUPERCOUPLE, something OLTL desperately needed. Instead, they have decided to push RIGI down people’s throats (the two worst actors on the show). FF currently has an 85% disapproval rating. I would LOVE for someone to tell me why in the hell she is still on the show. Even Crystal Hunt’s Stacy wasn’t that bad, and she was SUPPOSED to be a hated character.

    FV keeps trying to make FF look like Mother Teresa, but I got news for him. It ain’t gonna happen! Very few people like her at all, and very few people like JPL either, yet he was just given a multi-year contract. Well, it won’t make much difference anyway, because OLTL is on its way down the drain so that contract won’t be worth a hill of beans in the near future.

    I am still amazed that OLTL let so many super talented individuals go, and ended up keeping the two worst characters on the show! Something just doesn’t add up here in my opinion. And since ABC and OLTL keep changing their stories every other day, I guess we will never know the truth.

    GO KISH! When Kish comes back, then I’ll be back. In the meantime, GOOD-BYE to OLTL and GOOD-BYE to the ABC network!


    md1347 replied

    You tell it Jardo. You are speaking gospel I think.


    Billy replied

    haha my thoughts EXACTLY!


  5. christa lyon says:

    kyle, oliver and sierra rose comes back to lianview and contuine raise sierra rose then they have family and see friends and their job. good luck in meantime bring kyle oliver and his daugther sierra rose with them good luck dont take forever to come back on screen on oltl


  6. MELISSA says:

    I watch the Kish story for internet (youtube) and i loved!! i´m from Perú and i think that americans was more tolerant… i was wrong… they should have a better end not like that… love you guys and don´t worry anyway you left your mark!! (sorry for my english).
    Meli :-)


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