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8 November 12th, 2014 Sonia Satra Talks Her New Venture MOTICISE, The Cancellations Of GL & OLTL, and Playing Phoebe Hearst!

Photo Credit: Sekou Luke

Many former daytime stars have added some additional career paths and interests to their resumes!  One such is Sonia Satra, who once played Lucy Cooper on Guiding Light, and Barbara Graham on One Life to Live.  Now, while still delving into acting, Satra has cultivated a unique motivational exercise and revolutionary new fitness program that can help rewire your brain for success in the real world and to achieve anything you set your mind, and look and feel good about your body at the same time.  It is entitled Moticise!

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Satra to not only find out about the transformational new exercise program now available on DVD, but her thoughts on the cancellations of the beloved Guiding Light and One Life to Live, her upcoming role as Phoebe Hearst in the National Geographic Channel Series, American Geniuses,working on-stage with B&B’s Heather Tom (Katie) and more!

What were your thoughts when you found out Guiding Light was cancelled?

Photo Credit: Sekou Luke

SONIA:  For awhile, I could not believe it was true, and even when I was working on it, they kept saying it was going to be cancelled and it never was.  This time when it happened I thought surely they are going to save it, and then when it did happen, I felt sad.  It was an end of an era.  It had been on so long; first on radio, and then on broadcast television.  So, for it to actually end, a show with that much history was just a bummer.  Then, knowing so many people personally who were now out of work was sad, too.  And then from the fans perspective, a lot of them had been very loyal for such a long time!  I knew when Guiding Light was cancelled it would feel like a giant hole for them.

And then a few years later, the other soap you were on One Life to Live is axed by ABC!  That was also heartbreaking!

SONIA:  I think it was so bad, because it was like this is the beginning of the end, for real! I thought ABC had more money and was standing behind their shows. I couldn’t believe when All My Children went.  I think once OLTL and AMC went down, I thought, “This is it.  It’s done.”

Tell me when you got into the mind and body connection and experience that eventually led you to create your new exercise program, Moticise?

SONIA: I did the soaps, and then when I got pregnant with my daughter, I took a pseudo-forced hiatus from acting, and I got certified to be a life coach.  I had always been really interested in mindset. I got really into Tony Robbins.  I started working with his head trainer right before I got onto Guiding Light.   I am sure it had a lot to do with it.  At the end of the day, it’s all about mindset in our lives.  If you have all the talent, but don’t walk into the room showing it and confident, it’s all going to go to crap! (Laughs).

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

So, you have always been into working out?

SONIA:  I was always into fitness.  I used to be an aerobic instructor, and I have always been interested in the mind/body connection.  It wasn’t until two years ago, and I have been coaching for a long time, and then I got into the speaking world, and became the president of the National Speakers Association of New York City.  So, I had been doing some motivational speaking and some “perspective” workshops.  Honestly, one day I was running on a treadmill and this TV show I am watching was really bad.  I said to myself, “I wish I had my vision board with me!” (Laughs)  And that was really day that it came to me – what if you had a class that would guide you through things and help you envision it?  That is when I came up with the name … Moticise!  Next, I developed a process you can go through without or without exercise, but it’s best with exercise – it’s a mindset/reset technique.

People can now purchase the DVD of the exercise program! What will they see when they watch it?  Are you leading the video with a willing group of participants? (Laughs)

SONIA: (Laughs) I will be leading a group of four other people … and it’s cardio, and it’s an interval exercise program. So, you are going to sweat!  We start with a journey walk, which is a unexercise moment of a chance to expand your mind, and that anything that is possible. Then, we start warming up and we get into exercising – and then there is some boxing as well!  The DVD goes for $14.99 and it comes with a free workbook.  I would love the fans to get behind it and try it.  I love when people find that courage, and take that step and do what they want to do, and that is what makes me excited.  I hope that is what this will inspire people to do.  There is only one chance in life as we know it.   I would also love fans to share their stories, and what is happening along the way, and how they are doing on the website.


In addition to the big launch of Moticise, you have been busy shooting an episode of the upcoming mini series American Genius on the National Geographic Channel! You are playing none other than Phoebe Hearst, the son of William Heart! What more can you reveal?

SONIA:  It is a mini-series and it follows a series of geniuses and their rivalries.  The episode I am in involves the rivalry between the Hearts and the Pulitzers, and the advent of reporting in magazines and newspapers.

I hear Phoebe is quite the controlling mother!

SONIA: She is so controlling and a tough-cookie and she did some incredible things in women’s rights! She made Berkeley University and funded it. She did a lot for charity and a lot for education.  Even though she has walked in high-society circles, she was about the common man.  She did not come from money, she married into it.  When the father died, the son had to always come and ask his mother for money!

You have also, at times, been working at time with five-time Daytime Emmy winner Heather Tom (Katie) of The Bold and the Beautiful?


SONIA:  Yes! I did Vanities this past March with Heather Tom and her sister in Fort Lauderdale. Heather is amazing, and a really talented person and she is so good.  She has an unbelievable memory!  She had done this show on and off for ten years, and I have done it on and off for about 7 years. Heather remembers everybody’s line! I remember, I went up on a line in the middle of this huge monologue on stage, and sure enough, Heather chimes in, and figures out how to save it all.  I have never been on stage with someone who has made me feel so safe!  I am happy for all her success.  Heather deserves it!

What do you think of Sonia’s thoughts on the end of Guiding Light and One Life to Live?  Will you check out Moticise?  What do you think of its concept? Weigh-in below!

To check out free videos, mini-workouts and tips, you can also check out the Moticise You Tube Channel here!

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  1. k/kay says:

    Thanks for the interview Michael I always enjoyed this actress so much it is fun to find out where they are now. Lovely lady!


    k/kay replied

    Also you helped her sell her DVD just bought one and ordered one for my sister for Christmas. :)


    Sonia replied

    Thanks k/kay – I hope you enjoy it. Check out…we’ll be doing some scheduled chats there to help you with all your fitness and life goals!

    k/kay replied

    Hey Sonia miss you so much on our screens in 1991 we had a business in a shopping mall in Akron,Ohio and the actor who played your brother Frank on Guiding Light use to walk the mall with his Dad and visit with all of us. Great fun times! Good luck to you hope someday we shall see you back on daytime.

  2. davidevansmith says:

    I loved this actress as Barbara Graham, never saw her on GL, and always hoped GH would snag her as a long-lost unbalanced sister of Felicia Jones. She did crazy so well as Barbara…


    Sonia replied

    Thanks David – I think being Felicia’s unbalanced sister is an excellent idea! Playing nurse Barbara was great fun but I think my mom was concerned that I
    could be so crazy :-)


  3. Carole Ann says:

    Thank you Michael for posting this great recap of one of my favorite soap stars! I was a huge fan of Guiding Light because of Lucy Cooper. Sonia was awesome in that soap! I follow Sonia religiously on twitter for her daily inspirational messages – @soniasatra and I also love her Facebook page where she offers great tips and takes you through her new Moticise program – Keep doing great things Sonia – thank you!


  4. Blake says:

    Great interview, though I was hoping to read more questions about Guiding Light. Like the Marian Crane story and what she thought of that, etc.


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