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12 March 28th, 2013 Spotlight on Doug Davidson and Billy Miller – Y&R 40 Video Restrospectives!


Over the last two days, released two amazing video retrospective video clip packages with two of their most talented all-time leading men, Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) and Billy Miller (Billy Abbott).

For Davidson, he retells how Paul first came on the show as a bad guy who just wanted to get Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) in the sack, but who later evolved, and of course, there is that Centerfold!  Moving forward Paul’s relationship with Christine (Lauralee Bell), Isabella (Eva Longoria) and shooting his son, Ricky (Peter Porte) are highlighted, plus the heartbreaking on-screen relationship between Paul and his crazy sister Patty (Stacy Haiduk).  Davidson introduced Wednesday’s episode of Y&R with this retrospective.


For Miller, well he tries to recount the number of woman that his character of Billy Abbott has slept with, although as you will see, he has trouble remembering them!  Miller also discusses Billy’s often times tense relationship with his on-screen big brother, Jack Abbott played by Peter Bergman.  And last but not least, Billy talks about how Victoria Newman played by Amelia Heinle has been the love of Billy Abbott’s life and his savior.

Two great videos from two solid performers! Watch these Y& 40th anniversary retrospective videos after the jump and share your thoughts on Doug’s and Billy’s favorite moments through their year on the number one CBS soap!

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  1. Tali says:

    Loved Paul Williams from day 1!!!


  2. Cassandra says:

    I loved what he said about Victoria. Billy & Victoria are truly something special and Billy & Victoria have created something wonderful that will be remembered for a long time. Great retrospective.

    I love Doug Davidson. He’s so genuine and Paul is a fantastic character. Nice to see him back with a story


    Mary replied

    Agree completely. Billy and Victoria are truly something special.

    Paul Williams is a wonderful character on Y&R.


  3. udhoop says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Doug Davidson and I’m not even a regular Y&R watcher!


  4. Casey says:

    I loved both tributes. I’m a huge Billy & Victoria fan so it was really awesome to hear Billy Miller talk about his feelings on what Victoria has done for him.

    So happy Y&R did this for some of the actors. It was a really nice thing to see for #YR40


  5. Ces says:

    I don’t watch Y&R but I have tried in the past and have mad respect for their cast like Doug, Christian, Joshua, and Michelle …. right after GH, Y&R starts on SoapNet and I am very impressed with how they are acknowledging their 40th anniversary with the actors talking about their characters. Very cool!! I do want to also add that “Nadia’s Theme” always gave me chills when the show starts.


  6. Tina says:

    Thank you! I’ve loved all of the retrospectives, but you’ve written about my two favorites. These men can make any little three minute scene the highlight of an episode for me. It’s been interesting to hear the actors’ thoughts about their characters, and to see if they were portraying what I believed I was seeing. Davidson was outstanding in Paul’s stories with Patty and Ricky. Miller is wonderful with everyone, and his portrayal of a man internally changed by love is completely authentic. Hope they both grace Y&R for a long time.


  7. YRFan says:

    What happened to Sharon Case spotlight video which came in between the above two male actors?


  8. Susan says:

    Doug Davidson is such a subtle and layered actor…sadly underused. Perhaps he’ll be on screen more since Paul is now Chief of Police.

    Billy Miller as Billy Abbott…such fun! Sometimes he reminds me of Terry Lester (the original Jack). Not so much in appearance, but his expressions and mannerisms. Saw an old Pyramid game show recently and Terry was one of the celebrities. A blast from the past!


  9. k/kay says:

    I love DD’s the only thing missing was him not having enough time to mention the Cassandra Rawlins romance one of the hottest couples ever on this show even Jeanne Cooper agrees with me.


    Mary SF replied

    I also like his romance with that police officer Maggie? I think that was her name. And they didn’t have time to mention his once long suffering secretary Lynne. I have been racking my brain, but can’t remember what happened to Paul’s brother Stephen? I know he was a reporter, but they never mention him. Also do we know whether or not the show will ever address the actress who played Mary passing. They never mention Paul’s mother, is the character dead too or just in some soap limbo, out there, but never seen?


    k/kay replied

    I have no idea about the brother Stephen just faded away as for Mary I assume she is still living in Genoa City. DD tried a couple of years ago to get the actress to come out of retirement for the Patty storyline but she declined. I thought they would do a death storyline in tribute to the actress’s off screen death but they did not. Heck Katherine is going thru all this mess and where is Murphy. Writers and EP’s need to read the late great writer Douglas Marland’s book on how to ruin a soap opera because their is not one of them anymore who is not guilty of screwing up. Never bring a new character on and shove them down our throats never make cast changes for at least 6 months etc. I mean Steve Burton is being written like Superman and it is turning me off so bad I FF thru his scenes. I mean you test chemistry with actresses before you start throwing them in scenes with every available woman on the show. And I tell you if JFP plans on using Paul as just a prop for that gosh awful actor that plays the new cop I will be baldheaded by summer.

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