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8 March 6th, 2013 Spotlight On Kevin: Greg Rikaart’s Y&R 40th Anniversary Video Interview!


One of the finest actors on the daytime scene for the past decade has been the talents of Daytime Emmy winner Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher) of The Young and the Restless!

Today, released one of our favorites in their series of spotlight interviews with members of the cast of the number one soap celebrating their 40th anniversary!

From Kevin’s beginnings on the show, when fans came to realize that Kevin was the brother of Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc), to Greg’s working relationship with is on-screen mother, Judith Chapman (Gloria), to Kevin’s quirky romance with Jana (Emily O’Brien), to the dreaded Chipmunk head story, to Kevin’s relationship with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson), we could not help but smile at Rikaart’s comments and honesty.

Watch Greg Rikaart’s Y&R 40 interview after the jump, and let us know what you have loved about his performances over the years, and your favorite moment of Kevin’s?

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  1. Christine says:

    He IS a fine actor, but I am really hoping his character will finally transform. I wanted to throw the TV out the window during Kevin and Chloe’s latest scheme with the stolen money. And to think there is a small child in the picture now who might not have had a roof over her head or had a mother.

    I love that Y&R is getting better and actors/characters are being used better than before, but some characters are still stuck in their old bad habits and Kevin is a major one.

    One of my favorites of Kevin was his friendship with Mackenzie and Jana and “Mrs. C.” When Kevin was helping Billy they had great banter too. I just don’t know where they can take Kevin and Chloe. I think they have been bled dry of their potential unless they were to try and have a child together.


    Matt replied

    Greg is a great actor. I loved him with his first wife Jana. I don’t like him with Chloe. My least favorite actresses on this show are Chelsea and Chloe. They do nothing for this show and have no chemistry with any male actors


    k/kay replied

    Matt he had chemistry with Jana he has none with Chloe.

    Jason replied

    Chloe is a joke! Period! Poor Greg! Kevin needs someone funny and quirky like Jana again ITA with all Y’all. But speaking of the anniversary i still love my favorite actress Sharon but sad she is not back in a love scene with Adam yet. come on they are smoking hot together!!!!!!!!! P<S Chelsea does not belong on this show anymore. Have Chloe go with Chelsea to Paris! :)


  2. heidi says:

    Nicely done!


  3. Efrat says:

    For me, Kevin is the only reason I watch the show – I don’t know what it is about Greg’s acting, he has this way of playing on my feelings no other actor has. You see, in our TV the Y&R was about four years behing you in the US, so I remember all too well his first storylines and all the bad things he did! The first time I paid any special attention to him was on the scene with Lauren and the Valentine’s night, when she went out with him to get him to admit what he did – remember when he found out she was setting him up and wanted to kill himself and then Micheal arrives and talks him out of it and everything… I remember watching it and being totally confused, I was thinkging: “Hey, wait a second! this guy is a killer isn’t he? didn’t he actually deserve to be set up? why am I being so warmly affected by his suffering, then?” then there was this scene when he was beat up in jail and that was it – I was emotioally shaken to the extent I had to call my therapist! Unfortunately, our ANNOYING TV network took the show off the air shortly after – the last episode we saw here was July 2005, so by then I started watching the US episodes and the next storyline I saw was the chipmunk – I loved that one too, because, again, watching Kevin being tormented – mentally and phisically, made me want to cry. I really have no idea how Greg can make me so emotional, whereas watching Colleen Carlton crying out for her life, after he locked her in the burning resaturant, left me totally indifferent… I mean for goodness sake, he tried to burn the poor girl alive, she was there crying out for her life, and all I could possibly think of was how gorgeus Kevin looked with the fire reflected in his eyes… I know all about what happened in between – 200-2009, most of it anyway…I read all the recaps, and watched all the available videos in YouTube. I loved all his storylines, lately it seems like they don’t really know what to do with his character…if they’d asked me, I’d have matched him again with Lilly! If not back as a romantic, at least they sould have some sort of a friendly relationship, it’s about time – they haven’t had any interaction in years!


  4. Chaz says:

    He is such a good actor I hate seeing him wasted. Kevin is such a brilliant computer expert he should be working within Jabot or Newman. Certainly, Phyllis owes him something after that crazy escapade she got him involved in with the dead body. Plus, that is her forte so she and Kevin working together would make perfect sense.

    But, some people can never seem to escape their past behaviors so in a way it makes sense that Kevin always manages to screw up despite his best intentions. They just need to keep the core of the character without making his storylines redundant.


  5. Patrick says:

    Oh Kevin!

    has he steered HIMself, clear of his grifter mamma? yowsah!

    talk about picnic… that William Holden/Kim Novak… good time.

    He waltzed in to town… and, IMO… hasn’t let up… his passion’ista….

    He reels IN.

    this trio of Michael and “GLO”.

    Simmering top drawer….


    I love him with Chloe – she’s so colgate cute… and he’s calculating’ly edging….


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