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13 February 19th, 2013 SPOTLIGHT On Lauren: Tracey E. Bregman’s Y&R 40th Anniversary Video Interview!


As The Young and the Restless begins its countdown to a little more than month away from its milestone 40th anniversary, the series is releasing sit-down interviews with members of the cast complete with clips and photos to take us down memory lane with the characters they have portrayed!

First up, Tracey E. Bregman’s Lauren Fenmore Baldwin!  Bregman discusses what happened when she was initially cast in the role, her awkwardness at having to sing with Michael Damian (Danny), and those legendary catfights with Beth Maitland as Traci Abbott and Kimberlin Brown as Sheila Carter.

In addition, Bregman talks about Lauren’s love life with Michael (Christian LeBlanc), and as she reveals, it was a conscious decision between she and LeBlanc to play their scenes with sexual overtones because they very much wanted to work together.

Watch the clip after the jump! Let us know what your favorite Lauren storyline has been? And, what do you think of Lauren’s recent lip-lock with hottie Carmine (Marco Dapper)?  Weigh-in!

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  1. randy says:

    would have loved to have seen these clips but canada cant watch…whats with that


    jim replied

    im in the U.S. and this one isnt working for me while some others did work. that baffles me.


    Mary SF replied

    hi fellow Canadian- I found the clip at – hit the video section and it should come up under latest video.


  2. jim says:

    She is an old Days favorite of mine when she played Donna Craig back in the late 1970s. Such a huge talent. One of DOOL biggest mistakes was loosing her during their 1980 revamping that saw the loss of so many beloved characters and actors. I feel Days never really fully recovered from that mindless decision. I did like a lot of performers and characters that had replaced them including the current cast but it still doesnt compare to those good old DAYS in Salem.


  3. su0000 says:

    It was fun to see her with different hair styles..
    The style now has been exactly the same forever and everyday not one hair different then the year past .. how does one keep the exact same hair -doo for year(s) I can’t keep mine looking the same for a day LOL .. those make-up/hair stylist on Y&R need to explore more hair styles lol
    so ya good to see the different doo’s , that’s the part I liked :) ..
    she is a beautiful woman ..


    gloria replied

    My mother & I wonder every day when she is gonna get a new hairstyle. I mean, seriously. She needs an major update.


  4. Patrick says:

    I will say this… about Tracey Bregmen.

    She’s the lone – stand-alone… character (perhaps in all of soapdom)…who’s survived on her own… without family….ie: any siblings or parents? if so…. they certainly didn’t feature them…. course, i know about Jill… but…

    her marrying Michael, was the best thing that ever happened to her…


    Mary SF replied

    Lauren was the only child of Neil Fenmore and Joanna Manning ( who was played by the same actress who is Julie Williams on Days) Her parents divorce when she was small and was raised by her father who spoiled her rotten. When he died she took over Fenmores Department Stores. It was MAB who in some kind state of crazy decided to make Jill her half sister. To this day I think that was a big mistake, and I am still hoping they will undo it somehow- and just make Jill a plain old Foster again.


  5. robert says:

    One of my favorites.


  6. Beacon says:

    Not enough about Lauren and Sheila, one of the most interesting relationships in the show’s history.


  7. skipjones says:

    i love her. the singing is EPIC.


  8. kalamaty says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fabu Tracey Bregman! Thank you for uploading this clip…. I have loved her since she first came on the scene and absolutely tormented Beth Maitland’s, ‘Tracy’. She’s always been such a natural on camera, so funny, so underrated. PLUS, the show FINALLY has her back on opening credits! Wonderful to see! Happy 30th Anniversary, Tracey, and Happy 40th Y&R!


  9. Derrick says:

    Love Tracey as Lauren!


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