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2 August 12th, 2010 Stacy Haiduk clarifies for fans more on her dismissal from DAYS!

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This morning on her facebook page, Stacy Haiduk, who was let-go in a shocking move earlier this week, posted an update on the situation to her fans by stating the following: “Good morning everyone, I am getting ready to leave for Chicago to do Ride Along. As for Day ‘s they recast me with a man at a quarter of my salary not to hard to guess why they didn’t fight for me in that role. They have left the door open however and are still interested in working with me in the future. We will see what happens. We left on good terms with no hard feelings.”

And while it was announced yesterday that actress, Gina Gallego (Ex-Santa Barbara) was replacing Haiduk, some began to wonder if that was erroneous, since Haiduk mentioned in her post that it was a man, who got her gig.   However later, Haiduk made a correction to her facebook page by saying:  “No I was wrong, Manager gave me wrong info. I wish her the best. ” ( in reference to Gallego)

Male, female, who cares?  Haiduk is still sadly off our screens for right now no matter who was brought in to play the Warden!

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  1. Sue says:

    So, now Gallego knows she’s making a quarter of what Haiduk was making. She must be thrilled! Don’t they know how much they can spend on new actors from the start? She’s taking it well, best to leave the door open.


    Abby replied

    I could not wait for Stacy to start on Days. I just went to Days’ website to see when she would start, and I did not see her on the bios. I was missing her from Y&R. I guess I don’t need to watch Days after all. I don’t need an addiction to another soap. LOL
    I will watch the new show on Fox where she is going to guest star, hopefully the show will do well, and maybe she will be there full time. I really enjoy watching her. She is a beautiful lady, talented actress and I hope she makes it big in TV and forget the soaps.


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