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7 March 6th, 2017 Stars Of Y&R Past and Present Honor The Late Bill Bell On What Would Have Been His 90th Birthday

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The stars of The Young and the Restless, past and present took to social media on Monday to honor the late, great Bill Bell, the iconic creator of the CBS top-rated daytime drama series.

Bell, would have turned 90-years old-today on March 6th, but passed away back in 2005.  Heartfelt posts from the actors circulated with the common throughline of thanking this extraordinary talented man for the roles in which they play, and for many giving them their careers, and for his pure genius.

Included in the tribute were: Eric Braeden, Lauralee Bell (Bill’s daughter), Doug Davidson, Joshua Morrow, Michelle Stafford (now on GH), Greg Rikaart, Christian LeBlanc, Kate Linder, Sharon Case, and many others.

Below is a sample of the sentiments and remembrances shared today.

Eric Braeden: Today would have been BILL BELL’S 90th birthday! We owe him everything! God bless your soul, Bill! We think of you a lot!!

Lauralee Bell: HB Dad! We feel your love around us always! My dad loved being a storyteller so TY for keeping the shows thriving! @YandR_CBS @BandB_CBS

Joshua Morrow:  We throw words around like legend or Icon or genius….this man was truly all of those and more. An amazing man who we miss every day. #MrB

Doug Davidson: Happy Birthday  William J. Bell would have been 90 today. We send our love. God’s peace. We miss you! #goat #youngandrestless #Emmy

Greg Rikaart: HB #BillBell. It’s hard to imagine my life w/o your impact on it. Countless ppl can say the same. Hope you& Jeanne r cutting a rug up

Kate Linder:  There wouldn’t be #EstherValentine w/o #BillBell I will always be grtful #hb @YRInsider @YandR_CBS @YandR_CBS @CBSDaytime #yrthere.

Michelle Stafford: It would have been #BillBell ‘s 90th birthday. He was 1 of a kind. I’m sure where ever he is he is still creating magic! I owe him so much.

Christian LeBlanc: I owe this legendary artist a most amazing, unexpected life…merci pour tout. #YR HAPPY 90TH #WilliamJBell …see ya in the big office.

Sharon Case: Happy Birthday to this great man, Bill Bell !! All my love and gratitude, forever. Sharon.…

So, what did you think of the tweets, and posts from the cast of Y&R honoring Bill Bell?  Do you miss Bill Bell’s brand of storytelling on the soaps? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Bill Bell was a genius when it came to soap writing…i watched Days when under his pen,,,,he had character driven stories about relationships and family that were well written and he didnt have to depend on the done to death(pun) bring them back from the dead to move a story…or far out plots like weather machines or devil possession to attract an audienc


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    audience…at Y&R when the show needed revamping due to loss of so many actors who played the Brooks family he had the gift of bringing in two new families like the Abbot and Newmans who were just as interesting and maybe even better…good thing that show had its original creator and writer at the helm who knew what he was doing.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    My father and a great aunt who passed away a week apart a few weeks ago both would had turned 90 this year too…

  2. randy says:

    lets see brenda dicksons and victoria rowells sentiments too,,


  3. Kevin C says:

    WONDERFUL with what the cast and crew are saying about Bill and how I MISS Bill Bell, he and Douglas Marland will always be my favorite head writers…Bill, THANK YOU so much along with your beautiful wife Lee Phillip for creating a show that had so much impact on my life for Y&R was like a part of my family with all the wonderful stories and actors/actresses that grace the screen on Y&R…it brought so much entertainment and conversation…Bill, you will NEVER be forgotten.


  4. Timmm says:

    The Bells are daytime’s answer to the nighttime Spellings only with class!


  5. Connie says:

    Mr. Bell was a wonderful man, I always used to call him “Mr. Bell” and he would say “Call me Bill.” How much we miss a genius of daytime.


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