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3 November 20th, 2010 “Steamboat” to have new episodes & Daniel Cosgrove joins the cast!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

The hilarious web soap spoof, Steamboat is headed back to a computer screen near you before Christmas.  According to a post on the Steamboat facebook page, new episodes are en route to fans.  Steamboat is the mastermind of former Guiding Light star, Michael O’Leary (Rick) and former ATWT star, Scott Bryce (Craig).

Joining the list of soap luminaries who have appeared in the series from Kim Zimmer to Michael Park, is Daniel Cosgrove (now of All My Children come January) who will be playing the role of Larry Trout. Larry is said to be the character of Tabitha’s, played by Beth Chamberlin, Fan Club President, who owns a bait and tackle shop in Calgary, Canada. 

That set-up alone sounds to funny to pass up. Look for more info in the coming weeks on the new episodes!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Love Daniel Cosgrove, a good actor who was saddled with a crap character on ATWT. If they really wanna spoof daytime in this web show, they’ll have his character run down by a train…



    reid should be alive and have happy ending with luke thanks to daniel he took him away thanks alot


  3. Nicole says:

    Wow, um, Daniel is an *actor*. And a good one. He played a character on a fictional television show. He did not write ATWT. Thank you. Then end.


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