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30 May 12th, 2014 Stephanie Lemelin Cast As Stitch’s Ex-Wife On The Young and the Restless!


The role of Stitch’s  (Sean Carrigan)ex-wife Jenna has been cast and the role goes to actress Stephanie Lemelin who will begin taping at the CBS soap opera, The Young and the Restless tomorrow!

According to CBS Soaps In Depth, Lemelin as Jenna will first appear on-air on the June 13th episode of the number one daytime drama!  If you want to get more up close and personal with Stephanie as she begins her Genoa City experience, you can follow her on Twitter @StephyLems

Stephanie’s role on Y&R is the first daytime drama for her.  She  has appeared in numerous primetime television series, and motion pictures, and she also does a tremendous amount of voice-over work!

So the question remains will Jenna help bring to the light the “secret” that Ben AKA Stitch is keeping from Victoria (Amelia) and others?   Do you think Jenna will be a villainess? Weigh-in!


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  1. Robert says:

    She is a very pretty lady, hopefully she can act. Why are they casting more new characters, this is ridicoulous. LOL. BUT I will give her a chance, she is a sexy lady. LOL.


    Nancy replied

    Yes, she is an amazing actress. You will love her, trust me!


  2. Mary SF says:

    I think Stitch was responsible for Kelly’s son death.


    Mo replied

    I was thinking something like that too. But wouldn’t she be more angry at him. Not Ally on B&B angry, but angry.


    Mary SF replied

    My thought was they must have been romantically involvement prior to his marriage– but she was married- and her son died during that affair. It destroy her life, but he went on and got married and had a son, which is why she was anger enough to rat him out to his first wife and caused his marriage to fail.

    And when she first came to town there was obviously a hatred there on her part– I think right now she tolerates him. I think the anger is still there and bubbles to the surface once in a while, like when she spat out at him that he was a murderer — but if she once loved him she might be holding back because she has mellowed out a bit and because she wants to move on with her life and not get stuck in the past.

    So for now she is leaving him alone– but if he pushes her buttons the wrong way she will reveal who he really is, because I don’t think his real name is Ben Rayburn and a reference to the law on the show yesterday suggests he might have been a lawyer when he did whatever he did.

    k/kay replied

    I don’t think they have a clue what Stitch’s back story is and I for one could care less he hangs out at the front desk stalking people. Why did we need this character?? Why not cast Nathan Hastings and bring back Olivia they have history with the show. Zzzzzzz

    harry replied

    K/Kay, I find Stich somewhat interesting. This actress could perk things up a bit. Y&R certainly seems to be missing that crackling spirit it had with Michael Muhney and Billy Miller, although I think Mr. Tom is doing a really good job (I especially love his scenes with Jack).
    You know who I wish they’d bring back? Miguel. His name was mentioned the other day and it seems to me that Victor needs his man servant back, not just to serve him, but to serve as a loyal unbiased listener and observer. I always thought of Miguel as Victor’s touchstone.

  3. Scott says:

    She is a very cool person who has done a lot give her a chance I think you will all be surprised.


  4. Timmm says:

    She looks hot. Hopefully she can act. I dont like Stich but I like that they are going to finally tell his story and it should be good since it will draw in Victoria and the wonderful actress who was recasted as Kelly.


    Jimmy replied

    I’m liking Cady McClain a lot too, I don’t feel like Kelly was the right role for Cynthia Watros. I also think Cady is making Kelly more likable, and I really like the idea of a Jack/Kelly pairing.


  5. Mo says:

    Hopefully she can give Victoria the 411 on Stitch and Vic will tell him to back the H off for real.


  6. Rob says:

    Guess they are saving the $$$ for a Phyllis recast.

    She’s definitely attractive enough.


  7. andrew hass says:

    I’m thinking Billy tracks down Stitch’s wife to get info on him.As for Stitch’s secret i’m wondering if Kelly’s son was a patient of his and he screwed up somehow.So in Kelly’s mind he killed her son.Then when Kelly was grieving she slept with Stitch but she might have thought he took advantage of her.So then Kelly told his wife.


  8. Izabel says:

    Excited to see where this is going to go, however still pissed about all the new casting calls and changes. My theory at first was that
    A) STITCH was going to be KELLYS brother
    B) He’s responsible for the sam’s death
    C) Couldn’t save a patient or someone from war …?? Who knows
    Hoping that JENNA will add more umph and mystery to y&r and create drama for stitch vikki and kelly. She looks like a good match for Dr. Rayburn anyway lol


  9. LFStJames says:

    Stephy is a very talented actress with a great resume. She’s perfect for this. I know her well and wish her only the best!! <3


    Nancy replied

    100% Agreed!


  10. Jimmy says:

    I’m looking forward to the reveal of Stitch and Kelly’s story because it’s been dragging on for a long time now. In a recent interview, head writers Jean Passanante and Shelley Altman discussed their pacing of story and how it works with the way they write. Personally, I’m finding that a lot of Y&R’s stories are being dragged on way too long with not enough in them to keep it constantly interesting. With GH, the twists and turns keep coming which keeps fans entertained, but Y&R has become slow and boring recently. Hopefully this casting will help pick up the pace of at least one story.


    Tiffanie replied

    You nailed it! story lines are drawn out WAY too long!! and too predictable miss the writing of long ago!


  11. carinamia says:

    Nice! This “Stephanie Lemelin” looks promising for y&r :) . Stitch needs a shake up and “Villy” need answers!


  12. Alan says:

    I’m guessing that Jenna will be just another character with no long term story in place when she arrives.


  13. Nanci says:

    I agree with K/Kay. Why did we need this character? (Stitch)
    He is creepy and annoying and shady. He repeatedly pops up
    in Victoria’s face, despite her numerous requests for space.
    Now she flies off to DC and I almost think he will even follow her
    And soon comes Jenna. Another new character. I hope it will only
    be for a short time, and end with her taking Stitch with her when
    she leaves.


    Kaleesi replied

    Not sure why we need a new character either. Isn’t there an old character we can recast? If you want to make a triangle with Victoria why not Cole Howard?? I don’t know Stitch nor do I want to. He’s good looking but that’s about it. Sorry to say but SC is a mediocre actor. He cannot emote and his delivery is flat. He and Victoria put me to sleep and I doubt Jenna coming to town is going to make it better.


    Nanci replied

    I totally agree…he and Victoria are a big snooze together!
    Nothing about him or his budding relationship with her, interest
    me in the slightest.

  14. Selena.C. says:

    At first I thought the stitch’ idea was a waste of time.. Recently though, I’m interested in how the storyline is going witth vikki’s pregnancy and his shady past. So, looking fwd to what jenna’ will bring to the table in this situation and hoping stitch will become more dark rooted then we thought..


  15. Tiffanie says:

    She can only be an improvement! Whatever Stitch did it better be REALLY out of this world bad because they have built it up SO much and it has been dragged out forever like that damn Box of Jill’s ENOUGH already..Show has REALLY lost its appeal without Billy Miller, Michael Muhney, Michelle Stafford and the list goes on…They need to save the show and what talent they DO have left!! so far, do not see that happening!


  16. Marie Molloy says:

    I have been a loyal y & r fan for three decades and I have always found the storylines and the casting first rate until now. I am having a really hard time watching the new Billy Abbott. He doesn’t even come close to playing the role. I almost find him painful to watch. My disappointment really began when the role of Abby Newman was recast. It took me awhile to get used to. At least the new actress playing Abby is good. I can’t even begin to imagine anyone else as Phyllis. I have read great things about the actress replacing Michelle Stafford so I am hoping for the best. As for the mediocre storylines that drag on forever…the writers need to get it together or they may lose a lot of viewers.


  17. Donna says:

    Someone in cyberland said “maybe Stich and Kelly are brother and sister; that Stitch may have killed her husband (of course there will be a justifiable reason) – maybe that’s why Kelly says she lost everything . . .although I thought somewhere along the line Stich and Kelly hinted at a involvement together. Maybe Stitch was treating her son and he died and then the husband was after Stitch in a fit of rage over his son’s death and Stitch defended himself, leaving her son and husband both dead? Kinda bizarre huh? Well I agree with many that they are dragging this on way too long and that you become disinterested. They are just waiting too long to come to the climax of a story. That is why Bill Bell is missed, he knew how to deliver at just the right moment so as to keep you continually engaged. It is obvious that this new production team has a different approach and Y & R is beginning to remind me of the other soaps, which it never has been, it was always a notch above in talent and storyline. But now it seems to be on the verge of crossing over and that cannot be good since most of the soaps have been cancelled.


  18. earl says:

    I think fell like since Neil is always falling in love with the wrong woman, they need to bring bsck Drucilla since her body was never found. And keep the same person to play her.


  19. Penny says:

    I think Kelly and Ben were high school sweethearts and broke up when he went to war. She got married and had a son, Ben came back and killed the person who ran over and killed her son. And no one else knows this fact, except for Kelly, Stitch, and Jenna. And even if this isn’t the case, it would be a good storyline. Or maybe Ben is Kelly’s brother, another reason why he would have killed the driver of the car.


  20. Brenda C says:

    I am so bored waiting for the “secret” of Stitch that I’m now considering not bothering to watch anymore. Who cares that he and Kelly are brother & sister. Everyone went “whewwww big deal” when that came out but what is the secret. Can’t be bothered watching anymore.


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