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10 December 11th, 2016 Steve Burton Launches “Hollywood Schooled” And Bids Farewell To His Y&R Castmates!


On Friday, Steve Burton announced his new project, Hollywood Schooled, and attended a wrap party in his honor attended by several Y&R castmates at Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant at the Grove next door to CBS Television City, where Y&R tapes.

As previously known, Burton decided to end his run as Dylan McAvoy on the top-rated CBS soap opera when his contract ended this month.  He will continue airing well into January.

Daniel Goddard (Cane, Y&R) took to Instagram with the the most heartfelt post on Burton’s departure with a pic of himself and Bryton James, with Burton in the middle: “To my left… two men I will trust till the day I die. Steve… u r a legend. And my respect for your dedication to life is undentable. There is not a man alive that could speak ill of you and that is a true testament to your undeniable character. I will miss talking really important crap with you, but am so glad that your family will have u 24/7. Ur a Titan! And Bryton… you could learn from Steve Burton. Jk. #adieu”

Photo: DGoddardInstagram

Meanwhile, Steve took to social media to announce his latest colloboration with good buddy and former GH star, Derk Cheetwood (Ex-Max). The project Hollywood Schooled is for performers dreaming of working as an actor in Hollywood.

Through Hollywood Schooled, Burton and Cheetwood and their team will help performers realize the pitfalls of Tinseltown, the do’s and dont’s of trying to get a role in the business, and so much more.

Watch Burton’s video on Hollywood Schooled below.  Let us know, what you think of his latest project, and saying goodbye to his Y&R colleagues in the comment section.

Steve Burton Gives You A Sneak Peek At Breaking Into Hollywood! from Derk Cheetwood on Vimeo.

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  1. davlestev1 says:

    Stone colds school of acting..hmmm..pass..but good for him. I wonder if he is on good terms with the GH team? And ABC..guess we’ll see by summer.


  2. Lou piikes says:

    How much does all this schooling cost? Or is it free to the public? LOL


    k/kay replied

    Nothing with Hollywood or Washington is free they are always in you back pocket


    k/kay replied


  3. k/kay says:

    I guess he will just leave town the goatee makes me curious I see him going rogue on the police force no need to recast if Sally had been writing for him might have been a different story about his character. I know he is known to really be a good guy off camera just can’t figure out his friendship with JFP?


  4. Timmm says:

    Maybe his buddy Stitch will sign up!


    k/kay replied

    He is gone soon unless she thinks she can turn him around I find him to be a snooze


  5. Soapluv2010 says:

    One word: Presumptuous.


  6. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    Exactly who would sign up for these acting classes??

    Based on his Y&R gig, his skills are so wooden that his teaching a class on chainsaw use would be more appropriate.

    Burton seems to have lots of fans but I’m not one of them. There are several actors who have long-running roles on soaps and are touted as being very talented but leave me scratching my head as to their appeal. Burton is one of them. I’d also include Cady McClain, Marie Wilson, Drake Hogestyn, and even Susan Lucci to the list.

    It has always puzzled me how these actors get so much acclaim while people seem to forget about ones who I think/thought were extremely talented …… the late Beverlee McKinsey is barely mentioned these days by anyone nor are the unemployed Elizabeth Hubbard or Kathleen Noone.


    jaybird369 replied

    Barbara…EXACTLY!!!!! Who in their right mind would EVEN REMOTELY ATTEND Burton’s so-called acting classes (or whatever)?!?!? My dear…I don’t buy it…at all. Nope.

    Happy Holidays, Barbara.


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