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34 July 19th, 2011 Stuart Damon comes back to General Hospital!

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The Quartermaines are back!  We mean, really coming back.  Now that new GH head writer, Garin Wolf is putting his canvas together, it truly looks as if he is going to put some focus on the infamous and beloved Quartermaine family.

Just how much of Q’s will Wolf resurrect and how? Well, first we had the great news that Leslie Charleson (Monica) is back and then came word that Robin Christopher (Skye) is headed back and now the real kicker! According to ABC Soaps In Depth a GH spokesperson confirmed that Stuart Damon is returning to the series by late summer as the long-dead Alan Quartermaine! Damon begins taping next week.

SID went on to say, “Last time Damon’s character ‘came back from the dead,’ he was not a ghostly apparition, but rather his sister Tracy’s conscience.  What we can tell you is that fans are screaming for more Quartermaines and even hoping for a reversal of history’s fatal blow to that popular family.” So would you like to see Alan Quartermaine not dead after all? Or,  be a vision, a conscience, or some other out-of-worldly being? Let us know.

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  1. Angela says:

    I am so thrilled that Stuart is returning to GH ! First Leslie (Monica) and now Alan! I love them together, they are best couple on GH and deserve to be back.. They should have never been fired in the first place! They are legends! Bye Bye Guza, hello Alan and Monica.. They will continue on knocking our socks off!


  2. TMJ says:

    I’ll accept any lame storyline, such as the news that Jerry Jacks kidnapped Alan from the hospital, faked his death, and has been hiding him in the basement of Mama Jacks’ Australian compound. The revival of the wonderful Quartermaine dynamic will more than make up for any idiotic storyline that gets us there.


  3. Sara says:

    Yes bring him back alive!


  4. aria says:

    i’m hoping he comes back as alan not a ghost or conscience of anyone, i’m also hoping that someone on the show was having a bad dream an that not only alan comes back but also emily, claudia, georgie and little jake, that way the show can erase all the bad decisions bob guza made.


  5. Rhaya says:

    I want to see him alive and well. Not as a “ghost” or figment of someones imagination. It was absolutely senseless the damage done by former writers to the quartermaines in order to put focus on the Corinthos family. I’m tired of the canvas being filled with mobsters with little regard for human decency. The Q’s were dysfunctional and did illegal things but they had heart. I’ve been keepinghope alive for Alan to return (and AJ but I’m not holding my breathe on that one), and the Q’s to take back their rightful place on center stage again.


  6. Dan says:

    That’s wonderful news!! I don’t care what they have to do, or what kind of story they have to come up with, but I want Alan back alive and well. They should have never killed him off to begin with! It’s a soap opera, they can bring anyone back from the dead.

    Maybe Helena has been keeping him in the basement of GH like Stavros Cassadine, lol. Whatever it takes. Welcome back, Stuart!!!


  7. ethel says:

    yes i want him back & undead!!! it was such an asinine move to kill him off anyway!


  8. Brian says:

    Do some crazy story and bring him back from the dead….. then get back to real storylines and I will start to watch again. I stopped watching about 10 years back when it became the daytime “Sopranos”


  9. todd says:

    great news. I will tune in again. I haven’t watched since Jason’s mind was altered from a hit on the head and became a jr mobster.


  10. Brian T says:

    Please tell me that Alan is alive and well! Too many Q’s were killed off for no real reason so I pray that he comes back alive.


  11. kay killgore says:

    I would love to see him back! Another told you so they did not have to kill him off this is an example of how you don’t paint yourself in a corner where you can’t bring vets back ! He will have to be ghost but I would take it over the Sonny hour!!!


  12. Madison says:

    Normally I hate when soaps bring people back from the dead but this one I could live with. Guza really screwed up by getting rid of Stuart Damon. If Wolf can get him back I’m all for it. I have missed Alan the last few years. Time for Wolf to fix Guza’s mistakes and pull GH out of the hole Guza shoved it in.


  13. Alyse Cranson says:

    Let Alan be alive. I miss the Quartermain family. Tracy saw him because she was under a lot of stress. Bring him back.


  14. Iakovos says:

    As much as I love Alan Quartermaine… the whole family… I abhor incredulous reversals of history that even surpass soap suspension of belief. It seems so many of our dramas are relying on this plot device to the point of absurdity. If daytime is to remain vital, daytime needs to embrace the real world a bit and look forward with its plots and characters. If we only look back to the glory days, I worry we still may lose what little we have left!

    Maybe Damon could be cast as a Quartermaine brother or cousin instead? I know, it may be equally as over-the-top and cliche to do look-alike but at least it is a new character that may allow for evolution along with the nostalgia for having Port Charles seem more like the hospital town it was rather than the unpleasant dark crime-ridden mob capital it has become.


    Tory replied

    the stories in question never deserved our respect to begin with. Look alike is not the same and worthless in my mind. No silly look alike, just bring him back as the Alan Quartermaine and destroy the story that should never have happened in the first place. Shoot I’d be ok with him just being there alive and noone even acknowledge his death.


  15. BETTY says:

    i am so excited to hear that Stuart is coming back and that the story of the Quartermaines are coming back. Are you going to bring Jason into the Quartermaine fold.


  16. pr1957 says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSS :) that is all i have to say


  17. nbattag says:

    I am thrilled they are bringing Alan back….and at this point I will take anything I can get…although I would prefer for them to bring him back alive….killing him off was a huge mistake and I don’t care what silly storyline they come up with….I will accept it!


  18. Rachel C says:

    I think the Quartermaines while part of history….have been overly romanticized. I don’t mind them coming back just so log as Sonny isn’t sacrificed in the process. The show needs the magnetism that Maurice Benard brings. So hopefully the Q’s and Corinthos clan can find a way to co-exist.


  19. GoGrannyGo says:

    Bring him back alive and well and do it before Christmas so they can do the TRADITIONAL GH Christmas for the kids the fools did away with for no good reason!!!! If they need to do it sooner, have him walk into the TRADITIONAL Aids Ball the fools also did away with for no good reason. Bring GH back to a diversified story that is centered around GENERAL HOSPITAL and NOT the mini-mobsters!!!


    amiejayne replied

    I couldn’t agree more. There hasn’t been a Christmas show that centered around family since Alan was killed off. I don’t much care how they explain his absence, I want him back alive. We’ve certainly put up with things that stretched credibility in the wrong direction, I would excuse almost any explanation they give if it means Stuart Damon is coming back to GH!


  20. Nicole says:

    Bring him back alive, bring back Rick (erase that whole horrible storyline that had Laura kill him) bring back Leslie, get Lucy & Scott back – bring back Felicia – give Mac something to do !! I could go on and on – keep Jax & Nicholas etc……………


  21. Tory says:

    Alan, AJ, Justus, and EMily have been in the cryo chamber in the sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub basements of GH that Helena had Stavros in.

    QAny silly story will so to bring them back from their d3eaths whch never should have happened in the first place. Fans have no respect for these storylines that killed them because they deserve no respect. Just bring them back and back alive as the same character.


  22. danna says:

    ALIVE! ALIVE! Let Alan LIVE! I don’t care how. I will accept any insane, supernatural, or bizarre storyline–ANYTHING to bring Alan back ALIVE. Great to know Monica and Skye are returning. Please bring back Emily, Nicholas, and Jax too. I love all of the actors. If only Lila and Anna Lee could be brought back too.


  23. Kathy wooten says:

    Will it matter what we say???Guza was insane to kill off a beloved Character that I left the show and never comes the new regime and they appaer to not learn from the last writers about Stuart Damon and if the rumors are true he will come back as a ghost not alive as I wish it..Mr Damon should think this is a insult and refuse to return to the show..what a damn waste of talent don’t they see how many fans would return if they had brung Alan back to life????? on how many fans don’t care /they will turn the other way and except anyway they bring Alan back to life?????I left in 2007 because they killed the show ,they killed the family and they killed what made me look at it Alan and if he returns dead I will stay away..I will not stand by and watch such a watse of talent continue to be wasted


  24. Steve says:

    Yes. Bring back Alan alive. While they are at it, they could bring back the real A. J., Sean Kanan. Billy Warlock was nothing more than a punching bag for everyone. Kanan’s A. J. was flawed, but he could stand up to Jason.
    I am so glad Guza is gone. His hatred for core characters and families was legendary. He only respected Sonny and Jason.
    The Quartermaines were story gold. They need to bring as many of them back as possible, I don’t care how outlandish the storyline is.


  25. Q Fan says:

    Bring back Alan, Emily, A.J., and Justus. They can mirror what AMC has been doing with presumed-dead characters or what OLTL has just did with Original Todd. Have some bitter Quartermaine rival (there must be many) be responsible. Edward has done terrible things in the past; conjure up one more that pushed someone over the edge to fake his family members’ deaths. Edward can go through one more ultimate catharsis and then experience the joy of his loved ones’ return in his last years.


  26. Katie says:

    I want Alan to be ALIVE!!! That would be awesome, and then Jason returning lol


  27. Katie says:



  28. Linda says:

    I don’t care if Alan strolls in with the morning mail one day…we want him back ALIVE and with a storyline! The Q’s need to have more presence and we need Alan/Monica/Tracy to drive each other nuts! Real fans miss Alan!


  29. dodiehack says:

    its about time, stop messing with the most famous family in daytime history. should’ve never messed with the q’s. Alan and Monica have chemistry like no other, whether they are fighting or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. beach says:

    Ok summer has passed and no Alan Q on GH. Any updates?


  31. Ann B says:

    It was great to see Alan and AJ back but it worries me because
    the last time we saw Edward he looked horrible and 2 days later
    he was dead. Stuart didn’t look so good today on screen. Lets
    hope if they bring him back it won’t be to haunt his father’s grave.
    And bring back Emily too – she as the best of the best when it came
    To the Quertermaine’s.

    Another person that needs to come back is Laura. Lulu could
    Definitely use her mother’s support right now. And as always BRiNG


  32. Nicole Verzaro says:

    Bring him Alan back to Life!!!!


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