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10 April 6th, 2018 SUNDAY: OLTL Reunion With Real-Life Marrieds Melissa and David Fumero On BROOKLYN NINE-NINE!

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Oh, how we miss Llanview!  And now two stars who met during their time on One Life to Live will share screen time together this Sunday on the Fox hit comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine (8:30EST/7:30CST).

As any One Life faithful knows, Melissa and David Fumero met while they were playing Adriana Cramer and Cristian Vega, respectively on the ABC daytime drama series.

Melissa went on to join the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with Andy Samberg and Terry Crews.  Meanwhile, David has continued to act in TV and film roles, while the two share a young son at home, Enzo, who is just over a year old.

TV Line shared the exclusive video preview of a scene in the upcoming Sunday episode of the comedy series, where David plays Amy (Melissa Fumero)  favorite crossword puzzle author named … wait for it ..  Vin Stermley!  Of course, as the episode unfolds, we see a connection between Amy and Vin, which doesn’t sit well with a jealous Jake (Samberg).

Watch the clip after the jump! Then let us know if you will be looking forward to seeing Melissa and David together for this fun One Life reunion moment on Brooklyn Nine-Nine via the comment section below!

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  1. Llanviewer717 says:

    So wonderful to see Melissa and David again. I’ve never seen this Fox show; but, I’ll check it out just to see them.

    Everyday my heart aches for One Life to Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Alan Harding says:

    They should bring back a new Inception of ONE LIFE TO LIVE -


  3. rebecca1 says:

    Never watched the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine but cute clip! Always loved David Fumero. Just dawned on me as I watched this that David, although facially doesn’t look anything like Steve Burton, could play the role of Jason if Burton was ever recast. He’s got the body type and the mannerisms. On the other hand, he could also play Nicolas.


  4. K/kay says:

    I did not know that the audience lost OLTL since Frank is basically bringing every out of work actor from that show ro GH either permanently or guest spots but we can’t afford to keep people or write for people that were veterans of the show . The show got canceled other soaps did also so FV might want to grow up and try to keep this show on the air I have quit watching and not because of actors that have been with the show but his string of new actors that have no connection and draw huge salaries.


    K/kay replied

    It might interest you to know 14 out of 25 contract players are all FV’s hires chew on that he did not save your bloody show the minute they find something they think they can replace it with it will be gone.


    brian replied

    huh ?

    k/kay replied

    Huh what are you brain dead too? The man fired Kin Shriner on the 55th anniversary he was a veteran his romance with Genie brought failing ratings up even though Gloria Monty gave him shit

    brian replied

    Not brain dead K/kay, and certainly not mean spirited. You have yourself a lovely day !

  5. JLH says:

    I loved seeing David again even if it was in a role other than Cristian. He did a great job in the role too.


  6. brian says:

    I always feel “suckered” when I first read “OLTL reunion” only then to read something like this. Don’t get me wrong, I like this, but my heart always skips a beat and think “finally” but then no.


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