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23 March 30th, 2013 Sunday’s SOAPnet General Hospital 50th Annniversary Marathon Episode Schedule!

For those that still get SOAPnet, its been amazing weekend thus far as SOAPnet celebrates General Hospital’s 50th anniversary with their 50-hour 5o-episode marathon featuring some of the best GH classics of all-time!

Below is the schedule of episodes EST for tomorrow’s final 24 hour which will then lead us into Monday which is the actual 50th anniversary of the iconic ABC soap.

March 31
12am: Jax distracts heartbroken Brenda with sunshine and shopping sprees, but she still dreams of Sonny; a mix-up has Ned and Lois rushing to the emergency room, each thinking the other is hurt; newcomer Carly Roberts arrives in Port Charles. (1996)

1am: Jax and Brenda are married on his yacht; Sonny and Lily’s joy over their baby announcement quickly turns to tragedy; Ned and Lois’ first anniversary celebration is interrupted by Edward. (1996)

2am: Lucky is furious at Laura when she admits that the stranger who saved Lulu’s life is actually his brother, Nikolas; the hospital staff reacts to the death of Steve Hardy; Jason manages to comfort both Carly and Robin. (1996)

3am: Robin convinces Jason she wants to be with him, and the two spend a romantic night together in Montauk; Sonny celebrates Stone’s birthday; Nikolas and Stefan cause further conflict in Luke and Laura’s marriage. (1996)

4am: Bobbie finds Carly in bed with Tony, just as Luke discovers that Carly is Bobbie’s missing daughter, Caroline. (1996)

5:02am: Trapped in the cave and thinking they’re going to die, Sonny and Brenda make love; Jax leads the search to find them; Stefan assures Bobbie that he married her for love; Laura says goodbye to an angry Nikolas. (1997)

6am: Carly carries out her plan, pouring vodka over a drugged A.J., then calling the Quartermaines to tell them he’s been drinking — thus ruining Alan and Monica’s anniversary celebration; charges are dropped against Sonny, Brenda and Jax; Jason informs Sonny of his split with Robin, and convinces Sonny to re-hire him. (1997)

7:02am: Brenda is stunned when Sonny leaves her alone at the altar in front of friends and family on their wedding day; A.J. wants to know if he is the father of Carly’s baby; Jax and V share a moment together. (1997)

8am: When Nikolas is seriously hurt in the shootout at Luke’s club, Jason’s past medical training kicks in and he saves him; Stefan thinks Luke was responsible for Nikolas’ injury. (1997)

9am: Carly shocks Bobbie with the news that the is Bobbie’s daughter; Felicia decides who the real Mac is with a kiss; Robin urges Jason to tell A.J. the truth about Michael. (1998)

10am: Lucky finds a bruised and battered Elizabeth in the bushes and brings her back to his house; Bobbie gives Elizabeth support and medical advice; Ned and Alexis celebrate Valentine’s Day and make love. (1998)

11am: At the Cassadines’ Bacchanalia Ball, Stefan and Katherine celebrate their engagement in grand style, while Brenda and Jax keep theirs a secret; Luke and Alexis plot Helena’s demise; Lucky and Elizabeth share a secret dance outside. (1998)

12pm: Devastated over Brenda’s apparent death, Jax reflects on the highlights of their relationship; Elizabeth gives Lucky a meaningful gift, and they share their first kiss. (1998)

1pm: After Robin stuns A.J. with the news that he is Michael’s biological father, she rushes to tell Jason what she’s done; A.J. confronts Carly; Emily is upset when she catches Nikolas and Katherine in bed together. (1999)

2pm: In the aftermath of the fire, Lucky’s body is identified; Luke and Laura pay a traumatic visit to the morgue; Elizabeth mourns Lucky’s death; Laura breaks the news to Lulu. (1999)

3pm: Elizabeth is stunned to find the panic room and Carly in it; Sonny starts to believe Jason that Ric is responsible for Carly’s disappearance; Dillon turns down Edward’s bail money when Edward insults Georgie; Nikolas and Zander tend to a fragile Emily. (2003)

4pm: With the Port Charles Hotel on fire, Luke demands that they use a lottery system to organize who gets rescued by the helicopter first; Carly and Sonny fall through the hotel floor as it caves in; Emily is devastated to leave Nikolas behind in the burning building as she boards the helicopter. (2004)

5pm: Nikolas and Emily wed, knowing that Nikolas will soon be arrested for murder; Sam drunkenly kisses Jason; Luke plays along with Heather’s delusion in the hope of locating Skye and Laura. (2004)

6pm: When the trains collide, Robin is trapped; Jason is determined to rescue Sam; Alexis goes into labor; Elizabeth fears for injured Lucky’s life. (2005)

7pm: Bobbie and Lucas are at Tony’s side as he succumbs to the virus; Patrick tells Emily it’s up to her whether Sonny or Nikolas should get the antidote; Carly and Jason form a plan to rescue Lucky. (2006)

8pm: In an extravagant celebration, Luke and Laura renew their vows on the 25th anniversary of their first wedding; Jason and Sam find some time for romance amidst the danger that surround them and their new ally, Spinelli. (2006)

9pm: In the aftermath of the hostage crisis, the victims are reunited with their loved ones; Elizabeth has a shocking revelation for Jason; the Quartermaines sit by Alan’s bedside as he fights for his life. (2007)

10pm: Robin and Patrick introduce their family to newborn Emma Grace; Luke attempts to save Laura, who is trapped in Scotty’s car as it dangles over the edge of a cliff; Nikolas and Lulu break into Scotty’s hotel room. (2008)

11pm: Ned and Skye return to town for Edward’s funeral; the Quartermaines reflect on their memories of Edward, and then gather for a traditional Q Thanksgiving filled with fighting, family and pizza. (2012)

Now which episodes have you enjoyed seeing thus far again? What episode from the list are you hoping to catch?  Let us know!

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  1. tasneem says:

    Wow all these episodes bring back memories. Liz and Lucky (the aftermath of Liz”s rape still breaks me after all these yrs.) Rebecca and Johnthan acted brillantly. If I’m not mistaken (I think Becky got an Emmy nomination and Johnthan won an Emmy). Right Michael ?


    ces replied

    Jonathan Jackson …. what a huge talent this kid has been since Day 1!


    jim replied

    He should be up there on the big screen

    ces replied

    I agree!! such a natural talent!

  2. Dan says:

    I totally forgot this was gonna be on. I started watching in 1995, so I wanted to see some of the earlier episodes from before then, but I guess I missed them. What a great collection of episodes were picked.

    From the “Clink Boom” episode where Lily dies as Brenda and Jax are getting married, Bobbie finding Carly in bed with Tony, Sonny leaving Brenda at the altar, the Port Charles Hotel Fire, the train wreck, the Metro Court hostage crisis, right up to the Edward memorial episode from last year, that was one of the biggest tear jerkers ever.

    Classic episodes from the best soap of all-time! Happy 50th Anniversary GH!!!


  3. su0000 says:

    Some of my friends are sad they can’t watch because SoapNet is only shown on the higher HD subscription ..
    Oprah was only on the higher HD superscription and then her network went down to the lower ones also, and she got way more viewers being shown on all the levels.


    jim replied

    I guess im lucky…i get soapnet without the higher hd subscription


  4. heidi says:

    I wish they would put all of these on-line or on a dvd set!!! Please let us know if they open this up to the fan base!


    jim replied

    I would settle for it being on demand…they should have an on demand channel where you can get complete episodes of any avaible show ever made from the 1950s to the present…i wouldnt mind an extra fee for that!


    jim replied

    they would have to develop something more like utube to handle so many shows and episodes but i still wish there was a way, since there is so much i miss that is better than whats offered today.

    heidi replied

    They really missed a huge opportunity! They could have a special GH YouTube site for the anniversayry with all kinds of fun additional stuff.

    They could have also done something really cool on Hulu where they had a special GH anniverasry site and they could have advertisers put commercials on the site that could be commercials from the last 50 years or had an advertiser that advertised with them let’s say in the 1960′s play commercials for their products spanning the 1960′s through now or just from that era. It could have been a great opportunity for the advertser and ABC!!! This would have been an opportunity for ABC to play with the on-line medium for their last daytime soap! They could have picked up new viewers by allowing them to go back and see some of what they missed. It’s a huge wasted opportunity!

    I have been watching GH on and off again for almost all of the 50 years and solidly for about the last 10 years and I would have loved to see older episodes. It also would have been so cool when bringing back these great past characters to have had some of the best episodes on line for us to go back and see what the backstory was on these characters. Doing stuff like that gives an interactive approach to getting involved with the soap, the characters and the cast! I would watch all of the 50 if they were on-line and/or on DVD. What they don’t understand is we the fans who watch these shows would love a site to have GH content that you could watch whenever over the last 50 years!

    Maybe they will get wise for the 60th!!! We can only hope!!!


  5. ces says:

    Been loving this line-up!!
    I’ve watched this show since 1978 and remember so many of these fabulous scenes
    so it’s been a super treat to relive them again.
    Between BJ dying and Stone dying …. it was a serious hanky day yesterday!
    Luke & Laura…. really, can anyone beat them as the best couple in the universe?? Frisco & Felicia .. Victor Cassadine!!! Lovin’ this!! Thank you GH for awesome memories. Happy 50th Anniversary!!


  6. jim says:

    After rewatching some of the old storylines its hard to pick a favorite…most were that good. I like Alexis with Ned but he was better paired Lois. Now i wish Shaun was with Connie while Sonny is with Kate with both men not realizing they are dating the same woman around the same time! A split personailty storyline could be cleverly written that way. Also after the nurses ball why cant we have another ball…the Cassidines Bacchanalia ball that would bring all the Cassidines together and all of Port Charles’ former villians? (Kinda like the nurses ball combined with OLTLs prison break storyline.) And in a shocking twist a dethawed Mikkos is revealed to be alive, and the father of Dr. Britchany…another Cassidine! Dr.O and Helena could be rivals and Dr.O is framing Helene for Lulus kidnapping and all the other bad things going on in PC. The war between DR.O and Helene could be great as long as it doesnt overtake the show like the mob wars had done!


  7. Patrick says:

    This has been such a trip! Watching the episodes from the lat 70′s and 80′s I’m brought back to my early teens coming back from school and having that hour with my mother and my aunt. I remember them beginning the meal as the show played, predictions of what would happen next and as it ended looking forward to the next day. I realize now that I was looking forward the spending time with these women as much as the watching the episode. As I watch his GH marathon today , I thank Soapnet for the memories it has brought along with the episodes. My mom and aunt are long gone but this weekend we had a short visit.


  8. Tristan says:

    Sunday features my second least favorite era, next to everything of the JFP/Guza era (THE WORST!!!), with the exception of Lucky/Liz and arrival of the FABULOUS Sarah Brown as Carly. Friday and Saturday were quite good, however. Got to see Blackie, Frisco/Felicia, Holly/Robert, Luke/Laura, BJ heart transplant (most moving of all GH storylines), Stone’s death (second most moving). HOWEVER, WHERE WERE DUKE AND ANNA???? Where was Robin’s meeting with Robert? The arrival of evil, scarred Anna? Grant and Celia?? Those were key GH moments that were totally ignored.

    And last, WHY NO STEVE AND AUDREY!!!!!! Loved seeing the excellent first episode with Steve, Jessie, and nasty Phil. But Steve and Audrey were GH’s first true supercouple, and not a sign of them during the marathon, exept as extras in their later years. Also, we jumped from 1963 to 1979. The years between, 1964-1978, had some of my favorite people: Lucille, Howie and Jane, Sharon and Henry, the arrival of Laura and her klling of David Hamilton….

    And yet, this marathon COULD have been MUCH worse, like that DREADFUL Valentine’s day thing on SoapNet. So, I must thank SoapNet for what it aired on Friday and Saturday. Not perfect. But a lot of great memories, anyway!


    jim replied

    I heard some of those older episodes were erased or missing…i hope not it would be nice if we could see them again.


    Tristan replied

    Actually a lot of those early episodes HAVE survived, for example, the episode where Steve first proposes to Audrey. In fact, I believe MOST of those episodes have survived and many can be accessed on YouTube. It is just, I would assume, that SoapNet thinks NO ONE cares. Sometime in the late 90s (I think), ABC had a series of afternoon specials during which really old crucial episodes were shown. Reba McIntyre hosted the Steve and Audrey proposal episode and showed the vault where all the old tapes were kept.

    This is more a reflection of the lack of historical perspective that SoapNet has, or that SoapNet presumes the rest of us share with it. I, for one, think it is grossly unfair to the legacy of GH. If it is the 50th anniversary, then let us pay tribute to the ENTIRE 50 years.

    Without Steve/Audrey and Jessie/Phil, among others, there would have been no Luke/Laura or any of the other iconic couples being acknowledged during this anniversary season.

    jim replied

    I would love to see any of those episodes from the 60s if around like you say. The 50 episode marathon shouldve have shown ten episodes from each decade it was on from the 1960s to the present.


    mk replied

    There some great scenes from 1968 and 1975 on youtube. I had only read the history for I saw those eps. From 1977-79, they forgot the David Hamilton story.

  9. Alley says:

    Wow, GH was so much better pre-Carly, even with SJB playing her.


  10. ces says:

    Watching Tony Geary through the years just shows what an extraordinary talent this man is! Loved Luke since he first appeared onscreen. So lucky to have Tony Geary to watch through the years!! Lucky us!!


  11. Michael says:

    Damn- I wish you posted this earlier- didn’t know it was on- damn


  12. Patrick says:

    i had the chance to record… the epi where Patrick and Robin…. give birth to Emma.


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