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5 September 23rd, 2011 Susan Lucci comments after watching the last episode of AMC!


Was this truly the end of Erica Kane today on the finale of All My Children?  Well if it was, or wasn’t,  soap icon, Susan Lucci took to Facebook this afternoon to post her thoughts after watching the final network television episode!

Susan stated:  “I just finished watching the last episode of All My Children – a very emotional time for me. I am so grateful to The View and ABC for their beautiful tribute show for All My Children and Agnes Nixon. And to Agnes and to ABC for the incredible opportunity to play the amazing Erica Kane. At the center of all my gratitude is you, the fans. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for us, for spending all those days with us in Pine Valley and for bringing so much sunshine into my life. Let’s hope we all get to see more of Pine Valley and the beloved characters Agnes Nixon has created. Today’s episode ended with quite a cliff hanger – and I really want to see what happens next!”
What is your takeaway from Susan’s statement? Do you think she may end up online with Prospect Park’s version of AMC? Or, is this the last we will see of Erica Kane?

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  1. Nancy Wizner says:

    Well first, I want to say what an excellent last episode that was. Some were disappointed in that one shot and a blank screen, but I thought it was perfect. Will I tune in come January? You bet I will! Will Erica Kane be there? I think she will because after all, there is only ONE Erica Kane and no one can play the part because it IS Susan! She won’t disappoint us!


  2. Brian Greene says:

    Thanks Susan & AMC–Evanston, Illinois Fans Love You! :)


  3. ethel says:

    i think by “hopefully” susan means she hopes that she can work something out concerning her negotiations with prospect park – to me she was speaking on a personal level because amc will definitely go online with prospect park and i will be right there watching – after spending 41 years watching i won’t give up now……………..


  4. Barbara J Leggio says:

    I thought the episode was brillant, as Susan had stated. I believe it is not the end of
    Erica Kane. There are many twist and plots to this cliffhanger. I believe, if Erica was
    shot, she will survive it. But if it was JR who killed himself, then that would be his way of leaving, since he is going on to the B&B soap. It was definitely an emotional day for
    me. I grew up with AMC. When I saw the View, I really broke down. Whatever outcome, I wish Susan the best and I will always have her in my heart. CT Fan


  5. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    I have always loved Susan especially in high school and college. However these days, I feel Susan and her character Eric could be more realistic in life and down to earth. It makes her look like phony bolony which my X use to tell me when we were in college together BUT I fought him tooth and nail…… All those ” Thank You’s” she do isn’t necessary… and they have talked about that in print media. It’s put people on BLAST that she is being complimented. Rather than elaborating on the compliment, she ” Thank You’s ” us to death…. I can see one or two ” Thank You’s ” but in one segment, when you continue to hear ” Thank You’ s” over a simple compliment it becomes too much 12 times. It’s puts people on BLAST, ” I’m Special ” , and she don’t need to do that, we can all see that. Dancing with the Star’s was harendous with Thank You’s while the judges were trying to critique her, and before they could finish a sentence, (with maybe a improvement to follow) she was Thanking them to death. it’s very phony!


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