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9 October 20th, 2011 Susan Lucci Joins Lifetime’s “Army Wives” for Multi-Episode story Arc!


Breaking news this afternoon! Susan Lucci (Erica Kane) has signed on for her first television role post-All My Children!  The soap icon will be appearing in a multi-episode story arc of Lifetime’s Army Wives! Lucci will appear in at least two episodes and maybe even more for the sixth season of the series!

According to TV Line, “Lucci will play the wife of a retired general who gives Kim Delaney’s Claudia valuable advice on how to deal with a potential rival.”   Army Wives also gives soap fans an inside hook, as it will reunite Susan with her former AMC castmate Kim Delaney who played Jenny Gardner.

Now with that being said, does this mean Susan has moved on from life in Pine Valley, and is not reconsidering an offer from Prospect Park to join AMC in some capacity when it moves online next year? Or, perhaps, it’s just a great fun choice role that came up in the interim … and that Susan is looking at this point in her career to take on other roles?  Only time will tell, but it will be great to see Susan back on our television screens once again.

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  1. Nancy Wizner says:

    While it is great for Susan to have a new temporary role, it will be a huge disappointment if she does not remain in the role of Erica Kane. Disappointing because since April 15, 2010, every AMC fan fought to have this soap remain in some way, shape or form. Susan praised the fans in their fight. I am hoping she will remain faithful to her fans and sign up for the online trip. I am still missing All My Children very much. Having hopes of its return come January.


  2. Brian Greene says:

    I’m thinking it’s cool that La Lucci is playing a nice change-of-pace role for the time being! :)


  3. Georgia says:

    That is fantastic news! I love Army Wives and Ms Lucci will be a welcome addition to the cast. “Erica Kane gives Jenny Nelson some advice!”


  4. Torrey says:

    I just wish that we could get more news on the cast of AMC…’s seems like the news is few and far between. I agree with Nancy’s statement….the fans have fought really hard to keep AMC alive in one form or another, and I really hope the cast is considering moving along with AMC once it goes online. It would be devastating to have AMC return in January, only to find that the show is left with a skeleton cast….it would be hard to accept a version of the show that lacks so many familiar faces. Plus, I’m concerned that if Prospect Park can’t woo the talent to join up with the online venture, they will just scrap the whole show and focus their attentions on something else.


    lipstickcat replied

    It doesn’t look too promising for AMC to make the move. Lots of actors from OLTL have already signed up but only a few from AMC.


  5. Jill Tidwell says:

    I hope this isn’t for good.


  6. Iakovos says:

    I imagine Susan Lucci and Prospect Park will come to some agreement, don’t you? Erica Kane is Lucci’s legacy and she will want to protect that. Even if Erica is in the “new” Pine Valley on a limited basis or for short-term periods (as Anthony Geary does on GH), everyone wins. I am hoping for a fresh start for AMC 2.0. I fear some of the lamer stories are the ones that will be kept on. I am so over resurrections and plots that truly strain credulity. AMC has strayed in the last years here and that is part of why ABC felt compelled to cast it away.


    ethel replied

    the reason abc felt compelled to cast away amc & oltl because when disney bought abc their ultimate goal was to get rid of day time soaps – to be sure gh will be next


  7. Robynne says:

    Good for Susan! She should take every job she can before AMC starts again. I am hopeful she will go online with them. I have heard from a reliable source that Prospect Park is in intense negotiations right now with All My Children cast & crew. While we may not hear anything, it is happening! Yay!


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