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2 March 22nd, 2011 Susan Lucci new memoir “All My Life” hits bookstores & Erica has wedding plans!


The queen of daytime, All My Children’s Susan Lucci’s highly anticipated and long awaited memoir All My Life (It Books/HarperCollins) hits bookstores and the market on March 29th.

According to TV Guide, “There’s some surprising backstage drama here, most notably when the Lucci  recalls her controversial abortion story line in the 1970s, and reveals how she suffered a miscarriage just as the plot was unfolding on air. (No one at the soap knew she was expecting.) And Lucci finally opens up about her long string of Emmy losses, saying her “angst was only multiplied” by the media fuss.”

And in the meantime, March 29th is also a big day and episode in the life of Lucci’s alter-ego Erica Kane, when determined to prove she’s not in love with Caleb, she pushes her fiancé Jack into getting hitched ASAP.  Here’s a small excerpt from La Lucci’s interview with TV Guide on the upcoming nuptial shennigans!

Lucci on what Erica is thinking rushing Jackson to get hitched and Caleb hot on her trail: “This could be a disaster waiting to happen. Erica so wants to avoid another marital catastrophe and in that respect, thank heavens, she’s grown up a bit over the years. She really does love Jack but she knows, deep down, that she’s crazy-attracted to Caleb. And he wants her bad. Not long ago, this guy was a hermit hiding from life in the mountains. Now he’s suddenly a whole new man all because of Erica. She’s very seduced by that. Caleb will follow Erica to St. Bart’s. [Laughs] It’s very Rhett Butler. When he’s out of sight, she can handle the situation — she knows that she wants Jack. But when Caleb is around, she finds it very difficult. He wants Erica to be impetuous, which very much appeals to her because, let’s face it, that’s one thing that’s never changed about her — she’s impetuous!”

So are you looking forward to reading Susan’s memoirs? And, who do you think should be the current man du jour for Erica? Let us know!

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  1. Brian Greene says:

    Bless you Susan! We love you very much! :)


  2. Lynne says:

    I am very sorry to see all my children being cancelled and especially seening Susan Lucci let go. I think this is just plain horrible. I’ve been watching this soap for years and now all of a sudden I won’t have my wonderful soaps to watch anymore. How sad is that folks?!!!!!!!!!!!!


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