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9 April 30th, 2011 Susan Lucci on Jay Leno on AMC axing, “I found out five minutes before the rest of cast”- Watch the Video!

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In a terrific interview last night on the Jay Leno Show, All My Children’s Susan Lucci discussed the cancellation of AMC and how she found out the terrible news.  In addition, Lucci chats on the persistent rumors that she may be joining Desperate Housewives, and ensures fans of AMC that the show will go out with a bang in the hands of Agnes Nixon come this September. Here is an excerpt below of what she said on how she got the news of AMC’s axing.

Lucci: “I was completely blindsided. I had just started the book tour. I had been to cities all over the country meeting thousands and thousands of people enthusiastic, so excited about the show. I had no idea. I was shocked.  I found out just like the rest of the company of actors. I found out five minutes before. I received a call from Brian Frons, the Vice President of Daytime television, asking me to come upstairs to the producer’s office.  He informed me our show had been canceled and we were going off the air in September. I kind of knew something was going on because when I went up the stairs there were a lot of very seriously dressed executives coming down. I was shocked.  I had asked Mr. Brian Frons what they were replacing us with. And he said a reality show that costs 40 percent less to produce.”

Watch the two part video clip of Susan’s interview with Jay Leno after the jump!

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  1. ANGEL says:

    I truly like to see AMC and OLTL saved. There are thousands and thousands of disappointed soap fans. I think Brian Fronz if I spelt his name right, needs to reconsider the followers who have been so faithful over time. Very dedicated viewers who enjoyed both these shows. It is not about the ratings. The ratings are there. The fan voices speak the truth and say it all. I HOPE he decides to do the right thing by the writers, the actors themselves and the viewers who made the shows success over the years , Many of the viewers who watch the SOAPS there 2 favorites. Also watch other ABC shows. I think it’s important to think about the dominoe effect it could have on people not tuning in to ABC at all. :O(


  2. Andrea Dawson says:

    How the heck can abc do this to the fans and the cast. I still can’t believe it.


  3. Andrea Dawson says:

    How about putting the shows up for sale abc????


  4. Lynne says:

    I just cannot beleive that they are cancelling the two best soaps!!!!! I am very very unhappy about this and always looked forward every single nite seening them come into my living room. They were like family.


    Brooke replied

    The two best soaps are OLTL and GH.


    Brooke replied

    you spelled All My Children wrong.

  5. Ceridwyn2 says:

    I’ll have to check to see if the clips are up on youtube because Hulu video clips can’t be viewed up here in Canada yet.

    I’m still wavering from disbelief and being pissed off that ABC treated the casts and crews of both shows so cavelierly.


  6. Darcy says:

    Poor Susan lied to and had to answer all the inquiries on her book tour…I liked how she said they would give a good performance. “This Mr. Brian Frons” is right Susan says a lot without saying. I like the Agnes Nixon tribute “the one the audience loves.” Great interview.


  7. Brooke says:

    Susan looks fantastic, as does Rob! first & foremost, I am going to fight until the end for this show, but if it doesn’t pan out, I’d much rather see her on Hot In Cleveland permanently than on Desperate Housewives. maybe an appearance episode, but definitely a regular in Cleveland(;


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