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0 April 2nd, 2011 Susan Lucci on “Rachael Ray” on AMC rumors: “I have been given my schedule for next year!”

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Susan Lucci was the very special guest on yesterday’s episode of the syndicated talker, The Rachael Ray Show.  During her segment in which Lucci was promoting her new memoir, All My Life, Ray asked her about the swirling cancellations rumor of All My Children. Lucci responded, ”That is a rumor. That is a rumor that is not coming from ABC. I have just been given my schedule for next year. That’s what I know.”  In which, Rachael Ray, made an offbeat remark stating, ”Once again the bloggers have it completely wrong.”  Really? Do they? That remains to be seen.

In terms of the cancellation statement by Lucci,  truly that may be all she does know at this time, as TV Guide’s item late yesterday stunned the Internet saying not only is AMC’s future in question, but One Life to Live!

Ray and Lucci also discussed the passing of Elizabeth Taylor and her guest stint on All My Children as a maid! Lucci said, ”I will tell you that I was so proud that she was on the show. She was a gift to the industry and to the world. When she was on All My Children, she was there to surprise Carol Burnett, who was playing Verla Grubbs. I was on vacation with my family for two weeks. I was so sad to know that she happened to come by.”  Lucci, was alluding to the fact she was not at the studio during Liz Taylor’s stint.

Watch the full video segment with Susan Lucci and Rachael Ray below!

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