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18 February 25th, 2013 Susan Lucci On The View Addresses Possibility of Joining AMC Stating, “I So Hope I Can Return!”

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

On this morning’s episode of ABC’s talk show, The View, Susan Lucci was a special guest promoting her role in Devious Maids, and the possibility of her returning to Prospect Park’s All My Children as the iconic Erica Kane!

On the possibility of a return to Pine Valley, Lucci said, “I so hope that I can return. I want with all my heart to return to All My Children.  I just don’t know the answer yet, but what I do know is that all of us all of us are working so hard to make that happen. I really want to.  My heart is certainly with Agnes Nixon, and it’s going to be wonderful. I want you all to watch because it’s going to be great.”

Susan also related her disappointment and heartache of AMC being canceled in the first place:  “It was emotional and it took me by surprise. It was a mourning process. It would be similar to losing someone you love. I lost a family, the All My Children family, and the wonderful part of Erica Kane.”


Watch below the segment with Lucci’s from this morning’s episode of The View! Do you think a deal can be put in a place that could lure Susan to AMC 2.0 on an ongoing basis?  Let us know your thoughts!


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  1. jim says:

    YES! I hope things work out! It just would be the same without the one and only Erica Kane(Susan,your irreplaceable!) Enough said!


  2. Mark Y says:

    How can Susan NOT be involved?!


    Mark Y replied

    I didn’t watch either AMC or OLTL – I am a CBS soap fan – but I intend to watch these new online versions from the start.


  3. rjm118 says:

    She moved on. These people dont have crystal balls and no that over a year later the show would be revived.

    Life goes on, they get other roles. You cant blame anyone who doesnt re-sign for either show.


  4. Barbara says:

    It would be nice to see Susan Lucci return as Erica Kane. However, without the return of Walt Willey as Jackson Montgomery her story line will be limited to meddling in the lives of her family. Not much of a story in my opinion, especially since Thorsten Kaye has agreed to return as Zach Slater, but not his on-screen wife, Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart-Slater).

    I recently read that Eden Riegel has agreed to return as Bianca Montgomery. Will she be returning as reoccurring again? If yes, this may be the best option for Susan. “Bianca” will continue to fly back and forth from Paris, “Erica” can do the same thing, be it Paris or somewhere else. I hope she could get herself a similar contract. With Susan’s return, brings the history of the show.

    If PP is looking for a full-time “Bianca”, perhaps Christina Bennett Lind should reprise the role. I would like to see more “CORE” families return full time to the show. So looking forward to AMC”s return. Major thanks to Agnes Nixon and her vision.


    Blake replied

    Yeah, it seems Eden is back just recurring.


    Johnny replied

    No offense intended against Christina Bennett Lind but I thought her portrayal
    of Bianca was a bit on the bland side. She wasn’t bad, by any means, just a
    little uninteresting. I think many of us would rather have Eden return in the role
    even if it’s just as a visiting character.


    Torrey replied

    I agree with you! Eden is the better portrayer of the role of Bianca….Just like I hope and pray that they do not bring back Natalie Hall for the part of Colby Chandler. I thought she was horrible. That was a big problem for me, before AMC went off the air….they had made some horrible casting decisions, and I think it really hurt the show, and Lord knows the writing/storylines were doing a good enough job with ruining the show, as it was….

  5. Iakovos says:

    I have faith Susan Lucci will return to ALL MY CHILDREN in this new format. How could she not, at least in some fashion? Erica Kane IS the core character, and it will not be the same without her, even on a limited basis now and again.


  6. sheshoe says:

    TO: Susan Lucci
    FROM: Sheila

    Please Susan please come back! We all miss you so much and AMC with out you will still be lonesome!!


  7. Patrick says:

    You have to hand it to La Lucci – “I am Erica Kane”… as Mona rolls her eyes… and reigns her in…

    She’s juggling three shows….

    Ms. Susan Lucci….. I can’t imagine… what it must have been like, as an actor, to see LIGHTS OUT to a part of your life… gone….

    as the millions of fans will attest…. We loved, cried, hurted, and emoted right along with you…. for the umpteenth… time… from start to finish… and here comes nuAMC… the Sequel…

    give it your all Susan… and we’ll support you all along the way.


  8. jim says:

    G.H. hot again and featured on magazine covers. AMC & OLTL to be revived online and everyone is excited and talking about soaps again. Talk shows once again featuring soap stars, and its not about the serials cancellation for a change. People now realize, hopefully Brian Frons too, that there is still a soap audience out there and that maybe theyre not dead after all. Im happy that once again soaps are recieving the recognition they always deserve but wouldnt it had been nice if the current crop of talk shows had featured more soap actors a lot more often, and maybe that publicity would have gotten more people to view them? Maybe had that happened Guilding Light and As The World Turns might still be here too. Most talk shows in the last decade or two ignored the soaps but now with all the hoopla surrounding soaps they suddendly show interest and to me it feels like talk shows are using the serial revival publicity to attract ratings for themselves. Hopefully, in the future these talk shows will continue to feature soap opera stars but not just for their own publicity but for the soaps as well in an effort to attract more viewers and help keep them on the air. Then maybe i could tolerate some of these talk shows just a little more. Also the three major networks could do their part by advertising their serials during some of their most popular shows in primetime. This could help attract new viewers who never watched a soap b4 to sample an episode and hopefully theyll like what they see and stick around.


  9. su0000 says:

    Erica use to be -use to be- a cool bitch and a covering shrew who had spunk and fire and all those good things that were Erica Kane..
    BUT- in her last 10yrs that character bit the dust and became a mellow granny woman..

    I would not miss Erica .. I would miss Tad :)


    marfa replied

    Have to agree. It got to the point where when she was on I wouldn’t watch. Then I stopped watching altogether because of all the new people on the show.
    Erica’s days were over years ago, she should continue what she’s doing now.

    Bring Tad back though.


  10. KateK says:

    I wouldn’t come back if I were her. Hopefully her new show is a hit!


  11. MBmomof3 says:

    Thanks for the clip, Mr. Fairman. It was great to see La Lucci doing so great post-AMC.

    I loved seeing the pictures of Liza Huber and her beautiful family. Nice piece :)

    I hope we see Erica Kane on AMC at least recurring. I think it would really help with the re-launch.


  12. Sheryl in Schertz, Tx says:

    I will be heartbroken, yet again, if Susan Lucci does not return as Erica. She is the very fabric that holds AMC together. I am excited to hear that Eden is coming back as Bianca. I missed her so much when she left. It was hard to embrace her replacement. I didn’t know that Alicia Minshew wasn’t returning. That’s very disappointing. She and Zack were the couple that I knew I could depend on sticking together, their connection seemed spiritual. :( Ok intellectually I know it’s a show, but I try not to think about that because my heart is so invested in the AMC family. I can’t wait to immerse myself in all things Pine Valley! I still watch the reruns on the Soap Channel!


  13. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    I think that I’m definitely in the minority on this issue.

    The show needs a mature woman to ground things. If it really is bringing Brooke back, I could live without Lucci returning. It would be nice for Erica to return for a few episodes to wrap things up but, other than that, I’d be fine without her if Brooke is properly used.

    I’ve never a huge fan of Erica Kane. I just don’t get the excitement over her. She is NO WHERE in the same league as Lisa Grimaldi (ATWT), Nikki Newman (Y&R) or any other of the long running female leads on soaps. The character didn’t interest me. I found her vapid and shallow not flawed and complex. Also, it didn’t help that I wasn’t a huge fan of Lucci’s acting style. It came across as very “plastic.”


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