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4 September 12th, 2011 Susan Lucci recalls her legendary run on AMC, bad writers, and Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

The incomporable Susan Lucci gave an interview to TV Guide just shortly after she taped her final scenes of the network television run of All My Children. Whether Susan will be putting away Erica Kane for good and not transitioning with the show when it moves online is still a hotly contested question, even though from all reports, Lucci turned down Prospect Park’s first offer.

In this new piece with TVG, Lucci had some very compelling statements on how the bad direction in writing helped tank the show, addressing long standing reports that she and the original Kendall, Sarah Michelle Gellar didn’t get along, and how after her last scenes she left it with her co-stars.   Here are some excerpts!

Lucci on decisions made by ABC executives that helped kill the show: “I wasn’t alone in thinking that. I mean, the fans were very upset about it because they didn’t recognize any of the characters [from the way they were being written]. I think that it was clear from the focus groups and the falling ratings that the show was in the hands of the wrong head writers. If you could listen to the focus groups, you’d know something was off. I felt it was allowed to go on too long.”

Lucci on the reported feud between her and Sarah Michelle Gellar: “I never had any idea where that came from. I don’t know anything about it. I really was hoping that she and Alicia Minshew [who has played Kendall since 2002] and I would have something to do together. That would have been funny.”

Lucci on how she left it with the cast as they wrapped their final scenes and recalled Agnes Nixon’s moving speech, while yet there were still plans to see the cast at the wrap party before Lucci left for NYC: “We didn’t have to say goodbye last night. We could say, ‘See you tomorrow.’ So that felt good. Tonight, we plan to celebrate.”

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  1. Brian T says:

    But still not response to the report that she is not signing with PP for the online version of AMC?! Susan what is going on? We want AMC still but we need you on the show.


  2. Brian Greene says:

    I think that Susan & PP will come to an agreement sooner than we think! :-)


  3. gale says:

    why are they going off air?


  4. Skyla says:

    I think Susan and PP are probably still ibn negotiations, making counter offers and all that and when they have something firm to tell they will. I’m hopeful they’ll come to an agreement, it’s pretty obvious LaLucci really holds AMC close to her heart & was very supportive in the fan fighting for the show, those at PP have also showed they are truly committed so I think it will happen. We just have to be patient. i’m sure PP will try to have all deals set by mid-October since they plan to start filming mid to late November.


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