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9 October 4th, 2013 Susan Lucci Set For A Return To Hot in Cleveland!


Susan Lucci is headed back to meet up with her old nemesis Victoria Chase (Wendie Malick) on an all new episode of TV Land’s  Hot in Cleveland during its fifth season. Viewers who have seen this hilarious on-going gag in four other episodes during the series run know that Lucci plays a ‘”version” of herself in it.

According to The Wrap, “On the episode titled “The Undead,” Lucci speaks on Victoria’s behalf at Victoria’s fake funeral, getting the last laugh in their rivalry.” Season five of Hot in Cleveland will begin in spring of 2014!

So Susan has been very busy with Devious Maids, Hot in Cleveland, Deadly Affairs and countless other projects!  Of course, All My Children fans keep wondering if she will ever return to the online series of the iconic soap as Erika Kane?  But from the looks of her schedule, doesn’t seem like it, does it?    Will you be checking out La Lucci on Hot in Cleveland?

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I Love Lucci…but i have to see All My Children return first before i hope for an Erica appearance…enjoyed her on previous Hot In Cleveland episodes…looking forward to it!!!


  2. Ted Olson says:

    For the time being, it doesn’t seem likely that Susan is dying to breathe life back into the iconic ERICA KANE on ALL MY CHILDREN.
    Prospect Park has kept us all in the dark as to whether or not the show will even be back – naturally, I hope that it WILL be back, but the rumors were flying that October 21st was the scheduled date for production of “Season 2″ of All My Children and here we are in October, yet not one actor has tweeted anything about receiving a script or production schedule or anything at all. So, as usual, Prospect Park has any possible information shrouded in mystery – why can’t they at least say “we will resume production soon and will return in January”. Instead, fans are left adrift and wondering when the heck does Season 2 begin?


    SZima replied

    I agree Ted. Especially with the part about PP jerking everyone around. I’ll probably be canceling my Hulu+ account very soon! I only got it to watch AMC/OLTL and if they’re not coming back, I don’t need to spend the money.

    I also didn’t realize that when these soaps went to PP/online, they would be limited to “seasons” like this. Silly me, I thought they would be on 4 days a week, 52 weeks a year.


    Keith replied

    I Agree! PP originally said there would be no change, 5 one hour episodes a week. So why no news from anybody, like here, about OLTL or AMC coming back or in production? I don’t really care about HIC or DWTS, sorry.

    IMHO PP should grow up and an get on with producing OLTL. Forget the lawsuit and just make the show. I don’t get why they can’t, or won’t. Seems lame.

    Yes ABC screwed PP but now PP is screwing over the fans and themselves. I read the court papers and IMO I can’t see anyone taking this lawsuit seriously.

    Soaps kill off and bring back characters all the time. GH killed 2 minor characters, so bring them back. PP agreed to let GH use OLTL characters, what did they think GH would do? PP is asking for a jury trial. We all know how long those take.

    I love OLTL, am a long time fan and have never much liked ABC or Disney, but if it were me, I’d throw the case out of court on grounds. just an opinion. ;-)


  3. SUSAN M. says:

    Haven’t heard any news about OLTL dispute lately…What is going on with that I wonder? I use to like Ms. Lucci on AMC when she was on. Not so much now..


  4. Johnny says:

    I too plan on CANCELLING my Hulu Plus subscription – like many others, I only got it so that I could get All My Children and I figured I would watch One Life as well, since they are both shortened versions on-line. Maybe it would send a message to Hulu Plus and Prospect Park that the fans are annoyed. I am tired of this nonsense, and weary of fans saying “be grateful for what we’ve got, our soaps are back” attitude. One Life to Live is in such precarious limbo that even when it does come back there’s no way of knowing what actors will be available. As for ALL MY CHILDREN, if only we knew for sure when it is returning, but there’s been no press release, no actor’s tweets (I’m sure they’ve been practically threatened into silence) and not one statement from Prospect Park whom I wouldn’t trust to order out for Pizza let alone have a clue about producing a soap in a timely manner. I am NOT in any way trying to dwell on the negative but let’s all be honest for a moment, is this what any of us really expected? I too was extremely excited when I finally heard that AMC was returning for four days a week plus one “here’s what happened” MORE Friday show (not necessary by the way) then the next thing I knew they cut the showings down to twice a week, then everything squashed on a Monday, then a Season “finale” when we were just barely getting acclimated to the various formats, and now, not one single official word on when it will be back – In October – uh, maybe – in November – well it’s possible, – in the New Year – could be. Could Prospect Park possibly be any more vague or evasive in their few and far in-between statements?


  5. Chaz says:

    Yep, Hulu Plus was canceled weeks ago. Once it seemed like neither show was going to go back into production in the foreseeable future I dumped it.

    As a OLTL fan from day one I am truly saddened that PP was unable, for whatever myriad of reasons, to continue with the show. If they ever do go back into production I will re-up Hulu,,,unless they decide on another venue for it.

    Personally, I had lost interest in AMC years ago and was never a big Susan Lucci fan so, while I wish her well, her return or not will not effect my AMC viewing (should it ever be revived).


  6. Kate says:

    Susan is so funny on Hot in Cleveland. Not sure why PP even bothered to pick up the soaps. They are obviously not able to handle them. I will continue to watch if they come back. I blame ABC for all this mess. I will continue my boycott of ABC because it makes me feel better to do so, not because I think it makes a difference. I am moving on and I figure I will get an email if AMC and OLTL come back. I figure by the time PP starts up again ,more actors will have other commitments anyway. Hope for the best but expect the worst. I am getting use to not watching them anyway.


  7. Ash says:

    PP really has been playing games and this frivolous law suit. They should have continued OLTL and AMC if they wanted to truly keep up the momentum. I wonder if the actors are truly getting concerned because if my understanding is correct their salaries were pretty paltry to start with online so let’s say they got $1000 a show and they got 2.5 to three shows week but now it is half that. You can see while they aren’t starving compared to some people that isn’t a lot of money. As for Susan Lucci I think PP has been horrible to her and I hear that the other veteran actors really don’t want her back and stealing their thunder. However, Lucci brings media attention and they shouldn’t forget it. I believe there was some report and Lucci was AMC and even though she isn’t on the show still brings in fifty percent of the publicity – whether by attributing her to AMC or vice versa. I know the actress who plays Angie Debbie Morgan said she had to leave AMC as it was the Susan Lucci show and even if she won four Emmy’s it was still Lucci’s show and she wanted to be the star essentially. PP has not negotiated in good faith and continues to play bad games with the show. Mind you it is unfortunate Devious Maids didn’t have the money to let Lucci be on all 13 episodes – I hope that changes next season as she and Evelyn are the two best characters on DM. But Hot In Cleveland always rocks when Lucci is on so I think this is a good move for HIC and Lucci – but I do think AMC needs Erica Kane back in Pine Valley.


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