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7 August 31st, 2011 Susan Lucci speaks on her last tape day at AMC, the final cliffhanger, & prospect of staying with show with its move to the web!


The one and only Susan Lucci filled TV Guide in this evening on the final moments of taping the final network television scenes of All My Children!

Lucci stated, “It just didn’t seem real. Walking out on to the set for my first scene yesterday morning, I have to say, I started to feel it, I had to rein my emotions back in because I had to work … but the setting was spectacular! Perfect for the last day of shooting. There are a lot of feelings. There’s pride and excitement and gratitude and joy and celebration — and still a cloud over us because we don’t know.” (Lucci referring to how things will work out with the Prospect Park online move and deals with the actors and the crew.)

The soap legend went on to say that the upcoming AMC final network television reported cliffhanger is going to be very exciting!  “Oh, I think it’s spectacular! To me, knowing how Agnes writes, it was not shocking that she would do that. Like any great novel, when you put it down you say, ‘Well, then what?’ I knew she wouldn’t tie it up in a neat bow, and she really didn’t. There are several cliff-hangers.”

As far as if Lucci will seal the deal with Prospect Park she had this to offer, “I can only say that we’re in conversations. We are in conversations. That’s where we are  My heart is there. I think it’s a very, very exciting possibility. I think that Prospect Park, the men involved there, have a wonderful, successful track record … It could be very exciting, especially with Agnes and Lorraine.”

So what do you think soapers? Do you like the idea of a cliffhanger to end AMC on ABC? Do you think Susan will sign on the dotted line when Pine Valley moves to the Internet? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Smooshiest says:

    She’s a class act!! I have stuck with this show from the beginning when I was 5 years old (yup, watched it with Mom and Grandma). I was mesmerized by Erica and couldn’t give it up. Even when I was in college classes and couldn’t tape it, and then when I didn’t have a VCR, I still managed to keep up with what was going on. The show is in my blood and I will keep with it once it moves online and hopefully to a cable channel. Susan’s comments give me hope that she’s giving PP serious consideration and that she trusts they will do a good job, so hopefully when we tune in January 16th, she and many other of the greats on this show will be there. Thank you AMC (not ABC) for 41 years of joy.


  2. Iakovos says:

    Yes, Susan Lucci is a class act. I am glad she penned that autobiography as it really provided layers to a woman who is among the very few actors, writers and creatives who have given daytime its foundation, its legitimacy. Yes, Erica Kane/AMC is her job but she has made it a commitment. Daytimers — including audiences — exhibit such loyalty, and that quality seems rarer in all areas of life and work. I am glad to read Susan Lucci is considering the online AMC and I hope there is a place for her there. My real wish is that AMC and everyone in Pine Valley would remain on the map at 1 PM weekdays on ABC, but that alas, will not come to pass.


  3. Mona Prager says:

    I am Susan Lucci’s most dedicated and loyal fan. I have idolized her from the very beginning of AMC. I just adore her which has kept me watching her for over 41 years. I just pray that she stays with AMC online! Without Susan, I don’t think that AMC can possibly survive. She is AMC! I met Susan at the AMC fanclub event in July in LA, and she is just absolutely charming and beautiful. It was a thrill to meet her in person and a dream come true for me to meet my idol. She is most definitely a class act and my favorite actress!


  4. keller4395 says:

    I have been a fan since the pilot and first eposide!! I remember Susan L. and Tara sitting in front of the fireplace cried about Jeff going to the war! I just believe that AMC is going to be gone and I truly believe that things could have been worked out – if the CEO and others – including a small cut -would take a pay cut and/or the bonuses – they could afford to get AMC to stay on and provide their talents that the fans tune in each and every week-days and the Sunday late nite marathon! LISTEN TO THE FANS AND GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT! I will, along with many, NOT what a new getting fit and healthy,cooking,talk,and God knows – all of any kind of a reality show – I watch TV mainly to excape the reality of the world not to watch the non- but actually not,scripted, reality!!
    Thank you AMC and hope that the fat lady (fat cats) will come to their senses!


  5. Pat says:

    Hope it goes to Internet and stays successful . I will keep watching


  6. Lisa says:

    I hope Lucci stays with AMC when it moves online. Erica is my favorite character. AMC would be boring without her. She adds a lot of pizzazz to the show.


  7. susan proechel says:

    Oh god i hope so what a new adventure please stay on soapsers


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