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8 May 18th, 2011 Susan Lucci speaks out on Agnes Nixon being thrown to the wolves & Chuck Pratt sinking AMC!


Brava to Susan Lucci! In her new interview with TV Guide Canada’s, Nelson Branco, she candidly reveals her inner-most thoughts on some of the behind the scenes maneuvering at AMC, (especially the show’s head writer position), that played a major part in the downfall of the series!  Lucci also addresses that she feels that Brian Frons and ABC disrespected the creator of AMC and OLTL, Agnes Nixon, and that if anyone hand a major hand in destroying Pine Valley, it was none other than former head writer, Chuck Pratt.   Here are a few riveting excerpts!

Lucci on Agnes Nixon being thrown to the wolves by ABC Daytime, not her: “When you asked earlier if I felt I was thrown to the wolves, I’d like to add: I don’t understand why both of Agnes’ shows were cancelled. So if anyone was thrown to the wolves, it was Agnes. I find it disrespectful to this genius, iconic woman. Despite her longevity in the business, she is quite a modern woman. Her contributions to the art form should be respected. Certainly if I were the head of ABC Daytime, I would not want to make this decision on my watch. I would never throw Agnes out the window on my watch.”

Lucci on Brian Frons decision to make Chuck Pratt  head writer and the consequences of that action: “My feelings are that Brian Frons was handed a very healthy daytime line-up when he arrived and then he hired Chuck Pratt to be head writer. Chuck said to all of us in a big team meeting that he didn’t care about characters. He said, ‘I will not be writing character-driven storylines. I don’t care.’ In individual meetings with him, people would come out weeping and distressed because he would [dismiss their characters and histories]. Almost immediately, our ratings dropped. As actors, we did everything we could to save and respect our characters and their histories; although on paper nothing was there for us to work with. The producers listened to the fans in the focus groups, and fans are sophisticated because of columns like yours and talk shows and so on, and they knew the writing was the problem. Chuck Pratt taking AMC down didn’t happen over night. And he was allowed to stay for two years. And unless it was Agnes or Lorraine, no one could dig us out of this hole.”

What do you think of Lucci’s sentiments? We agree 110%!

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  1. leah says:

    i want some serious house cleaning.. I want Pratt ,Guza , Frons and Sweeney Gone.. who are they sleeping with that they keep their jobs.


  2. Susan says:

    Honest and very revealing. All Susan is doing is telling the truth. My fear is GH is already headed down the same dark path as AMC and OLTL. Disney and ABC must think the viewers are stupid. Most of us have college degrees.


  3. Ellen says:

    I appreciate Susan’s honesty, as we have seen very little of that from the powers that be at ABC, as of late. She is a well respected icon of soap operas, and I am sure she is telling the truth, not to mention the fact that sadly, she has nothing (else) to lose by doing so, now that the writing is on the wall for AMC (& OLTL). I still find this extremely sad, but honestly, I do not know why I am shocked by these revelations, as sadly this is how many major businesses are run, giving little or no thought to those in the position to lose the most (ie in this case, the actors of the show, directors, makeup people, security, and all those behind the scenes that give their all to make our ABC soaps as great as they are). I am sure Frons was brought in to do a job, and Pratt was called in to put it in motion. Too bad we could not stop this train wreck before it happened. I have been a devoted ABC Soap Fan for 30+ years and will tune in every day until the end of AMC and OLTL, and after that, I will watch ABC for one hour a day tivoing GH. Much good luck in the future Susan!


  4. Sue says:

    Good for Susan for finally speaking out. I guess she feels she does not have to be the loyal company girl since the bosses decided to throw her show in the garbage.

    Glad she trashed Chuck Pratt. Fronz left him at AMC for 2 years while his stories gutted the show. Sickening.

    I agree the actors did the best they could, but if its not on the page, it’s like asking soldiers to fight a battle with a pen knife instead of a automatic weapon.

    The shock and sadness of cancellation is wearing off and Susan is starting to get angry thinking about what went down and the way it went down. So are we.


  5. ethel says:

    we the fans have been saying this for how long??
    i am glad susan came forward with her statement – i knew she couldn’t say anything before but i am glad this is out in the open!!


  6. Margie. Dalton says:

    110% also definitely threw the babies ouy with the bath water! Totaly disregarde what us fans want
    Rich history of stories & actors we grew & do love. We will get even!


  7. joanne tichbotne says:

    I love that Susan spoke out. Charles Pratt caused irreparable damage to amc and that is Brian frons fault. So honchosat abc why does someone so incompetent still have a job. Frons should be fired. I am boycotting abc. Thank god I live in Canada so I can watch oltl on a local channel. Who else hates Brian frons.


  8. monica says:

    All I can say is that I miss those 2 shows now as much as ever. I watched them all my life; I would even pay to get them back again!!


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