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17 June 6th, 2016 Susan Lucci Talks: Going Nude For Devious Maids, Why Cameron Mathison Was Known As “Snaps” On Set Of AMC, & How Much Fun It Was To Play Erica Kane!


Monday Night is the season four premiere of Lifetime’s sudsy Devious Maids (9PMET/8PMCT), which co-stars Susan Lucci as Genevieve Delatour,  better known to daytime audiences as the one and only Erica Kane!

Throughout her 41 years as Pine Valley’s staple character, at one point Erica was involved in a romance with the younger Cameron Mathison (Ex-Ryan Lavery).

The two met up this time with Cameron in his ET gig as correspondent and her as the interviewee to relive some good ole days and to discuss the upcoming season of Devious Maids.

In the trailer for ‘Maids’, there is a scene where it is clear that Lucci is appearing naked reclining on a couch, but with strategically-placed props in the foreground. When Mathison asked how she felt doing something like that (Lucci is now 69), she answered, “It’s always just a lot of butterflies and preparation. You hope you did everything you’re supposed to do — lots of extra Pilates and not eating lunch. You know, all of that stuff.”


Lucci teased Mathison about when he was a soap newbie, and how the crew used to call Cameron “Snaps”, because he would have snaps on his shirts so he could quickly rip them off for all of his shirtless and bedroom scenes.

Later, Susan remembers just how great is was to play the iconic Erica when she told Mathison, “Erica Kane was such a juicy character. There was so much fun to be had playing her. In airports and things, people stop and say how much they really loved the show … The people still feel so affected by it, and it keeps me company in that respect.”

Watch Susan and Cameraon reunite on this ET interview after the jump. Then AMC fans let us know, what did you think when Ryan and Erica were paired in a burgeoning love story that got cut short? Will you be checking out Devious Maids season premiere tonight? Comment below!

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  1. john says:

    Great interview!!! I have hopes that they will let Cameron audition to fill the seat at Live with his old costar Kelly Ripa!!! Werent their characters linked on AMC? I would be the two would have great on air personality and an old friendship that would be fun to watch! Just like this video- its great to see old friends get together and catch up


    Rj replied

    I agree. Cameron would be good on live. His personality and all he does would fit and suit the show. Also, he and Kelly would be a good pair with the types of personalities they have. He is an intelligent and nice guy to have on the show – not to mention his great looks! :) Please know I really liked Michael, but now that he has chosen to move on I think Cameron would be a good replacement.


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Hasnt Susational Lucci played Erica in all her roles-lol


    Rapids replied

    Yes la lucci has Erica Kane down pat and relies on this experience for other roles.


  3. Susan says:

    I miss Erica Kane.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    You said it Susan. I will always miss our beloved All My Children and One Life to Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    mollie replied

    What a stupid decision to cancel AMC and OLTL. Really stupid.
    I miss them both, too. Wonder what could be happening in Pine Valley and Lannview?

  4. Tom says:



  5. Peg says:

    I liked Ryan and Erica as friends. Lovers not so much. I didn’t understand how Erica always wanted that abusive jerk with Kendall. Ryan in the later years was a better character. Too bad the show ended, I might have even started to like Ryan. Cam however was very sweet when I met him.


  6. kathy says:

    I miss Erica, also, along with all of the Pine Valley clan!


  7. mark says:

    I miss Erica!


  8. Jenn says:

    John, I agree. Seeing Cameron and Susan back together was wonderful. They were very cute together. I also agree that Cameron would be an AWESOME option to fill the empty chair at Live with Kelly. Although I feel Kelly frowns on her soap days! She acknowledges the many blessings AMC brought to her life, but she clearly acts as if she’s above those actors now! I recently watched where she said she hates watching her AMC scenes but enjoys watching FAITH AND HOPE!!! I was shocked! In my opinion her better work was totally done on AMC- not on that ridiculous sitcom.
    Not sure she (Kelly) would want Cameron filling that seat- as I’m sure it would require the talk show to use lots of clips of their AMC days to showcase their history.

    On another note- I feel Fred Savage has been her best co host so far. If they were looking for a former daytime actor- of course there’s Cameron or I think OLTL and Castle star Nathan Fillion would be a great option!!


    mollie replied

    Kelly probably has a harder time watching her AMC character work because she was a “newbie” and she probably sees a lot of things she would act differently…more skilled perhaps at acting in Faith and Hope. Plus she showed up on AMC young and baby faced (chunky for her) and she has super slimmed down for a long time…so she probably sees an earlier body shape she doesn’t like as well as now.


  9. Brett says:

    I still miss All My Children


  10. Rj says:

    I miss All My Children. Wish it were still on. It was a fun soap with Erica’s flamboyance, and all the other characters, etc. It was iconic. Seems none of the talk shows have been able to replace AMC. I find I never tune into the station now during the period when AMC/OLTL were on before I did. Seems to me they have lost even more. I understand that it is all about Revenue/Expenses/Profit, but they may have been able to figure out a way to sustain AMC by keeping costs down, and generating revenue. If fewer people tune in now, they have lost even more sponsors.


  11. MBmomof3 says:

    I just love her on Devious Maids. Soapy goodness. Fun show.


  12. Ghlover says:

    I still think Erica should pop in Port Charles and buy ElQ! The mansion, the compagny everything!! Maybe she was a long lost mistress of Alan or Edward!!! Imagine her going against Tracy and Monica!! Heck Luke could come back for a story with Erica!!


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