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22 January 23rd, 2017 Susan Lucci To Reunite With All My Children Cast & Guest Co-Host Home & Family!

Courtesy/Home&Family Hallmark

Daytime icon, Susan Lucci (Ex-Erica Kane, AMC) is about to become a special guest co-host for a week’s worth of episode on the Hallmark Channel’s morning talk show, Home & Family! revealed the news that La Lucci will begin her co-hosting duties next week beginning with the Monday, January 30th installment. Home & Family airs at 10amest/9amcst.

Viewers can look for Susan to participate in every aspect of the morning program, including cooking, playing games and sharing personal stories with viewers. Lucci will also be joined by her husband Helmut Huber and two children: her son, Andreas, and daughter, Liza Huber (Ex-Gwen, Pasions).

But of special note to All My Children fans, circle your calendar for the February 2nd episode when Susan will host an AMC reunion with former cast members including: Peter Bergman (ex-Cliff; Jack, Y&R), Rebecca Budig (ex-Greenlee; Hayden, GH), John Callahan (ex-Edmund), Kim Delaney (ex-Jenny), Eva La Rue (ex-Maria), Laurence Lau (ex-Greg), Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan), Kathleen Noone (ex-Ellen) and Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca).  A tribute to the late Agnes Nixon is also on tap!

So, looking forward to the AMC reunion and Susan’s hosting duties? Comment below!

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  1. Marva says:

    Walt should be there, unless he his busy….


  2. cdee says:

    Wonder if anyone can see it who does NOT get Hallmark channel.?


  3. Iakovos says:

    Might Hallmark be a home for classic soap reruns or a revival of one of the classic titles?


    Rj replied

    Good idea! Would be great to watch the reruns since Hallmark runs other reruns. If they could revive the classic titles would be good, but if not, if they could do periodic movies of AMC, OLTL (and other soaps), with the cast and related storylines of these shows. I know so much depends on rights of the shows, money, pulling the casts together (as many as they could get), etc., but Hallmark may want to think about it since there is such a loyal fan base.


  4. Lisa says:

    I am so looking forward to it!


  5. brian says:

    Let’s hope more good news on the way for a possible return of both AMC & OLTL

    Yes, I still have hope.


  6. Marilyn owens says:

    I have just set my DVR to record these shows. It will be so great to see some of the old AMC gang. Just wish Michael Knight was going to be part of the program.


  7. shirley Endres says:

    I can’t wait. I loved AMC and haven’t watched soaps since it went off.


  8. Llanviewer717 says:

    Will definitely be on hand for February 2nd.


  9. rocky83 says:

    From your lips to God’s ears…..


  10. Claudio says:

    I love Susan Lucci, she is a wonderful actress. I want to see Erica Kane on GH, that would be terrific. Too late to revive AMC and OLTL, ABC will not bring back AMC and OLTL, they will never admit there mistake.


  11. Debbie says:

    I kicked the soap habit a long time ago, but became addicted again when Michael Knight
    came to Y & R. I’m addicted again. I wish he would come back.
    I hope I’m able to see the gang next week.


  12. Silvio says:

    Looking forward to this. I’m from Brazil, Rio and AMC was the very first American soap I started watching.


    Mickey replied

    Hi Silvio, I’m writing from Italy :)

    Do you watch Globo/Record/Sbt’s novelas? Beside american soaps, I do love brazilians series ;-)


  13. Anne says:

    My mother wishes that Dimitri Merick -who ever that was – would be on the guest list. She used to record All My Children just for him. Then when he left the show my mother stopped watching on a daily basis.


  14. Pat Lang says:

    Wonderful! It’s a start. I would love to see All My Children have an ending (after 40+ years) of faithful viewing. ABC/Disney owes us this, but I would be happy with anyone providing an end to our wonderful soap. Still waiting!


  15. dmr says:

    Had my interest until the mention of Rebecca Budig-no thanks. I wish her annoying, obnoxious character (Hayden) would disappear from Port Charles.


  16. Steven Turner says:

    I can’t wait to to watch Susan Lucci and, the rest of the All My Children cast I have missed watching All My children so much!!! :)


  17. Sonja Mastrogiacomo says:

    I can’t wait to see Susan host the show and I can’t wait to see some of the All My Children cast, wish they would all be there. I am still missing and mourning for the show. I watch Devious Maids just so I can see her, hoping that will be back on too.


  18. Skater Boy says:

    It will be wonderful to see Susan and the AMC team but we need the real AMC back in our homes or at least Susan Lucci back on the screen. It is a tough world out there in respect to work but Susan deserves after her years of dedication and loyalty to ABC and the daytime genre – unlike others she always kept AMC first, she didn’t leave AMC even though she did other projects (she was the first to do tv movie of the week as a daytime star and actually score huge ratings even against her more famous night time stars). If anyone saw Devious Maids while she was not Erica Kane she was hillarious. Really good.


  19. Lenore R Brown says:

    I missed the Feb. 2 Hallmark All My Children reunion. Will this be aired again?


  20. Lenore R Brown says:

    Please air the Feb. 2, 2017 All My Children renunion again! I did not even know that this would be on the Hallmark Channel, or I would have recorded it on my DVR!


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