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6 November 12th, 2012 Susan Lucci’s Deadly Affairs Gets Picked Up For A Second Season!


Susan Lucci is still doing quite well for herself, post-All My Children! And now comes word that her Investigation Discovery series,  Deadly Affairs has been given the green light for a second season.  The series will continue to deliver stories of passionate love affairs turned crimes of passion when it returns as part of a summer anchor series in 2013.

Investigation Discovery President Henry Schleiff stated in a press release about the pick up renewal for Deadly Affairs : “Our first foray into the nighttime soap genre with Deadly Affairs brought the perfect combination of intriguing storytelling and guilty pleasure that enticed a passionate fan base,” said Henry Schleiff, president and general manager of Investigation Discovery. “We are thrilled to continue our affair with Susan Lucci and Sirens Media for the second season of Deadly Affairs and further tempt our viewers with more stories that prove real life is often stranger than fiction.”

Susan Lucci added: “I have so enjoyed the real life stories of love triangles gone horribly wrong on Deadly Affairs and can’t wait for next summer when we’ll pull the covers back on even more scandalous tales!”

In case you have not check out Deadly Affairs here is the premise:  The series tells real-life tales of love gone terribly wrong – from wandering eyes at the workplace leading to adulterous romps in the supply closet to bible-study couples tempted by lust to commit the ultimate sin – proving affairs can be murder on the heart. Episodes feature stories interlaced with expert commentary from local authorities and true-crime experts, as well as first-person accounts from friends and family of the victims.   You can watch Deadly Affairs on Saturday Night at 10PM EST on Investigation Discovery.

So soapers, have you watched the first season of Deadly Affairs?  What do you think of Susan as the host?  Let us know!

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  1. sheila says:

    i so love mrs. lucci one of her biggest fans. she’s amazing!


  2. Nicki says:

    I love Susan Lucci and miss AMC terribly. And OLTL as well. I don’t like Deadly Affairs. All the stories presented have already been told repeatedly on several other ID shows and Snapped and Dateline, etc.


  3. ethel says:

    i would really rather see susan in something else that would really showcase her talent…………………ijs


  4. Beacon says:

    Lucci, you need to be back on soaps. It’s the genre that made you, you are a NAME in the mainstream and you owe it to your peers to come back to daytime and fight the good fight for the few remaining dramas we have left. May I suggest the role of Julia Newman on Y&R, Victor’s first wife? Come on Susan, it’s time to come home to soaps.


  5. mo says:

    I saw an ep and wasn’t impressed. I think it would be better with just a voice over.


  6. Tad says:

    She needs another show where she is more than the hostess. I hope Devious Maids will showcase her enough or what about a sitcom. It would be nice if she could maybe finish off the AMC story on say GH and then do a new character on Y and R or something.

    ABC if you are listening I know money and pragmatics. But you could start with the premise of the Erica Kane movie that was part of the cliff hanger. The scene would open with a funeral and it is Erica. That way you do not have to worry about the old sets. Jack, bianca, Kendall and Pine Valley is mourning; – those missing can be partially explained they were all killed in a shoot out by JR. The body and funeral is for Erica. AFter saying some poignant words by Jack and her family they go to lay her to rest at the buriel sight. When rising out of the Ashes is Erica Kane. She is alive and thus her movie. It was the doppleganger Jane who had broken out of prison with several other people. She was mad she took the rap for stabbing David and in jail. She took Erica’s place. You can even have a dying scene with Erica (Jane) trying to tell Jack who declares his love for his dying “Erica”. They could then cut to a wedding of Jack and Erica to tie up loose ends; it could be a “fundraiser” to allow old AMC stars to return to the wedding even those who don’t know Erica well as it is a fundraiser. ABC could have some competition for a wedding gown to save money for an upcoming desinger they could say size 2 or 0 hinting it could be Brooke or if that is too far fetched Kelly Ripa’s Hailey renewing vows to Mateo. They could hold suspense by having three dresses with somehting happening to the first two til the winning design is shown on Erica as she marries Jack and then Dr. Martin closes the “book” for ever.


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