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1 August 19th, 2010 Susan Lucci’s Hilarious Emmy Acceptance Speech- “Hot in Cleveland”- Watch the Video!


In case you missed last night’s season finale of the hit comedy, Hot in Cleveland, in which soap icon, Susan Lucci makes the most hilarious of cameos,  you can watch it below.

Here is the set-up:  due to a tornado, Victoria Chase (Wendie Malick), the  soap diva of Edge of Tomorrow, was unable to attend the Daytime Emmys where she is up against her arch-enemy Susan Lucci, who was able to be at the ceremonies in L.A.   In a comedic nod to  Lucci’s one win among 21 nominations, she was on-hand to accept the award on Victoria’s behalf, while Victoria was forced to watch in Cleveland in a basement cellar.  And, when Victoria’s name was called,  it was Lucci who accepted for her in one of the funniest acceptance speeches befitting of their rivalry.

In Lucci’s speech she  said, “Victoria Chase is now living in Cleveland and recovering from some disfiguring disease. The words ‘botched’ and ‘surgery’ have been tossed around, but who can say.”  She then twisted the moment into honoring herself. “You have loved me for so many years,” she preened, closing with, “Erica Kane will be around to entertain you for many, many years to come,” referencing the fact that Chase’s character, Honor St. Raven had been killed off.  While Victoria and her friends watched in horror.  Victoria snapped and charged the TV — “Get your grubby little doll hands off my award, you beautiful freak!”

Watch Hot in Cleveland’s video clip of Lucci accepting the award… after the jump!

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  1. Tad says:

    How sad network tv is losing All My Children especially since Lucci has been doing an amazing job as Jane and Erica. I was shocked she could handle the dual role with such skill. Unlike Erika Sleazak and David Canary who play or played two distinct roles; Lucci subtely shows the difference which is far harder than being a totally different character. She is showing the world she can act. though many of us want Erica Kane back and soon. I think the “new” or old writers dropped the ball though in how to end the Jane/Erica storyline. A death involving an accident with Ben and Jane and the whole world mourning Erica’s death while Erica and say David were left locked up would have been chilling – better yet Erica escapes and leaves David to rot in he double hockey sticks. I for one will amazingly miss Susan Lucci.


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