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0 August 18th, 2010 Susan Lucci’s “Hot in Cleveland” Emmy Smackdown Tonight!


On-Air On-Soaps gave you a preview and a teaser on Monday of tonight’s hilarious season finale of the TV Land comedy, Hot in Cleveland with an interview with one of it’s stars, Wendie Malick , who plays fictional fading soap star, Victoria Chase.   In tonight’s cliffhanger airing at 10PMEST/9PMCST,  Victoria goes up against All My Children’s Susan Lucci (Erica) for the Daytime Emmy in a battle of soap opera divas and legends. 

Lucci appears on the episode in an Daytime Emmy satire that surely will have daytime fans in stitches.   Malick had this to say on working with La Lucci and the now infamous photo opp of the actresses in identical blue dresses fighting over the Emmy! “Susan came that night of the taping, and she did not even have to because she shot her material on pre-tape the night before.  Susan said to the producers, “I would love to come to it live that night in front of the audience.”  So, she did her part again, and came out in front of the audience, and they were so thrilled to see her.  It was wonderful!  So that night is when we did the photo opportunity of us in the same blue dress fighting for the Emmy… and we giggled the whole week!  She was like “Little-me!” (Laughs)

And as far as how her alter-ego plans to win the Daytime statuette from Lucci, Malick added, “She is up against Lucci, and against Kristen Macalister who pulled a really sneaky move… she died!  And so then, you might as well get an express ticket to winning.  It’s a cheap shot!  So Victoria’s way of being in the competition is to fake a really awful rare deadly disease. Then I get stuck in Cleveland in a tornado, and then I have to watch it on TV when the power comes back on.” (Laughs) 

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