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8 June 23rd, 2011 Sydney Penny & Cody Longo Cast by DAYS for Carly’s Rehab Story and Exit!

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

Big news out today from TV Guide on how Crystal Chappell’s character of Dr. Carly Manning will get through her drug dependency,  and possibly usher out Chappell from the series, now that a few weeks ago Days of our Lives dropped Chappell when her contract expires in August.

First comes the news that daytime favorite from All My Children and Santa Barbara, Sydney Penny has been cast to play Dr. Norman, who will work with Carly to overcome her drug addiction at the rehab center.  And then DAYS had added Cody Longo (the former star of Make It or Break It) to the  cast as Nicholas Alamain, Carly’s son!

Acording to TVG, “After mother and son are reunited and Carly seems to be on the mend, look for Chappell — who has been fired along with several other Days stars — to be ushered off the series.”

Look for Penny, to start airing on Days August 30.   So it would seem from this that Chappell will be seen on DAYS at least into  September.

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  1. Sue says:

    Still doesn’t seem real that this is happening. Now they cast Nicholas! At least it looks like Carly is at least getting an exit, and possibly an upbeat one.

    Some characters don’t get an exit, they just stop appearing, or they kill them off.

    I’m gonna miss seeing Crystal on tv regularly. I wish Corday would have let the new writers fix Carly and Chloe.


    Faith L replied

    Icam, I still can’t believe it myself. But once she is gone, so am I.


    Skyla replied

    Yeah I agree.. both Carly and Chloe are extremely popular characters and both have ties and history in Salem, unlike the Hernandez family who IMO should have all been first on the chopping block. What’s strange too is when CC came to the show she brought alot of viewers with her and with their ratings dwindling, getting rid of one of your ratings getter is a bad move.

  2. Gmbenet says:

    After yesterday’s episode, I thought Carly Manning’s exit would be dire. Glad there will be a happy ending for Carly and for Ms. Chappell’s run on the show.


  3. Anne-Marie says:

    As much as I hate to think of Crystal Chappell actually leaving Days, I am really looking forward to the story to come…


  4. lumi says:

    I hate to see CC and Vivian/LS go,but we getting back
    John Marlena Jack and in today Lucas Horton and Ali Horton back in Aug:
    so Im super excited,they are coming back home to Salem.I just love
    Bryan Dattilo/Lucas and so very happy he is coming back,Its been a year sence he went to HK and Ali went to visit him back in Feb: and stayed. :)


  5. Faith L says:

    This still doesn’t feel real to me. It wasn’t fair the first ime we lost her and its feels even worst now. I don’t care who’s coming back. I already know their stories. Days made a HUGE mistake letting her go. When she leaves I’m outtie baby.


    Jamie replied

    Agree with you Faith, well said!!!


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