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15 November 29th, 2016 T-Boz Joins The Cast Of Days of our Lives!

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Days of our Lives announced on Tuesday that none other than the T-Boz (Tionne Watkins) of the popular singing group, TLC, has joined the cast and will be giving Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso) some major problems in the slammer.

Fans know T-Boz from TLC’s hits, “No Scrubs” and “Waterfalls”, but now they will get to see her as Sheila, the top dog of the babes behind bars who will make Hope’s stay not so comfy!

According to, T-Boz’s first episode airs tomorrow on Wednesday, November 30th. Her arrival coincides with the return of Deidre Hall in her role as Marlena lookalike- Hattie Adams! The doppleganger in in prison for an emblezzement scheme. And to add to the mix. look for Glee’s Dot-Marie Jones im the role of Chille.

T-Boz will guest star through January! Watch a clip of T-Boz and Kristian Alfonso together as Sheila and Hope after the jump. Then let us know what you think of her being cast on DAYS in the comment section below!

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  1. Celia says:

    Not again, please!!!! What round is this? Did we not go through with Hope having a bout of “Jailhouse Rock” with a bully, before? She better find her boxing gloves.
    Second verse same as the first.


  2. Patrick says:

    “I’m stunned by the mystique”


  3. Dylan says:

    Really??? A female head writer thinks having a beloved heroine roughed up and abused in prison is what viewers want to see and consider entertainment?? Maybe in a 1940′s B movie. Hope went through this already 6 short years ago. Its not entertaining….its unnecessary….the acting is never good mainly because females do not act like that outside of stereotypical….and its repetitive. For the most part I am a fan of Higley’s work at DAYS…I feel she “gets” the show. Just as I felt that Megan McTavish “got” All My Children. Say what you will about her, but she created some of the most memorable stories and couples on that show. Back to Higley though…I may be mistaken…but didnt she write Hope’s last prison abuse story too?


  4. mark says:

    I love days the rest of the soaps are scrubs ! Lol


  5. Mo says:

    I hope that’s a wig.

    I’m not too high on prison stories on soaps because they are very limited. We’ll see how this goes.

    Sorry that Hattie ends up in prison.


  6. blake says:

    Oh man I love T-Boz and TLC. I’m going to have to watch the show to see her scenes. I hope she is on more, I haven’t watched days in over a year but this looks good!


  7. damien says:

    watching days again mainly because jj and paul/ sonny / derrick are featured more!
    cant wait for eric, austin and carrie to return
    i just caught t boz on the show and was surprised to see her on screen! should be fun and entertaining
    t boz has nt done much lately so if days keep her around to fill the black cast up on days they should pair her up with tek, abes brother and stir things up in salem! or bring tyler rederic ( ex tyler) from y n r to pair her up with!


  8. James R. Poissant says:

    The clip got my heart jumping—I am looking forward to this story!!!


  9. Donna Z. says:

    Don’t know her or TLC, so I don’t really care if she stays or goes. But I’m sick of the story line with Hope in prison. How can they put a cop in a prison that could have inmates that she arrested? I guess it’s a good thing that they ages Ciara so much, the one earlier this year would have needed her mother to care for her. Enough is enough, get Hope out of prison and get on with the show


  10. Mary SF says:

    Wait don’t tell me Dot Marie will be the inmate who acts tough but will have a heart of gold and she will protect Hope — like many said before this has been done before– the only thing that seems remotely interesting is having DH play another role since Marlena has so little to do nowadays. But please let Hope save the warden’s daughter already or have Stefano is alive — anything to get her out of stupid story line that never should have existed in first place


  11. John Gordon says:

    Sounds as typically STUPID as this show has absolutely been this entire year – hate to say it, for I am a soap fan – and was so saddened by the demise of ALL MY CHILDREN and One Life to Live but this show absolutely DOES NOT hold up against those shows at all – ALL soaps can be a tad on the silly side, but this show lacks the humor that All My Children had and it lacks severely in the dramatic writing area as well.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    Oh John Gordon, you are so right. I watched One Life to Live from day 1 and All My Children off and on for many years. Both knew how to successfully integrate humor into the series. I also have to agree with your other point. From what I’ve seen of the current soaps, they do not hold a candle compared to OLTL and AMC. The story lines are unbalanced. Some characters are on so sporadically that I forget they are part of the show. The big stories, i.e. the return of Aiden and the escaped criminals, fall flat. In all fairness, I do realized Days and the other shows are operating under tighter budgets these days. From flashbacks of scenes from years past, it looks like there was a time when Days was on par with AMC and OLTL. The current belt tightening has taken its toll. Perhaps it’s time for soaps to go back to radio.


    Tim Welles replied

    Yes it’s annoying that ABC pulled the plug on OLTL and All My Children and I also agree that the writers (and performers) understood how to incorporate dry humor into their shows (Susan Lucci is practically KNOWN for dry, understated humor) and certainly the character of Tad Martin as played by Michael Knight had a feel for balancing humor with drama when needed. But THIS show, geez, the writing is so astonishingly lame – Soaps can ‘get away’ with a certain lack of credibility but honestly this show carries that to a different extreme. I also agree that it gets a little monotonous that EVERY other scene is in that ridiculous Fake Leaf Park and there are about 4 sets used – gone are the days when soaps actually occasionally went OUTSIDE for an outdoor scene -

  12. Mo says:

    As a former cop, Hope would be in protective custody. She would not be with other inmates. While inmates do have access to computers, it would not be unmonitored and I sincerely doubt they would have access to the Internet. An inmate day room would not double as a visiting room. At least give us a little reality Days!

    And Hope would not be able to get a job until after she was classified and had been inside a bit. She may talk to a CO about a job, but she’d have to also put in a request. There is a system. I’m guessing Hope is supposed to be at the state pen.

    I don’t like the prison storyline and the contrived, clichéd characters and speech. Days should never have had Hope kill Stefano. It put her character in an untenable position, made me lose respect for her.


  13. Diane says:

    I have been watching DOOL for years. I was surprised to see T-Boz. I wasn’t sure it was her at first. I had to come to the site to make sure.


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