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10 September 23rd, 2011 Tad Martin Voted Character You Will Miss the Most on AMC!


The On-Air On-Soaps and All My Children fans have spoken! And in our very special AMC poll conducted over the last view days asking the question, “What current character will you miss the most when the series end its network television run on ABC?”, your overwhelming response has been recorded.  And we are happy to announce that in a very close poll you named Tad Martin, played by Michael E. Knight, the character you will miss the most when AMC bows out of network television today!  Tad had 16.77% of the votes.

However, following closely behind in second, was Dr. David Hayward, played by Vince Irizarry.  David had 16.36% of the votes, so you can see how tight the race was between arch enemies Tad Martin and David Hayward! In third place with 12.42% of the votes was Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) with 12.42% of the votes.  Fourth place belonged to Zach Slater (Thorsten Kaye) who ended up with 10.56% of the vote and in fifth place was Bianca Montgomery (Christina Bennett Lind) with 9.32% of the vote.  You can tell there were so many characters that fans voted for that the vote were so split, showing that AMC has many enduring and beloved characters that loyal viewers have followed for four decades.

So what do you think of the poll results?  Agree or disagree?

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  1. Todd says:

    I say bring Tad to Oltl to be in quadrangle with Blair, Todd, and tomas


    Marsha replied

    Oooh….good idea.


  2. Christine says:

    I love Tad and I am hoping like Susan they will take the break they need and come back home!!


  3. Maria says:

    That seems about right. I’m very happy that VI (David) came in such a close second. I’m surprised though that Alicia Minshew (Kendall) didn’t make the top five. I always thought she was more popular than Bianca (especially with the recast)
    Hopefully, we’ll get to see how people voted for the other characters.


  4. CINDY CLARK says:

    Tad I wacthed you grow up.You and your brother Jake with Dr Martin and Ruth trying to raise you right.I was busy rasing my three kids and watching you.Please be there in Jan PP AMC there is so much more for a story on you to go on.Please!!!!!!


  5. Barb says:

    It figures those two would be neck and neck…glad that Tad pulled ahead in the end! Once the show gets going again (don’t even think it!!) those two will have something else to fight about. :)


  6. Torrey says:

    Michael Fairman, thank you for all the blogs and news reports concerning AMC, leading up to the final episode. I cried today when I watched the tribute on The View and got teary-eyed over the final episode…..because I knew that come Monday my show would be replaced with that stupid Chew Crap. Please keep us posted on how low the ratings are for this show….can’t wait until it gets cancelled. Oh, and Michael E. Knight please make your way back to Pine Valley when the show returns online….after that speech, he truly has become the heart and soul of AMC. I look forward to seeing him in January.


  7. lisa says:

    Tad the cad….and that humor , definitely one to miss.
    Please sign with PP.


  8. debi says:

    Oh Heavens, my vote is for Vicent! Tad is a doll, but Vincent has my heart! Yowza!


  9. Joyce says:

    I have loved Tad for over 40 years and words cannot express how much I do and will continue to miss him. Am hoping and praying that he will continue with Dixie online. Dr. David comes in second but Tad is the best!!!
    Please come back to Pine Valley!! Your fans are devastated beyond description!!


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