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28 December 30th, 2013 Tainted Dreams Releases Its First Three Episodes With Soap Star Cast!


Sonia Blangiardo’s highly awaited series, Tainted Dreams had its first look debut today courtesy of Michael Logan at TV Guide Magazine!

The first three episodes of the web series which is a story of a soap set within-a-soap will premiere in early 2014, and features an all-star soap cast of formers stars from All My Children, As the World Turns, General Hospital, Guiding Light and One Life to Live!

At the epicenter is Alicia Minshew who plays Angelica Caruso, the woman steering the ship of the soap opera, Painted Dreams!  There is some steamy action right off the bat with the characters played by Michael Lowry as Jordan, Natalia Livingston as Liza Park, Terri Ivens as Kassandra Bentley, Walt Willey as Gregory Ashford, Austin Peck as Max Hillstone, and Grant Aleksander as Adam Clark.

We loved seeing former Edge of Night and AMC favorite, Larkin Malloy in his new role on the series as Harry Steinman, and Bobbie Eakes as network executive Courtney Parish, and Kelley Hensley as  Veronica!   Anthony Wilkinson is along for the ride in a key role of Anthony DiGiacomo, who has an endearing friendship with Minshew’s Angelica, even though they work together.

There looks to be plenty of drama to come by the looks of the end of the third episode! Now watch Tainted Dreams after the jump! Let us know what you thought of it?  What character or actor did you enjoy seeing the most?


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  1. Glenn Beck says:

    It looks interesting and its nice to see so many veteran performers in the series. It would have been nice if the three parts had been one full episode, but aside from that, think the show can have lots of twists and turns.


  2. Rich says:

    Three episodes,three home runs! The soap “purists” will complain about the language and sex,but it’s obviously not meant for them. I’m already liking it more than i do “Venice”,which i love. Great to see so many familiar faces again. Will definitely watch more.


  3. leslie says:

    Too raw


  4. Harvey Allen says:

    Loved it!!! more more more, please!


  5. Kate says:

    Only watched the first episode. Not my kind of soap. Way too much bed hopping.


    Kate replied

    Update……watched the next two . Still don’t like the first one. The next two were good. Loved seeing Bobbie Eakes , Walt Wiley and Alicia Minshew. I will watch and hope it stays interesting.


    Elizabeth replied

    Agree. I like steamy sex scenes as much as anyone, but only when they belong in the context of the story. The sex scenes in the first episode were totally gratuitous. But, good luck to them on the project.


  6. Stephanie says:

    Their release timing was perfect because I was able to watch all three during my lunch hour. They were all wonderful, but Kelley was phenomenal – as per usual.


  7. denisefan says:

    Tainted Dreams is not ready for broadcast. Each episode has a voice-over narrative that is preachy and badly attempts to make the scattered scenes coherent. The first three episodes are 6 min, 4.5 min, and 9.5 min in length respectively — a time that, if combined, doesn’t reach the broadcast length of one episode of the Bold and the Beautiful.

    While I love the cast, the plot is vague and not compelling. Looks like more emphasis was placed on casting than the story. That a fictitious soap opera studio is the setting of this supposed serial demonstrates how ill-prepared the “creative team” is for offering a unique on-line serial.


    Mark Y replied

    I don’t know what you were watching but I watched TD. The first three episodes very clearly established many characters, identified relationships and set up several stories. I don’t think anyone expects on line programming to be as long as on air programming.


    denisefan replied

    Hi Mark,

    The “episodes” did not establish characters. It introduced some in a very cliche way. They offer no compelling reason to watch other than the opportunity to see former soap actors. Strong characters and compelling storytelling make a serial successful — not a voice-over show with clips that offer as much posing than acting.

    Perhaps Tainted Dreams would have a better chance of success if the cast wrote the scripts.

  8. su0000 says:

    Ohhh WOW!

    Walt Willey ! Walt Willey ! Walt Willey !

    LOVE THAT MAN! so great to him, once again.. :)

    I really like the real life reality we can see on the internet..
    Making love is not porn..
    It is a huge part of human-beings! .. not a hidden sin..
    Network TV is too censored for the 21st century..
    Thanks to the powers for internet programming, and for all the Netflix originals, too!


  9. MBmomof3 says:

    This looks awesome. Love ‘em all, but I’ve loved Larkin Malloy since EON. Can’t wait for the series. Best of luck to all involved.


  10. Becky says:

    That was goooood! I especially liked seeing all the old AMC actors. Anyone know where you can usually see these? How many they made? How often they will come out?


  11. Candice Wilson says:

    This show is full of drama already just how I like it. I love the cast, but Angelica played by Alicia Minshew is my favorite character. Can’t wait until 2014 to watch more of this show!!


  12. Mark Y says:

    Love it. So many stories going on and so great to see all these actors again. When is Colleen Zenk appearing?


  13. su0000 says:

    I just view the Tainted Dreams – The Series, Facebook, I like!!

    I am going to be a fan!!

    (some people are not ready for the uncensored internet programming, but! for us who are ready and enjoying the reality of internet programming, we are in for an awesome 2014 and on into the future!)


  14. lll says:

    interesting concept. The drama behind a soap opera. It goes to show that the drama behind the scenes is just as juicy as the soap opera. The third one is my favorite since it ties the first two clips together. My favorite scene was when this woman (don’t know her real name) slaps Walt and Natalia’s characters in the face after the scene was over. Hilarious.


    Mark Y replied

    That was Kelly Menighan Hensley who played Emily Stewart on ATWT for years. She’s terrific!


  15. Rich says:

    I actually enjoyed it better than the AMC and OLTL reboots. I like the concept of life in the making of a soap..


  16. Daniel says:

    I enjoyed “Tainted Dreams” — Alicia is a natural. I hope the male characters will get to be more than one dimensional.


  17. Patrick says:

    epi. #1.

    Austin Peck is HOT! talk about growed up and coming in to your own groove! LOL… he surprised me… and, acting with the big dogs…..

    Yes, there were times when on DAYS it was like… newbie, ingenue, get your bearings…
    on ATWT… he manned up… and was impressive critics ratings galore… so.. he found his niche

    writing is all circumspect…

    Walt Wiley… Same thing! HOT! HOT! HOT!

    we are talking SEXY! when did this happen? not once did I ever really like him with LA Lucci…

    facial hair, masculine yourself out! this is big stuff…

    and Austin and Walt have it

    LOL – NICE!


    Patrick replied

    Michael Lowry is through the roof beefcake… and could always ACT

    ML is 45
    Kristian Alfonso is 50

    could Michael Lowry be the new Bo? let’s get him to DAYS of OUR Lives


  18. Troy Parkins says:

    It was cute and fun to watch, not terribly compelling but hey we all have to give it a chance – wonderful to see some familiar AMC faces.


  19. Kiki Smith says:

    Fabulous Cast, but bad writing and seems very amateur.


  20. VW says:

    i love the cast, the writing seems a little lame for a soap. but i think with a little adjustments, this could be a hit :)


  21. jen says:

    love it ,cant wait for more hopefully they do more im a true fan of all the actors


  22. Sandy says:

    Has this series already already begone? Where exactly on the internet can I find it?


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