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17 June 19th, 2012 Take A Look Back: The First 25 Years of Lead Actor & Actress Winners At the Daytime Emmys!


On-Air On-Soaps will be getting you ready all week long for the 39th Daytime Emmys to be handed out this Saturday night, June 23rd live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel and for the first time on cable network HLN!

For starters, we dug up one of our favorite tribute segments on the Daytime Emmy Telecasts. The year was 1999, and the Daytime Emmy turned 25 years old.   Barbara Walters anchored this special segment which featured clips of the past winning moments of the Lead Actor and Lead Actress categories, and at the end of it, the stage was filled with many of the past winners collectively for the first time in one group!  Of course, there were some that were not present for various reasons, but the sentiment was right!  Will we ever see something like this again on the Emmys?  Jury is out on that one.

From Larry Bryggman to Larry Haines to Justin Deas to Peter Bergman to Michael Zaslow to A Martinez to Tony Geary to Darnell Williams to Erika Slezak, Judith Light, Kim Zimmer, Helen Gallagher, Marcy Walker, Linda Dano, Jess Walton and Finola Hughes and Irene Dailey, it’s fun to see the montage of winning moments all put together.  And now, who will have their shining moments this year?

After the jump, take a look back and stroll down memory lane of the first 25 years of winners, and let us know which brought back smiles or tears of joy for you! 

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  1. Barb Harnedy says:

    The Michael Zaslow win brought tears to me eyes. Such an amazing man and actor!! What a tragedy to lose him so young!!


    Cindy replied

    Ditto. He was amazing.


    Blake replied

    Yes he was! GL wasn’t the same without him and Roger Thorpe! How he only won one Emmy is beyond me!


  2. Bart says:

    How cool – makes you realize just how much Daytime TV meant back then and all the talent in front of the camera…can’t say that for today’s version of “daytime TV”!!


    Blake replied

    No. Those were the days! On one of the dvds that I have (from when it was originally on VHS tapes), they actually had a 50 year anniversary of soaps show where the stars from all the soaps got together and talked about their shows and showed clips from over the years. Those were the days when soaps were respected and all over the place. Stars would be on talk shows like Oprah, Ricki Lake, etc.


  3. MiCHELE says:

    oh this made me cry….I miss our stories…


  4. kay/kay says:

    Great but so many that should have won over the years Victoria Wydham who played Rachel for so many years, go and check her tribute to Douglas Watson that was when you got the lumps in the throat. And yes Michael Zaslow who died of ALS as my mother-in-law a horrible disease. I don’t know sometimes as you get older you say what changed it was so great back then. Oh well !!!


    Barbara replied

    I didn’t realize the Wyndham never won until I watched the clip. Another glaring omisssion for a winner: Beverly McKinsey, who played Iris on Another World and then Alexandra Spalding on Guiding Light. For years, McKinsey turned in great performances in numerous storylines. McKinsey really deserved to have won for multiple years.

    Also, this video was interesting. For Elizabeth Hubbard, it included one clip of her as Lucinda Walsh when she never won for that part (again, another mistake) but, instead, won for her role on The Doctors.

    Why don’t the Daytime Emmy’s do this type of thing again? Bring back prior winners or veteran actors in some type of tribute? The soaps are in horrible shape. Frankly, I don’t know viable this award show will be next year – There won’t even be enough shows on the air to have five nominees? There is so little competition that the entire thing will be worthless.


    kay/kay replied

    Thanks for reminding me about BM she is the one actress that put Jill Farren Phelps in her place she showed up one day and said I quit when she was on GL she had an eight week clause in her contract that Phelps did not bother to read . One very smart talented lady! I love it when actors take charge of their lives instead of getting pushed around.

  5. Tom says:

    Those of us who had the opportunity to watch Michael Zaslow perform his craft in Springfield were truly blessed. Seriously.


    Blake replied

    Yes we were! I like watching my dvds with GL on it (that were recorded on vhs tapes that I transferred over). Most of them are on youtube. And thank God for youtube to watch scenes I don’t have or didn’t see!


  6. Patrick says:

    I have to acknowledge… the win(s)… and the emmy goes to:

    Larry Bryggman – John Dixon – ATWT
    Elizabeth Hubbard – Lucinda Walsh – ATWT

    A Martinez – Cruz Castillo – Santa Barbara
    Marcy Walker – Eden Capwell – Santa Barbara

    notwithstanding… DAYS Macdonald Carrey – Tom Horton
    DAYS Susan Flannery – Laura Horton

    DAYS actually won best soap in 1978.


  7. ethel says:

    michael thank you so much – this was awesome & it brought back so many fond memories! ♥


  8. Rodd says:

    I’ve watched this segment before onYouTube and it always gets me chiked up; such talent ans wonderful memories. Those os us who have watched the soaps for many many years have been blessed to have born witness to a myriad of gifted performers who, as BW said, sustained our interest for months ~ even decades ~ and touched our lives so profoundly.


  9. Iakovos says:

    I cannot believe how quickly things have changed on the daytime landscape. And how disappointing those developments are. Thanks for sharing this tribute clip. Daytime shines bright today, only the scope is not as wide. A shame really.

    My late father lamented the loss of radio programs he enjoyed as a boy. I miss my daytime dramas in the same way. How wonderful that there were once as many as 18 on the air. New plays and dramas every day, once upon a time… live! The talent and work to do that was remarkable. And should be applauded to this day and beyond!


  10. Emily says:

    Made me feel good and sad all at the same time!


  11. Christy says:

    oh, that was great! Thanks Michael!


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