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12 April 23rd, 2012 Tamara Braun on Her New Play, and Her Soap Life as Carly, Ava,Taylor & Reese!

Photo Credit: Helen Watson

One of the best actresses we know, Tamara Braun, is currently starring in Tennessee in the Summer, a new play about the life of prolific playwright, Tennessee Williams at the Sidewalk Studio Theatre in Burbank California now through May 20th!

Braun caught up with TheatreMania for an interview discussing the play and her time on the soaps including her various roles as Carly Corinthos on General Hospital, her Daytime-Emmy winning role as Ava Vitali on Days of our Lives, and then returning to  the NBC soap in a different role as Taylor Walker.  She also discusses her important time as Reese Williams, who was part of  soaps’ first same-sex wedding on All My Children.  Here are a few interesting excerpts!

Tamara on which of her daytime roles she identified with the most:  “I identified with all of them on a human level. I must find a common human thread with all the characters I play; otherwise, I fear I would be playing a caricature. Carly and Ava were the most dynamic and colorful. Reese was the most normal, yet she had the most historic impact. The storyline I was in with Eden Riegel (who played Bianca Montgomery) was nominated for a GLAAD Award, and I feel very proud of the work that Eden and I did portraying the first same-sex married and parenting couple. We tried to bring honesty and integrity to the story we were given. I was so proud of the show for bringing the issue to the forefront and for being a part of it.”

Tamara on if she misses being part of a daytime soap cast:  “I miss being able to work every day in a role that I love. But what I don’t miss is the pace at which the soaps are now moving. I think that a certain quality gets lost when you have to shoot 120 pages every day. Everyone’s work gets compromised. But they are still fighting for their rightful place on television. General Hospital just got renewed after a lot of concern that it wouldn’t! Congrats to them.”

Tamara on if she would do another soap, should an offer come:  “Daytime changed my life and taught me to become a better actress. If the right role and situation presented itself, then I would be open to it.”

What soap role of Tamara’s was your favorite? Let us know! And if you are in the Southern California area make sure to check out Tennessee in the Summer!

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  1. Ce'Ron says:

    She is phenominal! I need her back on General Hospital stat! She was such a great Carly!


    Mark F. replied

    I agree!! If not as Carly, then as a new character!!


    barbara t replied

    A new character.

  2. carlos says:

    She should go over to the young and the restless as a new Victoria or maybe Samantha (Cane’ sister) Tamara call Maria Anna Bell!!!


    aria replied

    tamara, don’t call maria, call Frank, you and sarah brown can return to gh playing sister, now there’s an idea!


    barbara t replied

    I agree with you Aria,I would love for sarah brown to come back as johnnys mother this time around ,there are a lot of stories to tell with the zacarras that dont have to be mob related. tamara make that call to Frank like Aria says.

  3. SallyV says:

    I loved her as Carly; thought she was OK as Reese. I’l like to see her back on daytime…as a Victoria re-boot on Y&R.


  4. Jess says:

    Hands down…Carly Corinthos!!!! She was GREAT!!!! I wish she’d come back to GH as another character…


  5. RJ4 says:

    Loved Tennesse Williams and all his plays. Sounds like an interesting play. I am sure that Tamara will be great. She was good as Ava on Days. I know that this is uncomfortable and awkward to talk about,but best be said because she is a good actor – the Taylor role in Days was a tough role for her to come into – the character and story line development was not there, and the casting was not right, so it did not go well, but that was not her fault. It was not the right situation. I have seen her be great in roles. Wish her the best. If I were in the CA area, would love to see her in Tennesee in the Summer – can totally see her as a character in a Tennessee Williams type play and role. Wish she could do this in Boston/New England Area – would love to see her in it. All the best to Tamara – an excellent actor!


  6. RJ4 says:

    Just want to add – Tennessee in the Summer (with Tamara) should be done in the Ogunquit playhouse (in Ogunquit, Maine) – think it would go over great there! Sorry if the is off topic.


  7. Allie says:

    That’s a tough decision. Have to say Carly Corinthos, because she had to prove herself to Sarah Brown fans that she could be a Carly Corinthos. She should have won Emmys for Carly, too! The amazing storylines she had,


  8. Sean says:

    Tamara is desperately needed at General Hospital. As of now, I could only see her returning as Carly. I just dont think Tamara or the show wants that. They are content with a complasent actress(Laura Wright) and Tamara just doesnt want to play ring around the rosie with the Head Honchos of ABC..

    Do i think in the end it will be either Vanessa or Tamara returning for Sonny… ABSOLUTELY…Laura will only be the final carly if Vanessa does not return.. If they decide to pursue Carson as his FINAL COURTSHIP… Tamaras phone will be ringing…


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