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74 October 25th, 2017 Tamara Braun Returns To General Hospital As New Character!

Photo Courtesy: TBraun Instagram

Big news confirmed today by has that none other than Tamara Braun is in fact returning to her old stomping grounds of General Hospital where she used to play Carly Corinthos.  The first report that Braun may be heading back to GH was from Daytime Confidential.

Now, Braun returns in what is said to be an all-new character, while Laura Wright will continue to play the role of Carly.

Look for Braun to resurface in her top secret role on the November 22nd episode of the ABC susder, but it is rumored to be connected with Steve Burton’s character on the show and his return.

As viewers know, Braun played GH’s Carly from 2001-2005 scoring a Daytime Emmy nomination. She later appeared on Days of our Lives as Ava Vitali and won the Outstanding Supporting Actress Daytime  Emmy and also appeared as Reese on All My Children in her soap opera career.

So, excited to see Tamara back on GH? Who do you think she will play? Comment below!

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  1. Jovin says:

    Why?? Why do shows do this?? They did it with Sarah Brown, who was a resounding Dud as Claudia. And Braun is such a polarizing, divisive performer, mostly due to the writing for her characters and not for anything she did other than play the parts. This show has such a bloated unwieldy cast as it is. GH is firing on all cylinders right now! The umbrella writing has been surprising and fantastic! I actually look forward to watching each day, and I have not said that about GH since 1995 when Claire alanine was writing!! Don’t kill the momentum with Valentino inspired casting stunts that are just annoying distractions!!


    Jovin replied

    Labine! I hate auto correct!!


    CDEE replied

    Maybe she will be Oscar’s mom

    nancy dillingham replied

    Don’t see the comparison with Claire Labine’s warm scripts and realistic s/ls/

    dmr replied

    I loved Claire Labine and Wendy Riche. Their storylines had depth and heart and were not drawn out or rushed. I loved the early-mid 90′s era-Sonny and Brenda, Stone, Eddie Maine, the Q’s. In the early 80′s and 90′s we had super couples, love stories, and cliff-hanger Fridays.


    Kevin C replied

    I agree Jovin…Again, GH has a large enough cast and the writer’s have a hard enough time writing for all character’s and they are not seen in months…Haven’t watch GH in months but now watching again since Steve has returned and loving what I am seeing…


    Shay replied

    Thank you, Jovin! With all of the former popular soapsters from the many defunct daytime dramas out there, why is it almost always down to ex-ABC vets being endlessly cast on GH? It’s so predictable and cliche’ at this point, and I am particularly not looking forward to this specific character in the form of Braun. I refused to previously watch her as Carly and even her guest stint during Sonny’s fantasy with the three actresses who portrayed the role through the years was absolute torture! To say this unwelcome news is ruining the return of Steve Burton’s character to Port Charles—and his otherwise interesting storyline, thus far—is an understatement to be sure!!!!


    James R. Poissant replied

    The first thing I thought was the Sarah Brown return as another character. I liked her portrayal of Claudia but I could never look at her and not think Carly. It’ll be the same thing with me again this time too. I am glad to see Tamara because I like anything she does so I’m going to be thankful ABC gave her another W-2 to play something else.


    Max Daddee replied

    I think the motive on the part of GH casting is that it will bring back fans from the older days. Doing this has often been disappointing for some of us fans, such as with all the hype about Hilary B. Smith playing Nora Buchanan last year. She was around for two or three days at the most.

    Tamara Braun was good at playing Carly in her wilder, younger days. Maybe she’ll be working for Valentin’s old friend Cassandra Pierce as a drug dealer!


    Shay replied

    @MaxDaddee….The obvious ’90′s redux that is underway at GH is great for fans of that particular decade, but not so much for those of us who consider the 1980′s heyday to be the show’s best and desire to see more of the vets from that era. In fact, when Sonny and his crew took over the town, it all but drove me away for years, save for occasional glimpses of Sean Kanan’s AJ and the much-anticipated guest shots from beloved big name legacy players. To say that restocking the canvas with more familiar faces from that period of Port Charles history does not gladden my heart is an absolute understatement, especially since it is now adding yet another annoying femme that I must ff through…as if Alexis, Nina, Carly, Nurse Amy, Jordan and Aunt Stella weren’t already enough!!!!

    Timmm replied

    Claudia was a great character. Sarah did a great job being another person on a show she was so well known as Carly.


  2. carol kanter says:

    I wasn’t watching when TB played Carly. At this point I feel that there are too many characters with not enough screen time for the current cast.


    dmr replied

    YUP; I feel the same way. However, if the actors/characters are intertwined with Steve Burton, and co., they will have ample air-time, I think.


  3. mails24 (@mails24) says:

    I loved her as Carly. This is literally one of the best scenes in GH history as Tamara sells the hell out of it (even though the entire storyline wasn’t that great).


    Ashland22Cripton replied

    Remember when as she was making her debut as Carly, she (the Carly character) was walking into her own funeral? Where everybody believed she had really died, and they were all grieving for her? Loved the entrance Tamara made. So glad she is back on.


    Ric replied

    As an avid GH watiger for many years I have to say Laura Wright has done a good job playing Carly But no one can hold a candle to the amazing Tamara Braun her performance as Carly always managed to blow me away , I am looking forward to her return and whatever character she will play.

    That being said I have to agree with the other people ithe cast is so over-bloated at this time. But I welcome her back anyways.


    Ric replied

    I hate Siri lol

    gh'er replied

    Awesome scene. I agree, this is one of the best scenes in GH history.

    Check it out. Tamara is really good. Great performance.


    Patrick replied

    OH MY GOD – People.. Please watch this youtube celebration of pure serial

    “Elizabeth Finds the Panic Room & Carly ”

    Thank You @mails24 (@mails24) what a knock out tour de force.

    you know those times when you are crying and your heart wants to jump out your throat

    Rick Hearst – Tamara Braun – Rebecca Herbst


    Michael (not Fairman) replied

    You’re not kidding! I had never seen that scene (or that storyline–or if I did, I blocked it from my memory), but Tamara just totally slayed it.


  4. k/kay says:

    No just no!!!’


    Shay replied

    I second that (e)motion!


  5. dmr says:

    I like Tamara Braun. In fact, she is my favorite “Carly.” I think she gave Carly her sensitivity. Sarah Brown played a very tough Carly. Tamara brought some sensitivity to the role. Laura Wright (who I find highly irritating) is a combination of toughness and sensitivity-IMO.


    Patrick replied

    I would add that Sarah Browne was also the sexiest … and LIVED out every thing that Carly was created for. God I love even watching youtube for her emmy wins… she’s so the cutest and endearing. as the crowd goes Wild

    thank you.. I love the layers that Tamara Braun brought to carly.. as I’ve posted before.. Carly started growing and maturing.. and still had that sensual hold that Carly ought to have

    Laura Wright : it’s so difficult watching her act. she does not display any sensitivity at all… just watch the scenes with her and josslyn… there’s a detached feel to her character… SOMEHOW.. thanks to Jaclyn Zeman… LW manages to pull off the only thing that’s right about Carly.

    Carly 1 and 2 ARE the reason 3 is even still on the air. why ? I don’t know


    Patrick replied

    throughout all the Carly: their are two traits that identify what #1 and #2 had in spades…


    it was what made them reachable… a woman. along with all that Sarah Browne and Tamara Braun brought to their character. knock me out

  6. Patrick says:

    @DAYS – what a foolhardy move to kill off Ava Vitali. Tamara Braun , I liken to being in the same category as Eileen Davidson, Kristen.

    manipulative, scheming, daring, ultra sex me out, always in the know.

    GH is fortunate to draw on Talent.

    PS: this is ultra cool for me.. to watch what should be Carly. as current Carly thinks she’s more than every one… and can’t even fake trying to be a friend.. let alone a lost and boring lover


    Patrick replied

    “…GH is fortunate to draw on Talent. ”

    accordingly, this site… decorates GH as the best

    Shelley and Frank… unconvincingly showboat… the dullard Corinthos’ pie

    AND the rest of the cast.. along with the audience.. just know.. that their is so much much more to this show

    their goes that empty feeling.. that had this show concentrated at doling out the rest of the cast and at least tried to focus on the rest of the cast… it’d still be the best ?

    wheres the rest of the show

    I will give some serious prop… to Ava and Griffin
    I will give some serious prop.. to Ned and Olivia

    WHY : for the love of God … do the writers focus on dead Michael… he seriously should be the one who died.. he has no personality.. Nelle has since gone and died with him. when Monica gives him her phone to fix.. wallah with Sonny tech guys.. it’s figured out that ALL of PC denizen outside of BM’ Jason is being monitored ? OH MY GOD

    REALLY ? this is snowballing and climaxing – get it folks.. hop on the bandwagon… ALL for the Sonny and Carly show… two beefcake will stud .. whilst the snake charmer herself will sing… Sam


    Patrick replied

    I am so sick of GH writers… what is the effin problem ? are you daft forever?

    it was so sorry a state : to watch Ned coming back from vacation and Michael , whos so boring… could not act with him.. AND is the head of ELQ and a board member @ GH hospital ?


    Jesus .. I hope Ned and Olivia FIGHT for and take control. Michael is so bubble gum… he needs to be living at home with Carly.. and be the yes man he is. is that what GH is ? is Michael the heart and soul of Port Charles?

    OH MY GOD: rumour mill… ie: Finn and Anna. Anna’ not here any more. GH has robbed us of her. not since Paul Hornsby has Anna been the same. this lame cutesy cutesy REEL with Dr. Finn… to this day.. he has no interaction with any one on the whole cast Anna is being wasted… she had much more charisma with Andre.. and Paul Hornsby… I wish the eldest Baker boy was still on the show.. now that was a man who was Kevin Spacey sexy

    Michael Easton has got to go

    now that the stupid nuJason/Drew/Jake doe and Sam have control of JUlian media company… and Crimson supposedly runs on it’s own… that still gives leverage to the dull “Drew” and Sam to lourd over Valentin and Nina… NOT A GOOD MOVE WRITERS.

    Patrick replied

    Andre and Anna : “dance the night away”

    when GH does decide we get a glimpse of GH

    they surprised and knocked me out… and of course it was more the acting of the characters Andre and Anna. it was stunning and whet the senses

    THIS is what I clamor for. Andre was sexy as hell and Anna NATURALLY just poured it on. she was our Anna

    GH :

    give us:

    Dr. Bensch
    Ned and Olivia
    Ava and Griffin

    thank the soap “god” Griffin is doing SOMETHING

    Felicia and Mac


    there is so much on this show that does not REEL

    when all the story and focus comes around and their they are front and center:

    blech wallah it’s sorry old Sonny and Carly.. w/dead Michael


    rose replied

    Loved the dance between Anna and Andre. It shined a new light on Andre, and highlighted the dancer in Finola.

    Just curious about Griffin having to choose between the priesthood vows of celibacy, and his obvious attractions with Claudette’s mom and Ava. Maybe he could still do both…fulfill his desire to serve God by becoming a non-Catholic minister where romantic relationships are allowed and a healing doctor.

    Patrick replied

    Here’s another woman who has turned every thing… her way

    Ms. Tamara Braun

    ALL My Children
    General Hospital
    Days of OUR Lives

    I just love her… she continues to turn and surprise

    I didn’t watch her as the real Carly. at least she and Sarah Browne ignited

    current Carly attempts to be feminine with sMotherly instinct – falls fast and rams everyone over with a loud mouth.


    Patrick replied

    I will prop the story idea… of Steve Burton “Jason”

    learning that Port Charles has accepted this guy ( Billy Miller ).. he doesn’t know from apples and oranges … etc.. to seeing him married to – his – wife.. and that “Jake” is alive? that’s a lot of stretch.. and is playing out better, WITH just SB. no interaction is needed from the boring Corinthos clan laying it on thick and smothering him for naught. was Edward born after “Jason” sunk to the ocean floor ?

    except of course the prize in all this. Sam. thunderous applause.. wait for it

    Patrick replied

    Shelley and Frank are sticking it to us

    how is it that mumbles and monotone are ceo and head of a media conglomerate ?

    matching uniform are still a requirement

    Celia replied

    It’s all sbout perception, tight, Patrick.
    If I’m not mistaken, Tamara was also on AMC for a short stint as Bianca’s love interest? Didn’t like her then, either. LOL.

    Celia replied

    You think so, Patrick? Hmmmm….I don’t know. Ava was not a likable villainess; Kristin was, and always will be.
    I always looked forward to Kristin’s scenes—welcomed her…..with Ava, I always had the urge to smack her upside the head.


    Patrick replied

    Tamara and Stephen Nichols surprised me with their sex appeal

    DAYS could have tried @ the time Tamara was on the show… to yield good material out of this trio

    alas, it was another wasted opportunity for DAYS.

    Tamara Braun – Ava – was the closest DAYS will ever get to having a character in the same vein and context like Eileen Davidson. who could ever surpass

  7. Jimh says:

    So you get rid of Dillon who is a Q…connect Hayden to Liz then write her out…Brad and Lucas are on vacation at ForgetMeLand…so will Tamara be the head of what is going on with Jason’..blah, blah, blah…maybe married him and have a child somewhere like the show needs more kids when Liz’s two other sons to be off at ForgotMeLand!!


    Jimh replied

    You bring her on and the other one involved with Valentin…why not just connect current characters…Dr. O hates Monica-so why not connect her to patient6 and behind this…why not bring back Skye Chandler and have her be the one connected to Valentin instead of the newbie?…when Tracy departed Skye could had taken her place in the Q home!!!


    Steve replied

    Why haven’t we seen Liesl’s reaction to the Man Flanders fluff? Mutah would not be proud that her spawn was an advice columnist.

    Shay replied

    Absolutely, jimh!!!! Dr. O. is a natural for having taken part in this “twin” conspiracy, a complete “no-brainer!” It’s actually quite inconceivable that she wouldn’t have had some role in it somewhere along the way. Why the uber-talented Kathleen Gati and her priceless Liesl are being swept aside for lesser characters, especially new ones, is beyond me! Bring back Britt, Faison and Obrecht for a right twisted Westbourne family reunion!!!!

    Rebecca1 replied

    Hi jimh…

    Kathleen Gati’s over at CWs Arrow and loves it. Perhaps we haven’t seen the end of her as Obrecht but at this point it seems like she’s been written out.

    I do love Robin Christopheraka Skye… (just realized if you reverse her name you get Christopher Robin, Winnie-the-Pooh’s best friend, LOL!). But I looked her up and it seems she hasn’t been acting in the last five years…

    Who I REALLY miss is Ted King/Alcazar. Last I read they were going to bring him on to GH after OLTL got canceled…then they couldn’t because the online guys still had the rights to his character. But now, since the rights have swung back to ABC, I’d love them to bring him back!

  8. su0000 says:

    I have never seen nor heard of Tamara ..
    I like new characters they spice things up.
    It doesn’t tell how long her stay will be, I’d guess she is short stay.


  9. Mister Media says:

    She’s great! I’m all for it. These seasoned, solid actors are a godsend to our shows and she is joining what is already the best cast in daytime. Bring it on!


  10. Sissy says:

    Could she be Nelle’s mom? She sure reminds me of her. That being said, I would rather some of the characters that we don’t see much get more story than more characters being added.


    Celia replied

    Yes, Sissy….now that you mention it, Nelle does resemble Tamara.
    However, there’s a good possibility she’s Oscar’s Dr. Mom.


  11. Eso says:

    Dont like when soaps do this although I want Trent Dawson in his new role on GH more. They need to give him a storyline. I thought he might be Drew and he and Franco could be brothers sort of again when I think for a second they were on ATWT


  12. Michael says:

    I think this is great news, except for the fact that GH has the most bloated cast on daytime with too many characters to service adequately with a handful of characters taking up a disproportionate amount of screen time.

    That being said, Tamara was an acquired taste for me. When she first took over the role of Carly, I thought the show had ruined the character. She seemed too mousy and fragile to take over a role originated and defined by an actress who had made Carly a tough fighter on the outside (literally and figuratively), and a fragile girl looking for acceptance and love if you burrowed down enough layers. But you know, when she left the role a few years later, I was gutted. I came to love waht she did with the role. Her Carly was scrappy and defiant and she had a way of just laying out her raw emotions – she seemed to bleed her feelings on screen (watch her scenes when she though Michael was dead).

    So if handled right, this could be a great thing. But yeah, it’s a delicate challenge. IMO, MIchael Easton’s multiple returns to the show as different characters hasn’t worked (aside from his role as McBain). The effort and years it has taken to make Franco work is a little bit ridiculous. Kiki has only halfway worked and I think that was because a different actress is now playing the part. And Claudia was a fail because they started out one way with the character but wound up just making a crazier, less restrained version of Carly in the end and didn’t know what to do with two versions of Carly on the canvas – Irritating but neutered Carly, and Crazy Carly.

    Best of luck to Tamara – I’ll be tuning in.


    Timmm replied

    The OLTL characters on GH all suck! Not as actors but as characters that FV constantly shoves down our throats! At least Tamara has history on the show even though she will be a whole different character.


    Shay replied

    @Timmm….Well, it is getting pretty darn crowded in Port Charles with so many Llanviewers crashing the party….I don’t mind one or two if they really add something special to the canvas, but it seems like GH has become employment agency central for too many of OLTL’s out-of-work actors. Having said that, I do think Jessica Tuck makes for a smashing Cassandra…her cool and classy patrician vibe is a welcome contrast to the less refined femmes populating the city. As for TB….thanks, but no thanks….just her guest appearance alone during Sonny’s encounter with each of his three Carly co-stars was more than enough for me to know that I do not care for this particular casting choice.

    Celia replied

    You’re right, my T….It’s been one disappointment after the other…..
    The procession of characters just isn’t working…..and, albeit I love all my OLTL cast members, I am surprised RH’s Franco lasted this long.

  13. Bobbie says:

    Tam awesome!! I loved her as Carly, but Laura has totally made Carly her own in a way tha no
    One else did, so Laura Is Carly, but like Sarah Brown, I welcome such a great actress, Tam. on GH!!


    Remy replied

    Sarah will always be Carly, Laura makes Carly “LOUD”, Sarah made Carly a threat and that is partly due to Sarah’s personality.

    Laura has done an fantastic job keeping in essence of the character, but the true spirit will always lie within Sarah.


    Patrick replied

    this is it.

    Carly #3 is merely a shadow of her former self.

    su0000 replied

    Thank the writers and directors for the 2 different Carly’s ..

  14. Fanny says:

    She was a great Carly… Glad she’s returning to GH in any capacity,
    She’ll spice things up.


  15. Allen Saint James says:

    I didn’t like her as ava or Reese so we shall see…
    At the very least we know she has chemistry with Steve Burton


  16. aria says:

    love it, welcome back tamara, now if she’s related to claudia, zachara, that would be great, bring back sarah too, okay, lol, maybe that would be to much, but i’m happy. GH is rocking right now.


  17. Rebecca1 says:

    I love her! She exudes sensuality, grit, confidence…she was a fantastic Carly! (still amazes how similar “Nell” and she look.)

    I’m curious to see who she plays. I also don’t mind that they bring on wonderful soap actors either from other shows or from long-ago GH. They’re expanding stories, they’re bringing in new villains, relationships, foils, etc for different stories and I think it’s enjoyable… as long as they tie into (whether for the long term or the short) established characters lives.

    At the same time I can’t fathom why they’re not using the vets of GH that are still with us and want to come back. Characters: Frisco, Mac, Felicia, Lucy, Scottie, Kevin…either gone completely or used only infrequently. So while I welcome Tamara…I lament the absence of great characters that should still have a place on the show.

    Is it that none of the writers have read up on GH history so they don’t see the importance to these characters? Do they think so much of the audience from those years are gone that they’re not worth “resurrecting?” Perhaps they should take a serious poll…

    Welcome back, Tamara. Looking forward to your air dates…


  18. jeffrie says:

    Great news she plays the hell out of any part you give her!!!!!


  19. Patrick says:

    off track : heads up

    @DAYS – Kassie DePaiva is back – in two days – as Eve Donovan



  20. Remy says:


    I had to sit on my laptop to begin is novel

    Tamara is back HOME! (although she won’t play Carly, her version will strongly be remembered as maturing the character and officially making her a GH heroine)

    Hopefully, there will be no romantic angles as far as Sonny (Maurice), we want Tamara to SHINE as she has grown into an exceptional respected actress over the years.

    I want the “cat battles” with Carly and Ava to be DRAMATIC because Tamara can definitely handle the heat with ease.

    Hopefully, she is connected to Nelle. Tamara and Chloe’s resemblance in appearance and acting are so identical that them working together would be a dream.

    Laura Wright’s Carly will now have the unique distinction of portraying side by side two previous actresses that have portrayed her current role.

    Tamara will bring something uniquely different to the canvas and if the writing is done tastefully and thoughtfully, GH could have a home run with Tamara.

    Sarah Brown’s return will always be one of my favorite and disappointed returns because the reign back then decided to orbit Claudia around Sonny instead of Nichols. which ultimately destroyed Claudia.

    Even though my wishful thinking would be even more complete with Sarah’s return as Claudia, this does my soul justice.

    Laura may be Carly at the moment, but Sarah is one that brought her to life, Tamara made her appeal to the masses and Laura is making sure Carly is keeping the lights bright at GH.

    Also, lets not forget Jennifer Bransford’s portrayal as sometimes, GH wants viewers to forget and make it seem that it was Tamara then Laura. Jennifer was rough in the beginning, but towards the end, her portrayal began to mimic Sarah’s later portrayal of Carly. Jennifer and Maurice worked hard to make it work and it seemed that it was beginning to win viewers over, but with Laura ready to take over, it was a little too late.

    WELCOME BACK TAMARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Yvonne says:

    I love Tamara she was awesome e as Carly. So if they can bring her back and other actors in multiple roles I say now bring back Sarah Brown!!! She was the original Carly but she was also the best, most dynamic Carly. She can be a resurrected Claudia or someone else…she really commands the screen. Could you imagine her and Billy Miller together… I think my TV would explode! Lol.


  22. Timmm says:

    Tamara should be Nelle’s mother. They look like mother and daughter. BUT, here goes my theory, she is Oscar’s mother and the father he is looking for is SIX. Whatever way, nice to have her back, she is a talent.


    Shay replied

    @Timmm…I’m really hoping this is one of those typically short-term GH stunt castings that’s here today, gone tomorrow, for it’s the only way I would find it even mildly tolerable. As for this newbie character being Oscar’s mother? I pray that is also false…maybe she is simply this lad’s “caretaker” like Betsy Frank was to Andrew and Robert, but not the actual bio-mom. (Could being a doctor have something to do with that?) After all the hype regarding the parentage of young Mr. Nero, I have been awaiting something a bit more special than a previously unknown femme showing up in Port Charles and claiming her son’s paternity is down to a favorite legacy player. My expectations have been built up for a denouement much more explosive than that!


  23. Darnell says:

    I don’t know where this is going. I don’t think Jason needs another kid. But what would be good, if it was AJ’s son. Monica needs someone else other than Michael in her life if she’s gonna get screen time. And why not bring AJ back. Everyone comes back from the dead. She could be the one taking care of him. Seeing AJ and.Ned heat things up at ELQ will heat things up and give Ned some action bc he’s boring and lost with Olivia. Bringing AJ back will also add problems to Carly and Sonny. Talk about vengeance rearing its ugly head. He’d also have one against Ava. I’m sure Hayden will return after the birth of her child. And when are we gonna finally get the truth about Kiki being Nina’s child? This hint was dropped over a year ago and still nothing.


    Patrick replied

    “… what would be good, if it was AJ’s son. Monica needs someone else other than Michael ”

    that would be downright amazing.. thereby cementing Tamara Braun character… and jeepers kreepers

    you scared me outright… Monica doesn’t deserve this… having AJ son, Oscar, would mean every thing.. the joy in Monica is enough


    Andrew Hass replied

    I also wonder if maybe Oscar could turn out to be AJ’s and thus he is Michael’s half-brother and a Quartermaine.Plus the fact that Sonny is the one who killed AJ could create conflict because Oscar could blame him for killing his father.


  24. Steve says:

    I know she’s playing a different role, but now we’ll have 2 Jasons and 2 Carlys. What’s next? Julie Berman in a different role? Or Kurt McKinney?


    Shay replied

    I’d take those two former GH-ers over this one anyday!….At least Berman skillfully nailed her role and left huge shoes to fill when she departed! Not to mention, I always preferred KMcK’s Ned over Wally Kurth’s version.


    Steve replied

    I totally agree about Berman as it took years for me to like Rylan as Lulu (and might be because everything I’ve read about ER shows how nice a person she is). I couldn’t see Berman doing the mother hen stuff that Rylan does these days.

    We’ll disagree about the Neds. KMcK fit the role early on (especially when introduced as “Ward” in the affair with Monica). Wally Kurth can effectively be powerful and quite charming — truly believable as the grandson of Edward and Lila.

    Shay replied

    Oh, Steve…I think Berman’s feisty Lulu would have grown quite nicely into her role as a mama….although certainly not in the same vein as the softer NuLu….The original Ms. Spencer would probably have been of the tough love variety–much to the very maternal Laura’s dismay—but also no doubt been largely unfazed and unflappable by whatever antics Rocco would have gotten up to…and…she most definitely would have taken him ice-fishing and on other rough-and-tumble tomboyish trips! As for Ned, I’ve just never warmed up to Wally Kurth’s take on the character after enjoying the preppy Mr. McKinney’s boyishly handsome version …I also can’t abide “Eddie Maine” despite the fact I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly why. Just different strokes for different folks, I guess!


  25. jaybird369 says:

    OK GH…now you’re just showing off. SO STOP IT!!!!!


  26. Jacob says:

    As for TB – the Carly/Sonny/Jason show with her is one of the reasons I stopped watching this show after nearly 20 years so I don’t have a great feel about her Carly…. but the actress who plays Nelle could easily be her daughter (looks wise, I don’t know the actors’ real ages)… but she yes could also be Oscar’s mom (which would be preferable as, since they started to reveal that yes Nelle is indeed a bad seed – thus making Carly ‘right’ about her – I’m less interested in the character overall).

    I really like the idea of AJ being Oscar’s father and hope that this is what the team has planned. I know that writers read these boards and once they see that fans have guessed something, they change their minds, but if this is the plan, don’t change! lol :)


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