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2 December 3rd, 2009 Taylor Miller recalls AMC’s Cliff & Nina and novice acting status!

Taylor MillerTaylor Miller is returning to All My Children for it’s 40th Anniversay episodes on January 4th and 5th, and We Love Soaps caught up with one of soaps most beloved heroines on her soap opera past as one half of the super couple of  Cliff ( played by Y&R’s Peter Bergman) and Nina.     One very interesting excerpt details how the producers felt she could not act!

Taylor Miller: “Peter was a very giving actor and about not putting a shadow on my face and making me look good [laughs]. I don’t know. I think it was one of those things where they hired people with great chemistry together. I had never had a job of this magnitude before but James had not had a job in a long time and he wanted this to work. Elizabeth Lawrence and all of them had been in the industry for so long they knew what it took to make people work together, and they just dragged us along.   I remember Jørn Winther, the producer, came up to me and said, “They wanted to fire you and I said no.” And I thought, “Fire me? I didn’t know you could even be fired from a job once you got it.” I was taking acting classes and Jørn said, “You better learn how to act.” One day I had this scene in Nina’s bedroom and I was acting like it was cold in the room and Sherrell Hoffman came in and said, “What happened to you?” and I said, “What do you mean?” And she said, “You were acting there.”

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  1. donatella says:

    I hope they re-cast Taylor Miller as Nina. She was one of the best actresses that AMC has ever had.


  2. Jewell says:

    They need to bring Nina and Daisy back full time. They need to rebuild the Courtlandt family.


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