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17 January 9th, 2016 TBS Comedy WRECKED Featuring Former DAYS Star James Scott Releases First Trailer!


During the winter TCA session for TBS, the cable network released trailers and tune-in information for its upcoming new shows for 2016, one of which is Wrecked.  That is the comedy daytime fans recall which features as one of its main cast members former Days of our Lives star, James Scott (Ex-EJ DiMera)!  While TBS has not confirmed a premiere date for the show it will be sometime this year.  Scott stars along with Zack Creggar, Ginger Gonzaga, Jessica Lowe, Asif Ali, Ally Maki, Will Greenberg, Brooke Dillman, George Basil, Rhys Darby and Brian Sacca who play a a diverse group of people trying to adjust to life after being stranded on a remote island in a dangerous new world where they must face many threats – mostly brought on by themselves!

Fans of the ABC drama series LOST will get the biggest kick out of this parody where you will notice scenes in the trailer ripped straight from the former series iconic premiere episode!  However, this show is playing it all for laughs!  Scott stars as the seemingly most handsome man in the world, even after a horrific plane crash!

Watch James and the cast of Wrecked after the jump! Let us know if you are intrigued by the premise, and if you are looking forward to seeing Mr. Scott back on your TV screens!

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  1. Lou Piikes says:

    Congrats to James.


  2. Gracy says:

    I just contacted TBS a couple days ago wanting to know the status of James and the show. Then this! I am excited.


  3. blake says:

    Congrats to James Scott! That man is so damn hot, he deserved to be on a prime time show with that body showing!


    Patrick replied

    “…Scott stars as the seemingly most handsome man in the world ”

    not far from the truth…. disarmingly so

    add in his talent

    he was near perfect as a DiMera… even if… at the end… his love for Sami… won out

    oy! SALUTE to Joseph Mascolo !

    Stefano is truly, the heartbeat, of Days ( right alongside with Victor )

    bar none… with all the respect, given, from his peers…. in a class all to himself



  4. Shirley Strickler says:

    I will definitely be tuning in to see James Scott,love and miss him so much on Day’s. The hanks for the trailer and please keep us fans informed.


    Shirley Strickler replied

    Typo,I meant thank you for the trailer and please keep us fans informed.


  5. gracie says:

    I have been on pins and needles waiting…waiting…waiting for the show to air!


  6. Teresa Caralis says:

    I will be watching and the only reason is James Scott. I am waiting to see him on tv again…great job to whom ever picked him for the show. All Days Of Our Lives fans will be watching!


  7. Sherri Gisler says:

    I know for a fact, we will be having a “Friend’s Gathered at Sherri’s House Night” every night for as long as this series lasts!!!! James has a huge following, we HATED when he left “DOOL” ! We wished him well but we were not happy about it, lol!!! This series is a great idea! The Waynans Brother’s do this to original movies & series all the time, but “Lost!…. Whoever thought this one up is a mastermind! We can not wait! Kudos to TBS for coming up with this!ll Tell “BEG” James (he is the most beautiful man ever) Scott to sign a “FOREVER” contact, he is by far above of Soap Operas but we will take him however we can get him…! He’s so yummy…! And please don’t kill him off!!!!!!!


  8. Jamy says:

    Looks like he gets killed right away unfortunately. Hope I’m wrong but only watching for him so hope not.


  9. Barbara says:

    I am watching this show because of James Scott. I look forward to seeing him in a comedic roll. If they kill him off…they will have “wrecked” the show.


    Barbara replied

    OOPS that should have been “comedic role”.


  10. Jean says:

    Just watched a 20 min showing of Wrecked first show and the character James Scott plays was killed — sure hope they’re going to use a Soap trick and bring him back from the dead!!!!!!


  11. Cindi says:

    If James Scott’s character is killed off in the first episode, that will be the last episode I watch. Producers – listen up.


  12. Linda Goggans says:

    If you really killed off James Scott, big, big, huge mistake…..All DOOL fans have been waiting for his return on any TV show


  13. Ann says:

    Language is not family friendly and killing off James Scott means I won’t watch again. I had been looking forward to this for so long. So disappointed.


  14. H Burns says:

    Just watched the premier episodes of Wrecked for the sole purpose of seeing James Scott. I was totally shocked when they killed him off in the very first episode! I kept expecting them to find him still alive somehow. This is B/S….if he’s really off the show then I will NOT be watching in the future! Good Luck with your “Wrecked” show!


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