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3 January 12th, 2011 Ted King on his new role of Tomas on One Life to Live!

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Ted King’s new role as Tomas on One Life to Live is the subject of a new item out today from TV Guide.   King will premiere  on January 21 as a struggling Parisian artist.   Apparently, Tomas’s last name will be kept a secret as he is related to someone back in Llanview!

According to TV Guide, “The plot: Blair jets to Paris to track down Tomas — whom she’s never met — to find out why he painted a portrait of her. It’s not just any portrait, but one copied from a photo taken of Blair at one of her weddings to Todd (back when Roger Howarth was playing the role).  

King stated about getting into the skin of his new character,  ”He’s a little out of touch with reality — the kind of guy who’ll go buy a beautiful bottle of Bordeaux instead of paying his rent. I  love the character’s spontaneity. He wants to live in the moment and doesn’t care about the practical things in life.”

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  1. Jen says:

    He sounds so intriguing!


  2. Lin says:

    He certainly does. Completely different from Ted’s characters, Lorenzo and Luis, on GH. As a long time fan of Ted King, I cannot wait until Ted/Tomas hits my screen the 21st! This role couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


  3. jg says:

    Tomas had better not be related to that idiot Aubrey or Cutter. They need to bring Hannah back with Tomas as her Uncle (since her parents are absentee). Then incorporate Tomas and Hannah into Blair and Starr’s life.

    I miss Hannah, Alex Olanov, Max, Tina. The crazy and funny characters are the best to watch.


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