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5 September 29th, 2010 Terrell Tilford and Jason Tam let-go by One Life to Live!


According to ABC Soaps in Depth, their setside sources have revealed that both Jason Tam (Markko) and Terrell Tilford (Greg) have been released from One Life to Live. It came as no surprise to On-Air On-Soaps that Tilford would be the next to go, in lieu of his part in the conspiracy to keep Tea from her loved ones and being at the epicenter of that major storyline.

However for Jason Tam, he had just returned to the soap on September 24 after having taken the summer off to participate in The Public Theatre’s Shakespeare Lab in New York City.  So with Tam gone then can safely assume all systems are a go for Ford and Langston to be a love-match?

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  1. Sally says:

    OLTL is really stupid. Terrell Tilford (Greg) is not only a talented actor, but really good looking. There are very few actors on soaps today that have the same screen presence that A. Martinez does . Hopefully he will find a show that appreciates his talent.


    Kara Anderson replied

    Greg Evans is very talented and did he do Broadway or not I do like him in real life and on the show I don’t like him anywise


  2. Charles says:

    Understand why Jason is being let go — there is not that many ties for him now that he and Langston are kaput. Jason seems to be a great triple threat — actor, dancer and singer, so I am sure he will have no problem finding employment. I would love to seem him turn up on AMC, either as new character or to replace one of the weaker younger ones currently on the show.

    Terrell Tilford…surprised it has taken this long. In my opinion, his acting is laughable and has really had a negative impact on the Tea, Eli storyline currently playing out. He has been one of the weakest links in the storyline.


  3. Brian says:

    With both Terrell & Jason released from OLTL, once more, more cultural & ethnic diversity are being thrown aside on the very show that once was known for these attributes. Damn Them!


  4. patricia says:

    as and older woman it was nice seeing such a good looking young man as terrell tilford acting . I am so sorry that he is leaving the show. I really wish that they bring him back to One Life to Live


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