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3 November 19th, 2010 Terri Conn (formerly Colombino) on her new digs in Llanview!

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One Life to Live’s newest cast member, Terri Conn, formerly known as Terri Colombino, formerly known as Katie from ATWT, is excited about her Llanview debut… so much so that the talented young actress released this statement!

Terri: “I was watching the show on November 15th and it really hit me how fortunate I am to be on this AMAZING show!!!  It is classic soap…secrets revealed (Rex’s parents), romance (James and Starr on Starr Beach), comedy (Kelly’s drunk dialing), and family (the fabulous Cramer girls, the Buchanan’s, etc) and it LOOKS like a movie!  Everyone is so sweet and they are total pros. I’m having so much fun with my character. I just keep getting more and more excited every day!  Thank you Frank Valentini and ABC for giving me a shot!!!”

You can watch Terri’s debut in the role of Aubrey Wentworth on Monday, November 29th on ABC Daytime.

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  1. kara anderson says:

    I loved Aubrey Wentworth so much she is lovely younger woman for Joey Buchanan I ‘am so happy for them to get engaged on the show. I Loved new Joey buchanan so much now he is adorable and handsome man. He is my favorite actor on the show. My name is Kara Anderson.

    Kara Anderson

    p.s. Write back soon I what to here back from you


  2. AaronZ says:

    OLTL is beginning too truly have some interesting plot twists developing. i do hope that sooner than later that Rex’s true dad Clint will be revealed to all and then let the games begin for all the spoils of the Buchanan fortune. Terri Conn glad shes working but i am still furious that ATWT is not on the air.


  3. Aubery says:

    I think Terri is doing an ok job….. So far. Tom D on the other hand is so mis-casted for this role, his bland, boring,and young. Terri 35 and Tom 29… Big age differance and no chemistry…..Its just a pity it shows… Aubery second day and she was stripped down! Oltl should really write a book on how not write a couple. Aubery and Joey are a disaster waiting. They should really recast the Joey role, with an older actor. Have to wonder if secretly Jean Passinate did have a hand at helping with the re casting the role of Joey. The rest of the actor’s who were in the running for joey buchanan were the cream of the crop, really experience actor’s from Dool, gh…… So on.


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