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7 July 2nd, 2013 Terri Ivens Joins The Cast of Tainted Dreams!

Photo Credit: Chris Rosa

Former All My Children star, Terri Ivens (Ex-Simone Torres) joins the ranks of well-known soap stars who comprise the cast of All My Children’s current Supervising Producer, Sonia Blangiardo and her upcoming project and series Tainted Dreams for her NYC Brand Productions!

According to Blangiardo, “Ivens will play the role of ‘Kassandra Bentley,’ an in your- face, manipulative actress who stars in Tainted Dreams soap within the soap, “Painted Dreams”.

Alicia Minshew (Kendall, AMC) who is already been previously announced will play ‘Angelica Caruso,’  “Painted Dreams” senior producer who is stuck trying to deal with all the backstage chaos actors like Iven’s ‘Kassandra’ leave in their wake.

For more on Tainted Dreams, visit the NYC Brand Productions website here!  Ivens joins former All My Children stars, Walt Willey, Michael Lowry, Minshew, plus former Guiding Light star, Grant Aleksander and more for this new series!

So what do you think of the cast and premise thus far of Tainted Dreams, with the addition of Ivens?

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  1. Linda Dowell says:

    I miss Alicia playing Zach’s paramour in AMC – loved them. Trying hard to be happy for her because she’s amazing.


    Beth replied

    You and me both. I love Zach and Kendall too. I hope AMC can make room for Alicia and that she still wants to do AMC. In the meantime, I’m very happy Alicia will be on Tainted Dreams with her good pal Terri and others. At least Alicia lives in NY, will be working on TD in NY, while AMC films in CT. She’s on the right coast, at least. (Trying to stay hopeful and find the silver lining here…)


    Linda Dowell replied

    Yes – I’m so happy I get to see AMC and I’ve wondered about Alicia – I thought maybe she was on Broadway or happy to raise her child…but I’ll definitely check out Tainted Dreams, I’m presuming it will be available in some form, yes?
    The silver lining, I think maybe, is that we have these people back in our lives in some new and experimental and progressive fashion..that’s so much better than two years ago! Thanks very much for you reply and the info. L

  2. Sandy says:

    I think the cast so far is promising. Using actors and actresses from multiple soaps is a brilliant way to utilize aspiring talent. When is the debut of Tainted Dreams? I especially like Alicia Minshew, Terri Ivens and Walt Willey. I would love to see Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) and Reva and Josh (The Guiding Light) back in action once again. I will watch Tainted Dreams as the line-up so far is great.


  3. Linda says:

    I like Sandy’s comments and am looking forward to Tainted Dreams. I like the fact that a soap will be done in NY as many great soap actors still have NY as their home base. When will it debut and will it be on television or on the net?


  4. Holly says:

    I am excited that so many talented actors with soap opera experience were hired for this new show! MIchael Park & Trent Dawson, from ATWT and Robert Newman & Kim Zimmer from GL would be great additions to this show. Michael or Robert would be great as Ethan Washington. Trent would be great as Eddy Parish. Maybe Kim could play Courtney Parish. Just some ideas! :)


  5. Terri Ivens says:

    Michael Fairman I adore You!!!


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