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60 October 3rd, 2014 The Alison Sweeney Interview: Countdown To Her Final DAYS!

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We are in the home stretch of Alison Sweeney’s (Sami) final weeks on Days of our Lives.   While the longest running scripted television series in NBC history is being tight-lipped about her final airdate, Sami will exit the canvas this month.  And thus, fans will say their farewell to an astounding almost 22 year run by Sweeney, who first came on to the show as a teenager, and has blossomed right in front of our eyes to a woman of great strength, and so much talent to boot!

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Alison for this very special interview to get some of her parting thoughts, as she, and the viewing audience, gets ready to watch Sami’s exit in the coming weeks. And while fans are guessing on just how Sami will exit the show, they can right now get a double dose of Alison not only on DAYS, but on the new season of the Biggest Loser (Thursdays 8PMET) as host of the NBC weight loss competition series which is celebrating its tenth season this month.

Since Alison departed DAYS, she has been busy directing at both General Hospital and in Salem, and in our chat she discusses that experience and her plans for the future. And what of the collaboration with James Scott (EJ), that caused quite the sensation as EJami, and her other Salem leading men? You’ll find out her thoughts below!  It’s hard for us to fathom DAYS without Sami, as Alison was a true cheerleader and leading lady of the soaps.  So for the final time, for now, here’s our chat with one of daytime’s all-time champs!

We are in the final month of the airing of your last episodes of Days of our Lives.  While you ended your run back in May. and said many goodbyes back then, what emotions do you feel now knowing your millions of DAYS fans are going to watch you exit the show on-screen shortly?

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ALISON:  I’m just so grateful to all my fans who have stayed with me through Sami’s ups and downs. The tweets and facebook messages of support … mean the world to me!

When you look back at the extraordinary dynamic and soap fame, you and James Scott (EJ) created as EJami, could you ever see something like that being replicated?  It seems while you had many leading men over the course of your time as Sami, EJ was the one who guy with Sami that became a “phenomenon”! You either loved or hated the on-screen duo!

ALISON: Yeah, it definitely always sparked a reaction out of the fans.  But I think every pair of actors creates a unique combo – you never know what you’re going to get until you see them on-screen.  So in that way, I don’t think what we did could be ‘recreated’.  It’s all to do with chemistry, the character and the story.  I’m very proud of the work James and I did together over the years.  The EJami fans definitely voiced their support in a way that inspired me.  But I’ve loved all my leading men throughout the 21-plus years. I’m very proud of the work we have all done together.  I feel very lucky to have worked opposite Galen Gering (Rafe) and Bryan Datillo (Lucas). And certainly storylines with Austin (Patrick Muldoon/Austin Peck) and Lucas hold a special place in my heart because of the many years we worked together.

I so wish I would have been able to wish you well, and celebrate in your success for all you have meant to DAYS, and the fans of the series, when you had your on-set goodbye party.  Anything you can share that looking back on the day that was extra special for you with a cast member, longtime executive producer, Ken Corday, or a memento that you took with you?


ALISON:  That last day was surreal. I walked on set to be surprised by my work family and my family with my mom, and Dave and my kids. They were all there alongside: Wayne Northrup (Ex-Roman), Christine Clark (Ex-Carrie) and Patrick Muldoon (Ex-Austin) who all surprised me alongside: Deidre (Marlena), Drake (John), Kristian (Hope), Lauren (Kate) and so many others.  To look around and see my family, and the cast and the crew surround me, and to have such touching thoughts from Ken and NBC was overwhelming.  I look at the pictures from that party and am so touched!

Many, including myself, have said you have done absolute Emmy-worthy work over the last several months (on-screen) with Sami’s revenge on EJ and Abigail (Kate Mansi).  Will you consider throwing your hat into the ring come Daytime Emmy time for Lead Actress, even though you have departed the show?

ALISON:  Right now, I’m focusing on the last month of the show airing.  I’ll think about that next year when we get closer to it.  But, thank you so much for the compliment!

You have been active on social media and facebook doing the Sami countdowns – “The DAYS of Sami”!  Are there more on the way before you say farewell to Salem?  We loved “Top Ten Chick Fights”!


ALISON:  So glad you’re liking them!  It’s been such fun for me to reminisce alongside my fans, and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the ones I’m planning for October.

Will you be watching your final episode of DAYS when its time for Sami’s exit?  How do you think it will sit with the fans of the show?

ALISON:  I really enjoyed all the trips down memory lane as we get closer to the end.  I hope it touches the fans as it did me. As for the final day, I’m not sure what’ll be doing, but I do know that I’ll have it on DVR to keep forever.

Has there been now a feeling of relief that you are not doing the daily grind of performing on a soap opera?  Or, do you find yourself at times missing it?

ALISON:  I certainly miss the people at DAYS; I miss Sami too and loved going back to direct, but I relish time with my family – taking my kids to school, riding horses with my daughter, being with my son for practices, and date nights with my husband.

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You directed at General Hospital and Days of our Lives!  Could you see yourself becoming an ongoing director for either series?  And could you ever see yourself joining the ranks of Michelle Stafford (Nina), Maura West (Ava), Laura Wright (Carly) and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), and playing a part in Port Charles with probably the top notch female cast in daytime in the near future?

ALISON:  I love to direct.  I love finding interesting choices to tell stories and working with actors that I’ve known for so many years. My plan right now is to host Biggest Loser, direct when I can, and start production on my next Hallmark Movie, Radio Hype.

With Biggest Loser back for another season; oftentimes people are concerned with the sudden weight-loss of some of the contestants and that it’s potentially unhealthy.  But what has been inspiring is that you have really helped women everywhere in terms of lifestyle choices, and food and fitness, etc.  Did you ever think this would be part of your brand? Or, was this something you had always hoped and set out to do?

ALISON:  I was a fan of the Biggest Loser before being asked to join as host.  So, obviously I was thrilled when the offer came to me.  The show is incredibly inspiring to me and to the many people that come up to me sharing their stories of weight loss. At the end of the day, I’m proud to be part of the solution to the obesity epidemic in this country by having a show that teaches the importance of fitness and nutrition.


In closing, what would you like to say to the millions of DAYS fans who are preparing to get out their hankies when they watch your on-screen exit?

ALISON:  I love my fans and am so grateful to them for almost 22 years of support.  The gifts, the notes, and the social media messages all mean so much to me, and I hope my fans know that.

So, what do you think about Alison’s comments as she and us get ready to say goodbye to Sami?  How do you think she will be written out of DAYS?  What do you have to say about the success of the soap super couple, EJami? And what are your thoughts on Alison’s accomplishments throughout her career? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Maggie says:

    Ali Sweeney is a class act extraordinaire, and she handles social media with finesse and grace. I’m treasuring each of her performances and am thankful I had the luck to watch her all her time on Days. She’s been brilliant. And although I wish she could have gone out on any other story – I found the cheating storyline to be so disrespectful to the characters Sami and EJ, it’s been one more situation where Ali took the trash that was handed her and wove it into something remarkable. I’m thrilled that at least when Sami leaves town, she’ll be with the man who loved and valued her more than any other.

    I wish Ali all the good and successes that life offers, and I look forward to seeing her future projects. You go girl!


    Max replied

    Second that!!


    juju replied

    Totally agree. Ali and the character Sami SHE created with the help of some older (and not anymore here) writers deserved better than this last awful storyline.
    Thankfully her other story with Kate as a revenge queen was the only highlight in this mess.


    Bellamarie replied

    Perfectly said. I have watched for over 40 yrs. was furious with evil teen Sami, but gre to love her character as she grew up and evolved into this strong woman. So glad she and EJ found their way back to each other. I for one will be sobbing on her last day. Good luck Ali…..until Sami returns to Salem, ciao!


    nettie replied



  2. MBmomof3 says:

    I found Ejami provided great drama, for me as a viewer. But I’m old-school Team Lumi. Ultimately, I found Kami to be the pairing I most enjoyed.

    Thank you, Ms. Sweeney for the many years of great entertainment. I know I will miss your presence. Salem won’t be the same without you. Best of luck to you in all you do.

    Thanks, Mr. Fairman for another great interview!


  3. MBmomof3 says:

    Completely off-topic: Anyone know what happened to the poster, Patrick? I know he is a big DOOL fan and I haven’t seen any comments from him lately.

    Patrick, I hope all is well. I miss your posts:)


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Ive been wondering about Patrick too…i heard John Martin will be joining GH sometime this year and i wanted to let Patrick know that one of his favorite former soap stars maybe returning!!!


    4ever DAYS replied

    jimh…Maybe Patrick is busy writing a book of poems.

    4ever DAYS replied

    MBmomof3…September 28th is the most recent post by Patrick that I see…The ratings report of September 26th.

    From time to time Patrick does go away…Remember when the news broke that Eileen Davidson quit DAYS after one year, last year? There was no post from Patrick for a few days, but when he finally posted, he said he was gone a few days and was in shock over the news.

    Your question did strike a nerve with me…What happens if people regularly post and then there is nothing? Do we assume they’ve grown tired of commenting or even turned against the show and/or soaps in general? Do we assume a person is sick or worse? How would our questions and/or our fears be answered?

    It’s sad knowing and not knowing a person at the same time. I guess we just have to hope for the best…


    CeeCee replied

    That’s so sweet, 4ever. We go about our daily routine not giving a second thought to our family of posters until we don’t hear from them.
    And now that we are on the subject, Shay is MIA, right?…..I hope she’s ok. I miss her.

    Patrick replied

    Thank You

    things compiled and overthrew my reach

    I went home : in august… and, REALity took

    alcoholism took

    my favorite cousin… in a years time… squandered, her livelihood… her family…

    that drug/illness will always be a part of my past, present, and future

    it robbed me of my mother and sister… and now it’s affecting … more

    I willingly share… the empty to procure life

    my zeal for this genre will not waver… I’m still with
    the difference between story and reality… just lingered

    I could cry about what ails

    the hurt

    it’s a surreal journey to spout : why, what, where, when, why

    I’ve always surmised… it’s their flight plan… and not mine

    i’ll compound that my lot… enervated… our generate

    brought the the forefront how disrespectful I devalued mine

    oh… relationships… traverse both ways and means

    my homefront is for the better part of…. forward

    I just had to step back and help myself mend what hurts the most
    I don’t know that it’s a let that will curtail

    the ebb and flow rises and falls and will never plateau

    the bridge of humanness… cares


    Patrick replied

    p.s. : the thought and linger of said posters who effortlessly put out their… inquiry… helps without reason

    just a thank you and it’s a drive forward that instills

    wow… I feel better

    Serials… in our life… moves

    i’m better for this

    CeeCee replied

    Hi, my dear, dear, Patrick. It both elates and pains me to hear from you. No matter your past, please look to the future….there is another force out there bigger than us all. All you have to do is reach for it.
    I know you want to say, “sure, it’s easy for you to say” . But, there is always a window that opens when a door closes. You have such a good heart, I can tell. …..I like to write; anything…poetry, short stories etc. your writing grabs me.
    I do not know if you’re anywhere near NYC. …but, many publishing houses would love to see writing like yours. It’s different, offering a hidden sorrow just beyond “the hill”….. I think you know what I’m trying to say.
    You should look into it. I am sure you have a compilation of some of your writing…clean it up and I urge you to submit it.
    Good luck…hope to hear from you. Later.

    Patrick replied


    you are correct…. I went home last august as well…. when I came back…. I learned of Eileen Davidson leaving DAYS

    which is still a source of contention for me…. watching Y&R fridays eps only…. I still don’t get it…. why she’d go back … and not celebrate with us…. Salem’ites

    Oh. well… this years headline… after this past august was reading… how she joined the bev hills wives of hollywood. I’m going to be checking it out… for ED and Lisa Rinna… try to

    one last footnote… and move on….. ie: this is MF’ blog
    my mom married several times…. I was “spared” that affliction…. a pall hovered over me….

    thanks again for the kinship

    Mary SF replied

    Tossed by tempest waves my life may be
    and winds of change may sway and bend
    But ever fix is my beating heart and the love that lies within
    Where mocking hate cannot reach
    nor fear’s embrace can find
    my self
    my self is I
    I am
    my home

    thoughts and prayers— from mary sf

    MBmomof3 replied

    Thanks for checking in, Patrick. Hang in there and know people care. Be well.

    4ever DAYS replied

    Keep writing, Patrick!

    rebecca1 replied

    wow…just saw these posts….welcome back, Patrick. I wondered what happened to you too…over at GH! :)

    unfortunately we all have our personal “stories”…some sooner than later. human condition. that’s why sites like these, anonymous though they may be…offer a respite and escape from reality…which is also why soaps are so engrossing. they take us away….

    also nice to have this comraderie among story lovers…and as 4ever mentioned…I’d like to elaborate…that I too, have often thought how interesting it is to exchange ideas, jokes, alliances…on sites like these. it’s almost like reading a book. we “imagine” what we each look like…we conjure each other up in our minds. interesting thought to connect with strangers this way, and yet it becomes a famiiar place to gather.

    fun! interesting…safe haven. ;)

    rebecca1 replied

    Mary…love that poem! I’m not familiar with it…I must admit I’m not even sure if you are quoting or if you wrote it!

    Shay replied

    @Patrick….So sorry to read of your recent trials and travails….hope you will rebound from them soon!!! MFSoaps is definitely the lesser when your creative and heartfelt soul are absent from its midst….please don’t be a stranger, particularly at GH threads!!!!! (That’s where I most enjoy your unique, thought-provoking contributions!!!) Do take care, dear fellow fan of “The 5th Soap….”

    Shay replied

    That would be “soul is…”

  4. Paul says:

    Michael great interview I think Ali although loved all her leading men I think it was James that she loved working with the most I mean Ejami was out of this world the chemistry both actors had were amazing and that is because they were best friends in real life. There never be another couple like Ejami I really fear for Days future without them they carried this show by themselves in my opinion for the last 8 years or so what a loss they are going to be. So Ali and comes back with James one day hope they don’t kill EJ off for real still hoping its a fake death and we will get HEA for our couple.


  5. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Sami and E.j. will go on the run from Stephano…Allison will be back for Days 50th…maybe…let her take time off to spend with her family just like GHs Steve B…best not to go there…lol


    CeeCee replied

    Running from Stefano is a good assumption. I also think Ejami could be running from Clyde.


    4ever DAYS replied

    I had to post here, CeeCee.

    I know I remember seeing Shay, but can’t remember how…I’m sorry to you and Shay.

    Shay must not comment on DAYS. Is she a viewer of Y&R, B&B or GH… maybe a couple soaps?

    Find a comment by her and ask what’s going on…maybe her most recent post.

    CeeCee replied

    Thanks for answering 4ever. And, of course, you’re right, as usual. She does only post for GH. But, she hadn’t since September 24th….which is okay. But, LOL, whenever Sabrina enters the stage, Shay does not miss the opportunity to voice her not so complementary opinions. And, you know what I mean…..her descriptive and abasive writing concerning this character, never fails to crack me up, albeit we disagree. This last time she hasn’t commented on Sabrina’s conversation with Patrick about Luke causing the accident.
    But, I looked back and found her comment for rebecca (Oct. 2) on an old site. That’s why she does not appear on the most recent sites.
    I’m glad she’s somewhere, at least….she’s been busy, I suppose.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Shay posted under Twin Peaks recently if you need to reply to her!!!

    4ever DAYS replied

    It’s good to hear Shay is OK!

    Shay replied

    Dearest CeeCee….Thank you so much for your concern….it was very sweet of you, but fear not, I am just fine!!! I’ve been really busy, and because I am the quintessential inveterate “night writer,” I occasionally find myself over-extended by the end of the day, and I simply drop instead of hanging out online and posting!!! I read your comments earlier this afternoon on my smartphone, but I prefer to be formal and sit down at my laptop before I reply…thus, finally, here I am!!!! (I actually “visited” overnight and added some new responses elsewhere, but that was before I found your post here….) Hence, all is good…..but do know that I sometimes take a brief sabbatical from writing at MFSoaps when I get bogged down or simply bored….by GH, that is, NEVER this site or the wonderful people that comprise it! I do try to hold up my commitment to commenting on all things Snippy (formerly known as “Sappy”….) because I have come to realize that it is expected of me at this point, however, if I miss a chance or two, it’s something I will revisit as soon as I can!!!! (Oh, believe me, I will never pass up that chance, even if it’s later rather than sooner….LOL) At any rate, I am on my way to the GH thread to further expound on just that notion….so I’ll see you there. And yes, that is my usual “location.” I will very rarely comment on other soaps, even though I no longer watch them, and also some primetime and special topic subjects, but primarily, I am found at GH!!!! I will try to do better with keeping up in the future!!!! Thanks again for asking after me…. : )

  6. lucy says:

    Ali Sweeney and her Sami’s character is/was the only thing who really made me watch this Days of our lives soap opera. Once she is gone, i am too..that’s life.
    Now, i hope to watch her very soon in new projects, she has so much charisma..see you on prime time Ali !


    4ever DAYS replied

    Lucy…Ali said she will be back to DAYS for special appearances, including DAYS 50th!

    Ali is also directing DAYS episodes. She’ll always be a part of DAYS in some capacity or another, but I think she’ll be playing Sami regularly within two years!!


    Shay replied

    @4ever Days….Shay here! Thank you for your kind comments….I’m a-ok, just crazybusy…..already have gotten back to the awesome CeeCee, but wanted to send my personal thanks to you, as well. I’m mostly parked at GH topics, although I sometimes meander over to other threads….not so much Days, though. Been many moons since I “visited” Salem….. ; )

  7. sheila snyder says:

    its so sad to see SAMI go but i have watched her sice she came on as SAMI n i think she is a great actress n i really love SAMI but will miss her so much ty sincerally yours SHEILA SNYDER


  8. Mark says:

    She is ok but I will miss EJ more. I love Days!!!!


  9. Lena says:

    Great interview, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from Michael! I’m going to miss Sami and EJ so much. They have been a part of my day since I came back to the show in 2009. I wish Ali and James all the best.


  10. Sharron Tipton says:

    Really gonna miss you Sami. I am so glad I got the opportunity to meet you when the Days guys played on a softball team in Burbank. Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors……………. :-)


  11. Carol says:

    I will miss you. Hope you come back full time on days


  12. Dawn says:

    I never liked EJ and Sami. I found EJ extremely dull and boring especially after he raped Sami.


    nettie replied



  13. Mary SF says:

    And thank you Alison for sticking with the character for 22 years– that kind of loyalty is rarely seen in any profession—so many young actors get their feet wet on daytime, then move on to prime time, movies or stage– that fact you stayed and allowed us to see Sami grow up with the original actress portraying her– was a joy and a treat— And I don’t believe for minute that was Mr. Fairman’s last interview with you—- I know you’ll be back one day, until then God speed — PS—Salem will not be the same without Samantha Jean.


  14. Amanda says:

    I’m really not of the opinion that Ejami was a “phenomenon”. That just makes me laugh. I was always more of a Lucas/Sami fan than any of her other pairings but I preferred Sami on her own most of the time. I will miss her and her drama.


    olivia replied

    The fact that you are Lucas/Sami fan explain your opinion about
    Not everybody has the same tastes and think the same, thankfully.


  15. Mercedes Cotto says:

    I am going to miss Sami and ej I can’t believe he’s going to be killed but I think Ali is an amazing person and I hope to see her in a movie or on a show other than biggest loser I’m ur biggest fan


    dewayne replied

    The only reason I watched days was because of sammi she will be missed wish her the best sorry to see her go maybe she will return one day


  16. DaysFan says:

    If I never hear the term ejami again, it will be too soon.
    Have loved both actors over the years, and wish them both the best, but I cannot wait until they are gone.
    Can’t wait to have an “ejami” free show.
    Counting down the days!


  17. Patrick says:


    hasn’t she had the world on her shoulder

    Salem’ites, acknowledge, this grand dame

    she enervated her vim and vigor

    she even unknowingly… carried

    as posted prior… Sammi in love…
    with HER being

    IS hers and enough

    that DiMera exchange… with her Brady…. and she’s longwinded that charge… but I love her still

    If I met her in person… it’d be to thank her for keeping Salem and DOOL present

    Ali: forward… with


  18. Kathy says:

    The Ejami farewell tour has been going on for months. I will be glad when they are gone. Maybe then Days can get back to a truly ensemble cast. Best wishes to both actors but enough is enough.


  19. Sami Gene says:

    Ejami as a phenomenon? A phenomenon of horror, yes. I despised them together as a couple. I’ve yet to see the so-called hotness and chemistry that others speak of. Imo, Alison had and still has the most chemistry with Bryan Dattilo. I think the show recognized that too and purposely limited the number of scenes they shared over Sami’s final months. Can’t have the viewers realizing that there’s a way better option for her than taking back her lying, cheating husband, who btw is STILL LYING to her about his drug business. As a Sami fan, I am insulted by the exit she’s getting and if they actually show ejami meeting up after he fakes his death, I will be livid. Sami Brady is worthy of a much better ending than that.


    olivia replied

    Please..while Ej could be awful, Lucas did not treat her better..sadly Sami always had guys who were not very ‘kind’ to say the least..However with Ej, the story was always passionate, interesting and deep.


  20. Jane says:

    Have been watching Days of Our Lives since the end of 1968 so have watched Sami grow up on on the show. Oh, how I will miss her . I shall always treasure the memory I have of meeting Allison at our Women’s Health Fair a number of years ago.I found her to be very sincere and charming and love the personalized autographed picture I received from her. I am so happy that she will be able to spend more time with her children and am wishing her the best of luck in all of her future adventures .


    4ever DAYS replied

    Hi Jane…Will you be so kind as to telling us the circumstances surrounding the discovery of DAYS…Did family members and/or friends watch? Did your fellow students or coworkers watch? Were you watching any other soaps? Were you too busy or too young to watch the first 3 years of DAYS? Do you remember the characters and storylines that grabbed your attention? Are all my questions bothering you? lol

    I always wished that I could have seen the first 18 years of DAYS, but I’ve researched a lot (Google/friends/family/posters) and it’s pretty close to actually seeing it!

    Can and will you help me see more?


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I seen it from the beginning…mostly in the summer months because my parents said i had to go to school and it was the law…lol…but glad when i was sick and holiday vacations that kept me out of school…my favorites then were Susan Martin shooting husband David, Marie falling in love with Mark who really was her thought dead brother Tommy, Mickey, Bill & Laura love triangle, Doug and Julie romance, villians Linda, Kitty, and Brooke, the Grant family, Brookes car going over a cliff and returns later as Stephanie Woodruff, Phylis shooting daughter Mary whom she mistook for Julie, Doug marrying Addie and the birth of their daughter Hope, David and Valeries then contriversal interracial romance, Mickey and Maggies scenes at Maggies farmhouse, Marlena/Samanthas switcheroo twin storyline, Marlena and Don, The Andersons…i could go on forever!!! My mother, two sisters, an aunt, me, and sometimes my father and a few others watched during those years you missed…those really were better Days!!!

  21. jewals6 says:

    Thankyou Michael for all your Ali Sweeney and Ejami interviews they have always been a pleasure to read. I have always been a Ssmi fan through her almost 22 years. The 5,10, 15 minutes segments that Sami entered my living room via he TV screen and later the computer screen was always a wonderful fictional escape. For the later 8 years an Ejami fan. Why initally it was because Sami had someone ( EJ) that loved her more than anything. Prior to EJ Sami was always putting her heart out for some guy who seemed to see Sami as second best or that she needed to change in some manner to fit in. Then the possibility of a romance between these two charcters EJ & SAMI drew me in day after day . The skill talent and exceptional brillance of this acting dynamic kept me tuned in everyday for 8 years. Days of our lives without Alison Sweeney’s Sami is just something i cant do when she’s left salem. Now for how Sami leaves the canvas of days of our lives she wll put all my emotions through the ringer in a compelling preformance. Finally Alison has worked incredibly hard through out her career to branch out and explore so many different opportunities s to achieve success and admiration in all areas. Wishing her continued success .


    olivia replied

    great post.


  22. GoodbyeSweeneygirl says:

    Firstly thank you MF for the interview.

    I have watched Ali on and off throughout her time and Days. What an exceptional talented women she grew into (and beautiful mum). She made Sami a household name for Days, you either loved or hated Sami but she was never indifferent.

    Goodbye Alison I hope one day we get to see you yet again on our screens (be it another soap or a TV movie) and make sure you have James alongside you. The best chemistry and duo of a lifetime. A Goldmine :)


  23. Margaret Fernando says:

    Its wonderful that Alison is so appreciative of her fans.i have enjoyed watching her on screen for so many years .while I enjoyed seeing her paired with all of her leading men .my heart is with ej (James scott).there is just a special chemistry between the two .


  24. olivia says:

    I will miss so much Alison Sweeney and how she portrays Sami on Days, to me she is maybe the most dynamic Days’s character. I am looking forward to watch her in other mediums and projects..she already started it with a hallmark tv movie last year, i hop it continue.


  25. nettie says:



  26. nettie says:

    Good luck Ali and James


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