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11 March 11th, 2014 The Bachelor Season Finale Offered Up Train-Wreck Controversial Soap Opera Drama!


The watercooler moment of Tuesday has to be last night’s two-hour season finale of The Bachelor and the aftermath in the After the Rose live one hour special.

This had all the earmarks of a soap opera and in fact, it was with Juan Pablo being the most and painted as the most, despicable bachelor the show has ever seen, which actually made the whole thing more of a train-wreck than usual!

In the season finale, Juan Pablo after the helicopter date ride with Claire, apparently said some inappropriate and offensive things to the finalist.  From all accounts it was something along the lines of  “I don’t know you that well, but I love hooking up with you.”

Clare is upset about it and comes to the realization that maybe he is not truly in to her more than physically.  Later, Juan Pablo comes to her hotel room, prior to the next day’s final rose ceremony.  Claire wants him to clarify if she is into her more than just having sex, to which he dances around the issue. She looks like she is ready to bolt and tell him to get out, but instead he someone convinces her with his minimal words of what she apparently wants to hear!

When it’s time for the Rose Ceremony, Claire goes to meet him and he says, “You are an unbelievable, amazing woman.  I wish the Earth sucked me today (HUH?) because this is the hardest decision ever. I appreciate you being here and trusting me all along.  I got to find who I think is best for me and I have to say goodbye to you.”  And then came the drama with Claire finally lashing out and Juan Pablo:  “This entire time I’ve stuck around because I believed in you and the other night on our last date, I needed that reassurance and I gave you the opportunity right then because I was scared to death. And for you to sit there and tell me that you could see yourself in Sacramento … I  saved this moment for the man of my dreams and I thought that was you and I thought I knew what kind of man you were. I lost respect for you. What you just made me go through I would never want my children having a father like you.”   As Claire walks away, Juan Pablo utters, “I’m glad I didn’t pick her!”  Even the in-studio live audience watching this play out, applauded Claire for walking out on Juan Pablo!

As for Nikki the other finalist, she gave Juan Pablo a card with sweet sentiments in the hotel room, the night before the final rose ceremony!  She told him, she loved him.  She wanted Juan Pablo to say it in return.  He said nothing, but gave her little kisses.  She was left crying.   Yet, she still continued to say, she knows how much he loves her and he is the man for her!  WHAT?

In the end, Juan Pablo offers Nikki a rose, not a ring.  He prefaced it with,  “I listened to your dad and what he said to me: ‘Juan Pablo, if you’re going to propose to my daughter you have to be 100 percent sure.’   And that made me think a lot.  I have a ring here in my pocket and I’m not going to use it. I’m not 100 percent sure I want to propose to you, but at the same time I’m 100 percent sure I don’t want to let you go.”‘

So after all of that, in the After the Rose live special, Nikki reveals Juan Pablo has yet to tell her he loves her.  They have been dating for the last four months though.  Juan Pablo tells host Chris Harrison to basically stop talking over him twice! And Juan Pablo still refuses to talk about any details of what his relationship with Nikki is.  Former Bachelor, Sean Lowe is in the audience clearly annoyed at the behavior of his successor.

From a disrespectful bachelor, to women being needy, to women standing up for themselves, to a puzzling cliffhanger, was this finale truly the best soap opera of the month or the worst soap opera ever seen? Let us know your thoughts on Juan Pablo? Claire and Nikki? And if the whole series should finally go away?



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  1. chevjuls says:

    When the bachelor started Juan Pablo was the man until started to act non gentleman, he end been the worse bachelor and a DOUCHE BAG.


    Cathy Borruso replied

    Yo u took the words right out of my mouth what a dog!


  2. Monica says:

    Self-centered manchild, who can’t see past his own reflection. You can say he’s being honest, but his honesty shows his true character. He’s someone who never knew how to love or give to another. Selfish. Someday the selfishness will lead to loneliness.


  3. desskyent says:

    This guy a ” Tool” The way he treated woman a disgrace! When his Ex first saw Nikki you could see it her eye’s ( he still had her mentally ) He has control over Nikki Already!! He used his Spanish & Daughter as leverage since the beginning. She is a Nurse & he is never leaving Miami..


  4. Natalie says:

    First off, I never saw the big deal when he was picked to be the next Bachelor. I would have rather seen someone else. I have watched the show since the beginning and understand that the rules have changed and it is not required to propose. So I respect Juan Pablo not proposing and wanti g to see what life in the real world is like in terms of his his relationship lasting. It was definitely the most dramatic one-to-date! I feel bad for Nikki . She looked very uncomfortable and put her head down when Chris was questioning Juan Pablo about their relationship. And how does she feel now after seeing last night’s episode where he insulted Clare with his sexual comment! I think Juan Pablo loves his daughter more than anyone and will be hard for him to make room for a partner!


  5. Lew S. says:

    The guy is a jerk and a dirt bag!!!! Those women should be very happy he picked himself!


  6. Jared says:

    Disgusting. The show just needs to go away.


  7. jaybird369 says:

    OMG…Juan Pablo is the real TRAIN-WRECK here!!!!! What an immature scumbag?!?!?


  8. Rob says:

    and people have problems with gay marriage?!?!?


  9. Rodd says:

    He should just dry up and blow away or find the nearest earthen vortex and jump in since he wishes the Earth would suck him. Duh. Stupidest bachelor ever.


  10. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    First of all, Juan Pablo never seemed like he was interested in finding love. The network came to him, and he jumped on the opportunity. If love came, that would of been another story, but it didn’t come. It almost came with Sharleen, he cried over her and her leaving. Everyone else other than Sharleen, he was just enjoying his time, and company of being, The Bachelor!!!!
    As for him, not prosposing, I don’t see the BIG deal. If you review the history of the bachelor (which U can find on line) many finale’s DIDNOT end up with proposals. Some ended up with promise rings. If they didn’t give a ring, they couldn’t ALL have said, ” I Love You “, why would they with no ring? Brad didn’t say , ” I love you “, nor was there a ring. He basically, didn’t even say, ” I like you “. Juan was not the most respectful in his dealings with the women, but I respect that he didn’t offer us the same BULLSHIT fairytale ending, that is false and don’t last. Its almost impossible to fall in love with someone over 6 weeks, when you are dating so many other people. I commend Juan for not being BULLIED into proposal, BUT I’m not happy about the games he played with the woman in the process. He just should of gone along, dated an had the fun with being the bachelor, and knowing that he hadn’t found love in the end, stated it the way he did, ” I’m 100 % sure, I don’t want to let you go “. Then (minus his bad manners and preceeding games with the woman) not proposal or ‘ I love you ‘, wouldn’t of made him look so bad. Its not that he didn’t propose or say, ‘ I love you ‘, IN FACT, other bachelors have as well, it’s his behavior throughout the process of the show, that has him caught in the backlash.

    The show needs to have a age requirement. At 26, your just still too young. It should start at 28 for contestants. People need to do some living before they talk about ‘ happy ever after ‘. Any younger than 28, let them find love on their own, away from the tv camera’s. When viewers invest time into watching these people, they have an expectation that it will work, “sometims”, and in the case of this show, it’s almost “NOtime”. 28 year of age requirement NEEDED, lets start a campaign for it


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