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6 December 14th, 2013 THE BAY Continues With All-New Episode!


On all-new episode of Chapter 11 Part 3 of Gregori J Martin’s The Bay released this week, the story heats up in the bedroom and all over Bay City!

Janice Ramos (Lilly Melgar) and young Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) deal with the aftermath of their impulsive rendezvous. A deflated Lianna Ramos (Jade Harlow) attempts to vent as the ominous Steve Jensen (Matthew Ashford) gives Orchid (Terri Ivens) fair warning.

Tandi Jo Henderson (Emmie Romanovich) continues to defend her friend Igor Chambers (Camden Toy) as Will Campbell (Derrell Whitt) and Lex Martin (Tristan Rogers) enforce the law.  A determined Sofia Madison (Jackie Zeman) grows suspicious of husband Jack’s (Nicolas Coster) behavior while Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) faces the unexpected.

Watch The Bay after the jump! Then, let us know what part of the story you are into the most?

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  1. Amanda says:

    This week THE BAY had me biting my nails….. There was tension, more lies, questions unanswered and of
    Course the new romance between Janice and peter, better know as JETER, got caught and I can’t wait
    To see what unfolds from that….. It’s gonna be intense
    Sure! Such a good job by the whole cast


  2. miahappy says:

    Love Steve! Matt Ashford totally rocks the bad boy role. I can’t wait to see what he’s up to. And Sara, go get that witch out of your son’s bed!


  3. LCS says:

    Now that’s a cliffhanger! Hard to say which storyline I’m like the best. They all have me sitting on the edge of my seat. Bring on more of The Bay!


  4. Lozza says:

    OMGosh sooooo badd but SOOOOO GOOD!!! ;) The Bay can only go up, get better from here. Potential storyline: Sara gets desperate and feels has no where to turn- come along Steve Jensen! In the heat of the moment (whilst sitting at Masquerade bar) Sara blurts out- “I want that no good bitch out of my son’s life! Out of the picture! She is to have nothing more to do with him!”…. then Steve comes and places his hand upon her shoulder sneaking up at her from behind this startling Sara.. “we’ll that can be arranged but say I do this for you- what do I stand to gain/ is in it for me?” Evil smirk then forming across his devilishly handsome face… ;) )


  5. Laurie Baker says:

    Matt Ashford playing a pimp now…love it! Loving Terri Ivens as the hooker. Waiting for misunderstood Igor to go off the rails again. Predicting a catfight for Part 4.


  6. jbach530 says:

    Where are they putting Days anf General hospital when Soapnet stops the end of December 2013. Please find a new channel.So I can continue to follow my favorite show DAYS. I have watched since 1965.


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